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Found 2 results

  1. Hello! I just created an account on the forums, so I apologize in advance if I’m posting this in the wrong place. Im hoping to get some information about the breaking grounds DLC. I am playing on Xbox 1. I was just wondering if anyone has any updated information on the subject. From what I understand, it took a while for the making history DLC to be released on consoles. I only just recently began playing and, by that time, making history had already been made available. I looked around the forums and other sites for any information relating to its release. I found a lot of speculation on the part of other players, but couldn’t find any “official” information. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong place? Maybe I can’t find it because it’s not there? Can someone point me in the right direction, such as an official announcement or the like? I really cannot get enough of this game! I’ve been hooked for the past two months straight! I would really love the ability to have the expanded scientific rover tools and arms! I’m really looking forward to all the other components made available in breaking grounds. Again, if anyone has any information on this, I would appreciate it! Thanks in advance!
  2. hi, ok my symmetry is really weird sometimes when i try to build stuff. I know how to change symmetry mode with R and all that but its still really wonky. Example: I tried using breaking grounds mechanical parts and wanted to make a VTOL with flip up wings but no matter what symmetry mode i used the motors would always rotate in opposite directions on either side. the same with structual parts. wings work with no problem but when i use a structual part wich is shaped like a triangle (so kinda shaped like a wing) it points two different ways??? Ive played ksp for quite some time now but have never had problems like this. And now all i can do is just dont use symmetry when that happens and just place things really carefully. And one time i watched a matt lowe video where he placed the breaking grounds mechanical parts normally and they worked just fine??? Help thank you
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