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  1. Explore the Kerbal Universe like never before with Kerbal Space Program: Breaking Ground, the latest expansion pack for KSP. Breaking Ground is all about exploration, experimentation, and technological breakthroughs. Study mysterious Surface Features on all of the moons and planets of the Solar System. Set up a base and deploy experiments for the long-term study of celestial bodies, and test your creativity with brand new robotic parts. Breaking Ground will help you and the Kerbals reach new horizons, all in the name of Science! Robotic Parts Take your creativity to the next level! Brand new robotic parts, include hinges, rotors, pistons and rotational servos. These parts come with new control mechanics and let you create all sorts of inventive vehicles and crazy contraptions to aid the Kerbals in exploring their Universe! Surface Features Find interesting Surface Features, like mineral formations, meteors, craters, and some even more curious planetary features across the solar system. Study them and collect valuable scientific data with a brand-new Rover Arm! Deployed Science Bring equipment for experiments with you from Kerbin and deploy them on the surface of a celestial body to take measurements over time. Set up a science station and put your crew to work. From seismometers to weather stations, there are plenty of experiments for you to try out! Additionally, we’ve kept our promise that all players who purchased the game through April 2013 will receive the expansion for free. To redeem the game click here and follow the instructions. Kerbal Space Program: Breaking Ground Expansion is now available on Steam, the KSP Store, and will soon be available on GOG and other third party resellers. As with every release this thread will be used to bundle all general discussion about the new DLC so that the forums can continue to actively host threads on other topics as well. CLICK HERE for the official release announcement for Kerbal Space Program: Breaking Ground Expansion. Happy launchings!
  2. Hello, this is my first part release so please bare with me. I dont know how to make a fancy page yet. JxFab Utility Systems JxFab Utility Systems is the start of a parts pack that will add on to the robotics category of the Breaking Ground DLC. Currently there is one part type, the straight rail. There are four lengths of 5, 10, 15, and 30 meters, The straight rail comes in three variants. I plan on adding additional robotics parts to this pack, such as curved rails and rotational station hubs. DOWNLOAD LINKS Current Download: https://github.com/JackATac98/JxFab_Utility_Systems/releases/tag/v0 Dependencies This mod requires the Breaking Ground DLC to work! (I am working on a version that uses Infernal Robotics) KSP version 1.12.2 License This work is shared under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license.
  3. Servos and propellers and surface science, oh my! The Breaking Ground DLC created new possibilities for players to build new craft with. These mini mods add additional functionality and new parts inspired by NASA’s robotics research. Servo Controller Ever wish you had a centralized GUI for directly controlling your servos? Do you wish you could automatically position your robot arms to grab payloads at different locations? Then the Servo Controller is your answer! This plugin-only mini mod adds additional functionality to the KAL-1000 controller to: Provide a centralized GUI manager from which to control servos assigned to the KAL-1000 Take snapshots of servo states to make it easy to preposition arms for deployment Download here Source License - Servo Controller: GPLv3 License - Module Manager by Ialdabaoth/Sarbian, CC-share-alike S.L.O.T.H. The Sophisticated Lightweight Optimized Transportation Helper (SLOTH) is inspired by NASA’s Tri-ATHLETE rover system. It lets you build robotic rovers to help set up and move your bases. Works best with Servo Controller. License: All art assets are All Rights Reserved. Download here More Servos These new servo parts are inspired by the International Space Station’s Canadarm 2 and offer more parts for your robotic needs. Works best with Servo Controller. License: All art assets are All Rights Reserved. Download here
  4. PS4 user here. Just about got used to all there is to know on KSP basics and been building out my career nicely, last night I added another module to my munstation, about 5 modules in total. Spent a good hour getting it docked and saved game fine back to the KSC. I had a fleet of boosters in sub assembly and have been really enjoying the game. Last night I quickly loaded back into my munstation to check a few things again before closing for the night and it blue screen errored. It's done that a few times since I've been playing and usually it just loads up the last persistent save file fine. But for unknown reason on loading just now it says corrupt file keep or remove. I selected to keep but now when trying to load my career save has been removed. Noticed on here a few old threads but not for a while, as we recently had updates to breaking ground on PS4 I wondered if old bugs have crept back in or if this is just a result of poor quality on console versions? End result, I've lost hours and hours of hard graft and enjoyable gameplay... All those seat of the pants rescues and missions I've completed are down the drain and I've been forced to start new career. Am I the only one that thinks this is very poor? Even if they aren't releasing new updates anymore, surely we need a stable game to play!?
  5. Hi everyone, I've ran into an issue with the breaking ground DLC, none of the parts included display in the SPH/VAB, the category 'robotic parts' is present, as is all the stock craft that come with Breaking Ground, but the category is completely blank and none of the Breaking Ground stock craft can be loaded due to containing 'locked or invalid parts' and can't be loaded. Clean (and new) install of KSP, Breaking Ground 1.7.1, Making History 1.12.1 (both appear in the bottom-right corner of the main menu), attempted to completely remove KSP and then redownload to no avail. Windows 10 Home 64 bit. EDIT: Just to note, I've never had this issue before on previous versions of KSP/Breaking Ground. A link to the imgur album showing screenshots of what I'm seeing can be found here. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. Do you think there be robotic parts in KSP 2? Will they be added in the base game or in a DLC? I really hope they add robotic parts in KSP 2, so I can make cranes, excavators, and other equipment in KSP 2. If they do add it, I want them to be procedural, where I can make a hydraulic cylinder really long, really short, wide, or skinny. Also, telescopic crane booms similar looking to Liebherr's TELEMATIK system, and NON-FLOPPY ROTATION SERVOS, SOMETHING VERY SIMILAR TO CRANE SLEW RINGS. Also for VTOLs and similar things.
  7. I can't work out (or find via search) how to pick up (using a Kerbal) a deployed science experiment or supporting solar panels etc after they are deployed. Is this even possible? Also can the science they have be collected by a Kerbal or does it have to be transmitted?
  8. Note: At very low torque, this mod makes the rotors consume extremely low fuel, making them rather overpowered for small planes such as the one pictured. Balancing is in progress. The Kerbal Space Center made a biplane using the R121 turboshaft engine, and it ran out of gas before it could fly a km away from the space center. After Jeb safely whipped that baron onto the mysterious green substance that makes the scientists yell at him for not cleaning his boots, the incident report team at R&D realized that it consumed fuel 6.25 times AFP (At Full Power) faster than the small jet engine AFP! The kerbal engineers contacted C7 Aerospace Division only to receive automated replies spouting nonsense about a warranty. Fortunately, Jeb owns his own junkyard and with a bit of duct tape and some spare parts the Kerbopower 108 was good as new and ready to circumnavigate the world!* Of course it was only after all of this that C7 Aerospace Division finally bent to the countless lawsuits of failed classic airplane designs to revisit their horribly designed turboshaft lineup. As much as their management hated them, however, the recalls saw resounding success. Spacedock! Github! [Source] Find it on CKAN! Soon! Hopefully! *Circumnavigation requires frequent stops at intermediate airports. The Kerbopower 108 has a powered flight time of 25 minutes with rebuilt engine on a full tank with cruise speed of 270 km/h or 75 m/s. Range may be increased by flying at lower power. For increased fuel capacity, consider purchasing the Kerbopower 105 or Kerbopower DT-1 supplementary fuel tank (sold seperately) Graphs for smarty pants: Contains MIT License. If you have a better idea for what license to use, feel free to leave a comment. I wasn't sure which one to use because this mod is a very tiny patch to make the LF consuming rotors actually useable in career mode, so I just used the same one as another tiny modlet. Though that one was a plugin, so I may not have been correct in doing so.
  9. What it does Adds the ability to "slave" one robotic servo to another. When you change the master's target angle, it automatically adjusts the slave's angle accordingly. Automatically takes care of updating the slave's traverse speed and damping, too. Locking the master will lock all its slaves, too. Lock an entire limb with one click! Can slave as many servos as desired to one master. Can toggle a hinge's "slaved" status on/off, either in the editor or in flight scene. Super simple UI makes it a breeze to set up complicated robotic limb motions that are controlled from a single hinge. Easy to toggle hinges in and out of slave mode as needed. Simplifies working with the KAL-1000, too! Now you only need one track per master; the slaves take care of themselves. A picture's worth a thousand words: Download from github License: CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0 Source code [NOTE: Requires Breaking Ground expansion. It won't actually hurt anything if you install without Breaking Ground being installed... but it won't do anything for you, either.] Development status SlaveDriver is currently in pre-release status. It's functional and (I believe) reasonably "safe", both to run and to uninstall after use. It's fully playable, you can grab it now if you like. However, it still has some rough edges, known issues (see discussion below), and not-yet-implemented features, which is why I'm calling it WIP. Use at your own risk. How to install Unzip the contents of "GameData" to your GameData folder, same as with most mods. (Note, includes ModuleManager.) Why would anyone want this? The Breaking Ground expansion introduces a variety of robotic parts. These are great fun to play with, but I've found it tedious to set up multi-jointed robotic limbs, because every single joint has to be set up independently. This means a few things: It's very awkward and tedious to build and design a multi-jointed limb in the vehicle editor. Trying to get multiple joints coordinated properly requires doing a bunch of tedious math to correctly coordinate all the various traverse speeds, damping values, etc. with the angle ranges, and any time you touch any one of these, you have to do the math all over again. If you want to use the KAL-1000 to control a complex sequence, every single joint needs a separate control track, and keeping those synchronized is a nightmare-- not just to set up in the first place, but to maintain when you need to tweak things. Which you will. A lot. Because robotics requires a lot of tweaking. SlaveDriver does one very simple thing that I find highly useful, by allowing me to reduce the number of "degrees of freedom" of a collection of joints, thus greatly simplifying the build-and-control process. How do I use it? The UI is as simple as can be: When you place a hinge on your craft, SlaveDriver automatically analyzes its "parent part" hierarchy, from the hinge up to the vessel's root part. This is fully automatic, no action needed on your part. If it doesn't find any hinges along that path... it means that there isn't any potential "master" to use, so it decides it can't do anything and leaves the stock UI alone. (Note the right-click window at right, in the above image. That hinge is mounted to the root part, can't be a slave because there's no viable candidate for a master, so its UI looks standard.) If it does find anything, then it adds a "Slave to <part name>" button at the bottom, like this: By default, it doesn't change the behavior-- everything is "un-slaved" and behaves as normal by default. But if you want to put it into "slave mode", just click that button. When you do that, the UI for the part changes. Note the right-click menu for the "elbow" hinge in the above illustration, at top left. Several controls are now missing: you can't set the target angle, the traverse rate, the damping, or lock/unlock it. That's because as long as it's a slave, all of those are controlled automatically by its master. You can still see what the values are, though: it adds some display fields to show their values. The above example shows a robotic limb with six hinges in it: one at the "shoulder", two at the "elbow", and three fingers hinged at the "wrist". All of the lower five are slaved to the shoulder. Planned features and known issues This is still a work in progress. Here's the current status: Planned features The mod currently enables slave mode for all of Breaking Ground's hinges (two square hinges, three alligator hinges). It does not currently support rotational servos, though I plan to add that feature in an upcoming release. It does not support rotors, nor do I plan to (the feature doesn't really make sense for them). Pistons are not supported either. Uncertain whether I'll do those or not-- there are some interesting design issues to work out. I'll likely add an "invert" button to go with the slave button, i.e. slave is at min angle when master is at max, and vice versa. For now you can accomplish the same effect on a square hinge by just rotating the hinge 180 degrees about its axis, but that won't work for the alligators. Known issues The most important problem is a doozy: If you wiggle the hinges around a lot in the editor, then parts start to "drift" away from the hinges that they're attached to. This bug can be worked around if you're careful, but it's annoying as hell; this one bug is the thing that's stopping me from calling this a "release". If you see something that looks like this, that's what you're running up against. I believe this is a bug in KSP itself, not my mod. Sounds like it may be the same issue mentioned here. If I'm right that it's a KSP bug, then hopefully they'll fix this soon. Doesn't affect vessels in the flight scene; appears to be purely an issue with the editor. If you have a slave's UI window open when you toggle the "locked" status on the master, the the slave's UI window gets messed up. This is only cosmetic; if you close and re-open the slave's UI, the problem fixes itself. The display of the "locked" status on the slave's UI says "true" or "false" rather than "yes" and "no". Bug reports (other than the above-mentioned issues) and feature suggestions welcome! Hope folks have fun with this.
  10. Please see new thread here: I am very new to modding, this is my first ever KSP "mod" of sorts. All it is supposed to do is change four lines of code, but I went further and made the LF/Air-powered robotic rotors available earlier in the stock tech tree. I even have an MIT license bundled with it, even though it's copied from another tiny modlet. Basically, I made a biplane using the small Breaking Ground turboshaft, and it ran out of gas before it could fly a km away from the space center, and then I realized that it used fuel 6.25 times AFP (At Full Power) faster than the small jet engine AFP, implying turbojets are better than turboprops at low speed, which is just wrong from an engineering standpoint. Turboprops typically average about half of the specific fuel consumption as turbojets, according to a chart from MIT (and my Aerospace Engineering degree). It's not because of how fast it spins or anything either because this engine is kinda meh even for turboprop standards AFP (though for early career purposes is still quite useful). [source: https://web.mit.edu/16.unified/www/FALL/thermodynamics/notes/fig3BPRTrends_web.jpg] [source: https://medium.com/war-is-boring/stop-disrespecting-the-turboprop-c00acd3fff3a] So then I set out on my quest to make my very first MM patch. https://spacedock.info/mod/2725/Breaking Ground Propeller Rebalance source: https://github.com/Autolyzed-Yeast-Extract/KSPStockPropRebal
  11. Calling all Console Kerbonauts! This Wednesday the 16th, Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition Complete launches for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. We want to highlight the most creative Console Kerbonauts from the community in anticipation of the release. Upload your best console capture footage by September 16th using either or both of the History & Parts Pack and Breaking Ground DLC's, and we'll feature our favorites, plus contact you individually. Happy Launches!
  12. For a while, science experiments would show you details, such as speed, gravity, air pressure, and temperature, however there is no way to use these. I propose allowing a user with the Breaking Ground DLC to map these things to a KAL by setting the min max of these data values and allow the KAL to use these inputs to output something else, like the angle of a hinge, deploy sequences, ect.
  13. I feel like a real dummy here, although, I must admit the documentation of new features for Breaking Ground is severely lacking. Anywho.....how in the world does deployable science work? I've finally got to a spot in my career where I could try out these new features, I can't get them to work, and KSPedia isn't even useful to keep my control station from wobbling. Put a control station on the ground, and nothing is happening. I am not getting any type of COMMs connection to it. I've tried further away and/or damn near touching my landed craft. I looked at a youtube video where a guy places the Control Station, and gets 0.99 Comms connection. Mine is zero. I have laid down other pieces (photo panel array, goo station experiment, communications) that all say connected but seem to be lacking power. Totally confused on how to make this work, and the lack of documentation for it is frustrating. There are no Tutorials here in the forum that I see, and I haven't found anything really good on YouTube from the user community. Help?
  14. The task is simple, create an electrically powered aircraft catapult capable of launching a craft weighing at least 15 tons. Success Criteria; Electrically powered low part count (below 50 parts) relatively stable capable of launching a craft to 30-40m/s Pictures and download are obligatory
  15. Can any body tell me how to controll a propeller and throttle it in breaking ground
  16. So I essentially specialise in rotary aircraft in KSP now and i've been trying to figure out a way of fine control for tilt-rotor aircraft whilst in it's VTOL mode. I bind the deploy angle of the rotors to the main throttle however this, i believe, seen as it is a constant input, will override any other inputs such as the translate or custom axis groups. I have thus been experimenting with using activation sets to change the input from the main throttle to custom axis 1 (which is mouse 4 - 3) using the 'Override Default' box ticked, however this seems to cause some issues in the sense that it overrides all default controls such as pitch yaw and roll in both the control surfaces and reaction wheels. Is there any way to fix or work around this?
  17. Hi All, So little of context first for my question. I have Breaking Ground DLC and I have unlocked small scanning arm. I got contract to go on Minmus and scan the Olivine formation with the small scanning arm. No problems, I build rover and man it with two kerbals and send it to mission. After few minutes of roving around I find the Olivine formation and scan it. Now while I was scanning it I notice in the science window a message written in orange letters saying that I should come later again with better instrumentation to recover more science as small scanning arm gives you only 33% of total science. Before I left the place I left there a flag, the rover and surface mystery goo observation. Once I unlocked medium scanning arm I send a mission to Minmus and land a lander next to old rover and previously found Olivine formation. Using KIS/KAS I install medium scanning arm and scan the same rock again. Surprisingly this time around I got 0 science from it and this confuses me as initial scan with the small arm I was told to come back later with better instrumentation. Am I doing something wrong or I need to start roving again and find new Olivne formation and I cannot rescan the old one?
  18. Tutorial covers the basics of the UI, how the timeline works, as well as examples & tips to make things far easier to work with. Breaking Ground - Robotics Tutorial on Youtube
  19. Hello Kerbals! Apparently, sport makes you healthy and strong, increases your life expectancy and all that. Well, seeing as your life will probably end in a dubious construction before you die of old age, it probably won't be much use to you. Sport does seem fun: however, physical exertion is boring. Our R&D team has spent lots of time and a mediocre amount of effort in finding the solution - slap on some giant robot parts! For this challenge, you must build a contraption that gets a Kerbal from one end of the KSC airstrip to the other 0. The start is considered where the contraption spawns at launch, the end is the end of the airstrip. 1. You may use NO rockets for propulsion, as this is sports after all. Instead, you must use the Breaking Ground robotic parts (e.g. rotor, servo, hydraulic piston) to somehow get the contraption across. If you somehow manage to find a way without the Breaking Ground DLC, go ahead! 2. RCS can be used, but only for rotation and not as a means of propulsion. 3. The contraption must cross the finish line along with the Kerbal. 4. Propellers aren't allowed either, rotors are though. 5. Structural blocks and all other non-propulsion blocks are OK. 6. No motorised wheels. You can use non motorised ones, or custom (rotor) ones, but no powered stock wheels. 7. No mods please! 8. I don't care how you go cross the line as long as you comply with the above rules. Bouncer? Wheels? Exoskeleton? The only thing that doesn't count is making the construct so tall that you only need to fall towards the finish line to cross it, or gaining an advantage that way. Post your submissions below as a video with your supposed time next to it, I'm excited to see what you all make!
  20. Design a SSTO that uses propellers or rotors instead of jets during atmospheric ascent I like useful challenges, and I hope this one may be considered as such. The goal, besides challenging oneself, is to create a new type of SSTO that can explore atmospheres with props or rotors, thereby saving fuel and enabling the exploration of oxygen-free bodies, like Duna. This would enable a craft to biome-hop for science or transport resources much more effectively than slow rovers and fuel-guzzling rocket planes/landers can in said atmospheres. While these kinds of biome-hopping and transport crafts do exist, they don't seem to exist in reusable SSTO form, it seems. Props and rotors, unlike jets and intakes, also have the benefit of not being dead weight on Duna. So while props may offer worse performance on Kerbin, they'll pay you back during Duna ascent. Or at least, that's the theory. Requirements: No airbreathing engines. The craft must be capable of flight using rotor/prop power alone in the destination planet’s atmosphere, but you can obviously use rockets to get to and fly in space. Self-sufficient SSTOs only. So, ISRU mining is allowed, but no assistance from external ships (asteroids are OK). You may not jettison any parts other than payloads that don’t help the main vessel in any way. Normal difficulty or harder, but for convenience, you may ignore commnet—pretend a network is already in place. The SSTO must be useful in career mode. There’s no point in a spacecraft if you can’t bring any Science, Kerbals, or payloads along. Carry at least one kerbal (chairs allowed), OR if you wish not to carry kerbals, carry at least 0.2 tons of parts from the “science” category, OR deliver a payload weighing at least 0.5 tons. You may drop payloads once you are landed at your destination. If your destination is Jool, you may drop it low Jool orbit or into the depths of Jool. Payloads must be attached/detached using docking ports, not decouplers. No mods or part tweaks other than official DLCs, FAR, aesthetic mods, and piloting or planning assists. Challenge Tiers: Tier 0: "Proof of Concept" (Normal): Build a prop/rotor SSTO that makes it to Kerbin orbit. Must be capable of takeoff/landing in Kerbin’s atmosphere on rotor/prop power alone. Example: Reddit user u/chargan’s Orbital Chopper Tier 1: "Practical Problems, Sober Solutions" (Hard): Fly your prop/rotor SSTO to Duna's surface and back. Must be capable of takeoff/landing in Duna’s atmosphere on rotor/prop power alone. The challenge is simple in concept, but hard in practice. But, if you manage to accomplish Duna, there are other destinations to try, where almost no SSTO crafts have ever gone before... Bonus Badges: Within each tier, entries can receive the following awards. Ordered roughly by importance in career mode. (ISRU comes last as you are strongly encouraged to use it.) V: Heaviest payload delivered IV: Greatest tourist capacity (No chairs - tourists can’t go on EVA) III: Cheapest craft II: Lightest craft (Wet mass, excluding payload mass) I: No ISRU (Multiple entries can earn this.) Leaderboard: Good luck! If you have any trouble completing the challenge, browse this thread or just ask for help—there are many posts here with tips and links and instructions.
  21. Using the new robotics hinges, rotors and pistons released with Breaking Ground DLC, build a catapult, trebuchet, onager, ballista, mangonel or just an overly enthusiastic Ferris wheel to fling a Kerbal to the Island Airfield. Since I'm still tinkering with the parts and not 100% this is possible (UPDATE: @neistridlar has categorically proved that it is!) there will be 2 leaderboards: Distance - Furthest distance from the launch site reached by your intrepid Kerbal Time - If anyone actually managed to reach the Island Airfield, then the entries will be ranked by fastest time Rules: Stock KSP, Making History and Breaking Ground (or any subset of these ) Other informational, visual and audio mods that don't modify gameplay, including KER and MechJeb allowed No reaction engines - spin, flip or twist your way to victory instead! Decouplers are OK, but any thrust gained should be incidental. No physics exploits e.g. ladder drives or phantom collider force powered shenanigans However reaction wheels and/or stock bearings are fine, if you're crazy enough! Start from the KSC launchpad or runway Craft should be unpowered after it leaves the...erm...device. Gliding or personal parachutes to eke out extra range is fine. There will be a Rogues' Gallery category for folks who want to go their own way Check this out thread for inspiration: Distance: 33.6 km @neistridlar 32.1 km @neistridlar 16.3.km @neistridlar 6.9 km @neistridlar 1.0 km @Vanamonde 375m @SkunkTwerks Time to Airfield: 9:54 @neistridlar Applying an ingenious combination of pistons and leverage, was the first to catapult a glider all the way to the Island Airfield. ~~~Rogue's Gallery~~~ Folks who took the challenge in a different direction... @Tyr Anasazi Applying the time honored MOAR LEGS approach, kicked a capsule on a ballistic trajectory all the way to the Island Airfield in a speedy time of 2:17. Nice shuttlecock air brake design on the capsule ensured a smooth stable ride on the way over.
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