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Found 9 results

  1. I've always felt that stock Kerbal Space Program, along with tons of other mods, are lacking in one particular area. Solid Rocket Boosters. SRBs of different sizes are usually included in a larger parts pack, meaning I would need to install a massive pack for just a few parts! Sure, there's other SRB mods but they are either: 1. Small 2. Ugly 3. Old and abandoned 4. Not having what I need! So, if I can't find it, I'll make it! Introducing Kastor! Kastor is a mod that will add SRBs of all different shapes and sizes for any need y
  2. This mod adds various solid rocket motors of Orbital ATK (Thiokol) to the game with a low memory footprint. Real Solar System / Realism Overhaul is supported, thanks to @raidernick for making the configs. To use with RO, simply download RO, install this mod, and let RO patch all these parts to its real numbers! Contents Star 3 Star 4G Star 5C Star 6B Star 9 Star 13B Star 15G Star 17A Star 20 Star 27 Star 27H Star 30BP Star 31 Star 37FM Star 48B Star 63 Castor 4A Castor 3
  3. Hi everyone, I just started a career game and I was given a mission to get into orbit. while building I attached 4 solid fuel boosters to get my rocket past the atmosphere. I know using 8 would make it faster and get a higher altitude, but why do I not see people who are part of guides on going into orbit (or any guide i have seen) do that? Is it unneeded or negitivley affecting the control?
  4. Hey guys, I've been searching the internet, but haven't been able to find the answer to this. Maybe I'm using the wrong keywords or something, but then I remembered the well informed people on this forum, so I thought I'd ask here. Why do the R-7 family of rockets have their liquid boosters inset? What I mean is, most other rockets I see with boosters just strap cylindrical boosters to a cylindrical core, but R-7/Soyuz have a tapering core that has the boosters far closer together. I assume this makes it more aerodynamic, but how much difference does it actually make, and are ther
  5. Stock and Modded boosters in game flamout instantly with no effect or anything... It would be cool to have a flamout effect on the boosters or they continue running for 5 seconds while the thrust decrease like the real ones, and for real ones, I mean like those :
  6. I spent way too many hours working on these puppies not to show you guys. Here is a quick video of my Superfluously Rotating Recoverable Boosters. Made with a measly 108 stock parts, these useless beauties make some kind of vague helicopterish movements before crashing....I mean landing. They are supposed to rotate independently of the rest of the booster, and they did in testing, just not in this recovery test, that also took way too many tries. I can't think of any good reason to use them, I just kept working on them until they worked, mostly. You must be doing less than 25ms to deploy the b
  7. Separating Booster Stages Gracefully I have seen this technique used in various craft designs, but I thought I would make an explicit post on separating booster stages, especially using FAR, with parts that tend to touch your spacecraft or each other during rotation away from the spacecraft while separating, due to aerodynamic effects. For booster stages, you generally don't need sepatrons to get your boosters away from the craft. In fact, in some designs they simply do not work the way you would expect due to aero drag overcoming their power, or due to parts clipping into each othe
  8. If you are new to KSP or to Rocket Science in general, you might not know what all the different engines that the game offers do, or how they work, or why you would use one instead of the other. At it's most basic level, the engines in the game take some sort of fuel, and accelerate it out the back of the rocket/plane and, because of Newton's Third Law, this propels the craft forward. How the engine does this depends on the type of engine, and in KSP, at this time, there are five different types of engines. These are: Chemical Rockets, Jet Engines, Solid Rocket Boosters, Ion Thrusters, and Nuc
  9. So I've seen people with similar problems to mine, and I have tried to fix my rocket with the answers that I have seen flying around, but nothing has worked. My problem is that my solid rocket boosters, which are mounted to the sides of my rocket, wont detach whatever I do. I've tried mounting them on radial decouplers, which, when triggered, just fall off the rocket and leave the boosters attached. Next I used separatrons, which just burned out and almost melted my main fuel tanks! And guess what! The boosters were STILL there!!! The launch is going swimmingly, all the stages work fine except
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