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  1. I have managed to log 153 hours into this game. I am already setting up a mining operation, and besides the odd contract that required me to have engineers on a space station, I have only ever used them for mining efficiency. They do have a few useful skills, such as repacking parachutes, wheels, and landing legs; but I basically use them as filler. They need more utility, so here are a few abilities I wished they had: -The ability to repair the surface mounted solar panels. (Kerbals have a way of trampling them.) -The ability to manipulate the parts on a dead probe, like enabling a battery or toggling a solar panel. -The ability to make adjustments to parts that normally can only made in the editor, such as closing single use panels, or adjusting action groups, or changing the thrust of SRBs before they are fired. These three abilities could possibly fill the three empty levels and greatly increase the utility of engineers, however, It will have to be carefully balanced to prevent them from getting overpowered... Tell me what you think.
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