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  1. Tupolev Tu-95 Bear Replica I made with functioning turboprop engines using breaking ground and stock parts. Thankfully it's not as loud as the real thing Press AG1 to start the rotors, AG2 to turn on the fuel cells, and stage to start the jets. Top Speed: 220 m/s at sea level KerbalX Link My other Russian aircraft replicas
  2. [Moderator note: This topic was split off from the KSP 1.7.3 announcement thread, since it's primarily about a technical issue for an individual user.] MacOS version doesn't work for me
  3. i need to upgrade breaking ground expansion for ksp 1.7.3 my expansion is 1.0.0 and it needs 1.2.0 how can i upgrade ? and all my mods and expansion does not have any sounds*, how can i fix it ? * 1/2 mods does not have their objects or planets . thats not normal :
  4. Greetings Kerbal Forums, I have no idea how to counteract the torque on a propeller plane like those in World War 1. I've been trying to make a Fokker-style plane, but I have this problem where my airplane will have a clockwise rotation when going fast on the runway and especially taking off, leading to many a KIA Kerbals. This is not due to landing gear - they are as they should be, vertical relative to the ground, and the plane does not exhibit any veer due to parts bending. Center of gravity is slightly forward of center of lift as it should be. I cannot send a picture of the aircr
  5. I finally got around to using the deployed science experiments and was frustrated with the choice of cargo containers. Squad missed an obvious size to me. The side bays of the updated Mk2 Lander Can are screaming for a cargo box. It seem like the natural place to stash the experiments, but the stock cargo box doesn't fit as nicely as I'd like, so I ended up sizing one to look built in. This is just a Module Manager patch to rescale the small cargo box and modify it's attributes for the larger size. At the same time I added attachment nodes to the sides of the Mk2 Lander Can itself to make
  6. Hi, I've made a quadcopter and found I cannot control it. If I attach rotors to yaw/pitch/roll and thrust I am able control thrust but yaw/pitch/roll override each other so only one is effective. Thrust works because it's incremental while yaw/pitch/roll are absolute. At first I wanted do demand multiple overlapping controls to work additively (and they should) but then I realized that won't be enough. The collective throttle must lift the craft while axes control should only modify torque to control its movement and may work much weaker. So the torque for single engine could be calculate
  7. So, I just started working with the pistons from the new DLC and have one question. When you extend and retract a piston more than once it seams to 'break' were it goes all floppy and stuff. I tried repairing it with an engineer with no luck. Is this a feature, if so how can I help prevent over stress of pistons in my builds? Nevermind, I resolved the problem.
  8. I've found that complex robotic installations used as wheel mounting points can be very shaky and reduce the wheel output by up to 80%. And I mean in the weird part clipping jitter way, for example a servo-hinge joint jumps all around the place non stop. If the devs could fix it that would be great.
  9. I'm going to keep my russian aircraft in a singular post here so I don't inevitably clutter up the Spacecraft exchange I only use stock parts or parts from the Breaking Ground DLC _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Sukhoi Sukhoi Su-27 "Flanker" Length: 17.73m Weight: 26.97t Parts: 172 AG1: Toggle afterburners _________________________________________ Sukhoi Su-33 "Flanker-D" Length: 16.9m Weight: 30t Parts: 198
  10. i'm trying to make a siwng-wing fighter but the wings are a bit too floppy. I know that strutting the wings to other parts of the planes prevents the servos from working. is there anything else i could do to fix the wing floppiness?
  11. One of the first things I tried to do with the Breaking Ground is make a quadrupedal robot in a similar fashion to BostonDynamics SpotMini. It... works. Barely This version has a "Stand" and "Walk" function, with work-in-progress "Sprint" function. It's almost uncontrollable without reaction wheels, but that's likely due to poor programming on my part, of which was a pain to do. The main issue with this style of quadruped that I found is that the servos don't move quick enough to get any decent speed from it, though it does still work. Here is a video showing it walking: https://yout
  12. [Edit: For the updated stand-alone version of this tutorial, go here] So I started off getting my video recording & editing software back so I could make an animated GIF for reddit to showcase my robotics powered rover deployment system. But of course I ended up remembered how much fun doing videos can be, and wanted to share the method I found that took my programming time from 3+ hours to less than 1, so the 6+ hours I'd spent programming the arm & doing a comedy showcase GIF ended up spiraling into another 8+ hour editing session. I think it's my most polished video t
  13. So I had a thought today, "Would mecanum wheels work in KSP?" The answer is: Yes. They do, in fact, work. For those wondering what mecanum wheels are, they are wheels that allow lateral (sideways) movement. They are wheels that are made with smaller wheels/rollers around their circumference of them, canted at a 45 degree angle from their center axis. I made a short video demonstrating a drivetrain in KSP using them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UbCuh1aUn1o& I'm not entirely sure what applications you could use this for in KSP, but it is interesting that they work in
  14. What it does Adds the ability to "slave" one robotic servo to another. When you change the master's target angle, it automatically adjusts the slave's angle accordingly. Automatically takes care of updating the slave's traverse speed and damping, too. Locking the master will lock all its slaves, too. Lock an entire limb with one click! Can slave as many servos as desired to one master. Can toggle a hinge's "slaved" status on/off, either in the editor or in flight scene. Super simple UI makes it a breeze to set up complicated robotic limb motions that are co
  15. I have accepted the contract to build ground science station on a Mun and to collect the science data of observing the mysterious slime. But I can't finish this contract. I tried to pick up a science module with a slime to a ship, but when I came back to Kerbin the contract still was uncompleted. What should I do to complete this contract? On the picture(there's on Russian) on the marked place written that collected 607% of 50% of data
  16. I need to find a big crater on a Mun and to skan it, but I can't find it. I came to a biomes:South-West crater and to the Far crater(In the contract written that I can find the crater in these biomes), but I can't find the "Big crater"(I found out it's not so big). I tried to find the crater in a game that I started before the releasing of DLC. Can be the problems with viewing objects to study in these games or not?
  17. The KAL-1000 is brilliant but it needs some work to make more complex contraptions. Specifically, we need a way to save/store/copy KAL tracks the same way we can save/store/copy subassemblies. Currently I haven't found any way to do this; even saving the entire craft then merging the save will have both KAL controllers talking to the originally-open version's servos. It's also super clunky to, say, replace a servo with a heavier version if the original didn't work, since you have to reprogram the new one from scratch. My proposal: Make KAL scripts persist when merging craft that con
  18. Hi everyone! I have a contract from StrutCo to skan a big crater on the Mun. I have landed on the very big crater(watch the pic, this is other crater, just the one where I landedis on dark side) http:// https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1760939288 I landed, released the rover with medium robotic arm, but it can't skan the crater. Tell me please if I need a smaller crater or something else to do.
  19. An unfolding space telescope inspired by the designs for LUVOIR and the James Webb Space Telescope
  20. I just purchased both dlc's for ksp on steam, and I tried to make something with the breaking ground robotic parts. First I tried rotors, which didn't work at all. Then I tried the other parts. They worked, but afetr the 3rd time I used them, they just froze. Has anybody encountered the same problem? Does anyone have a solution? Help would be apreciated.
  21. I hope this hasn't been posted yet, didn't find anything. It would be nice to be able to add regular parts to the KAL robotics controller, like deployable solar panels, landing gear, etc. I'm trying to put solar panels on a hinge but they deploy too soon. Being able to sync them with the robotics stuff would be really useful.
  22. If you have breaking ground, You may have noticed that the Experiment Control Station makes a beep every few seconds. I felt like I heard that beep somewhere, And searched Sputnik 1 beeping. It sounds nearly the same but faster than the Experiment Control Station! Time for a stupid theory that's a joke and wouldn't be true at all! After the soviets lost contact with Sputnik 1, The Kerbals took it and years later managed to repurpose it's parts for the Experiment Control Station! IT'S GOTTA BE THE TRUTH, DUH!
  23. Here are all the time zones for when it drops.US Pacific 10:00 AM Thursday May 30th, 10:00US Mountain 11:00 AM Thursday May 30th, 11:00US Central 12:00 PM Thursday May 30th, 12:00US Eastern 1:00PM Thursday May 30th, 13:00BR Rio De Janeiro, Brazil 2:00 PM Thursday May 30th, 14:00UTC 5:00 PM Thursday May 30th, 17:00GB London, UK 6:00 PM Thursday May 30th, 18:00DE Berlin, Germany 7:00 PM Thursday May 30th, 19:00RU Moscow, Russian Federation 8:00 PM Thursday May 30th, 20:00AE Dubai, UAE 9:00 PM Thursday May 30th, 21:00IN Mumbai, India 10:30 PM Thursday May 30th, 22:30SG Singapore, Singapore 1:00 A
  24. Hi. I have a game with more than 250 hours of the original game in career mode. If I install Breaking Ground can I continue the game with the new additions of the expansion? I have not found information about it. PD: I'm sorry for my English.
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