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  1. The updated maneuver node following the patch no longer works. Dragging prograde on the node eventually stops extending the orbit line. This typically occurs during an ascent of a planet. Creating a maneuver node at the apoapsis of the parabola as a ship is ascending ceases to function properly. In addition, there is no longer a 'next orbit' button, and visually the older maneuver node looked much better.
  2. For some reason, parallax's trees are funky. The Trees I don't know what I did wrong, or if I need to reinstall parallax, because I would like to fix this issue! If you have any solutions, please tell me.
  3. So heres the thing, basically every inline mounted auxiliary part such as decouplers, batterys, reaction wheels and cargo bays have bugged drag calculations(including those rounded rear hatches but i didnt feel like making a custom plane just to add it to my testing). Any 1 of these parts will effectively double your drag. These bugs are not limited to only the parts ive tested, as far as i can tell, literally every size and shape of said parts is affected. Ive run a couple of tests as you can see below. Every plane configuration is exactly the same other then parts that are in question added to the plane (original plane parts are white and test parts are orange). First test with base line results: Nr1. Base line: ~360m/s with drag being ~55Kn. Base line v.max ~1000m/s with drag being ~110Kn. Nr2. Same plane configuration, but with added reaction wheel. Plane is unable to accelerate past 350m/s with its drag being ~160Kn. Nr3. Same plane configuration, but with added 1 inline battery. Plane is unable to accelerate past ~340m/s with its drag being ~160Kn. Nr4.Same plane configuration, but with added inline decoupler. Plane is unable to accelerate past ~330m/s with its drag being ~160Kn. Nr5.Same plane configuration, but with added inline cargo bay. Plane is unable to accelerate past ~355m/s with its drag being ~160Kn. Nr6. Ive sized up the plane to see if the amount of drag scales with the size of the craft, and it looks like it basically does: Nr6.1 Base line ~750m/s, drag is ~600Kn. Nr6.2 Base line v.max = ~1100m/s, drag is ~1100Kn. Nr6.3 Same plane with inline decoupler. Plane speed is ~750m/s with drag being ~1050Kn. Plane is unable to accelerate further. All of these drag errors are effectively making it impossible to make xeon ssto's, put any sort of cargo capacity on planes or just have auxilary power or reaction wheels, not to mention the numerous implications it has on rockets.... tho i guess there not affected as much, it just dumsters there efficiency, as every vertical stage is going to effectively double your rockets drag. Hopefully this gets noticed and is fixed relatively soon. :)
  4. I know there are no heat elements yet in this game, but I did discover the heat indicators while going through the settings. I made a SLS and when I staged the side boosters, the indicators showed up, next to to the radial de couplers(Orange). When I switched to the map view i noticed that the indicators showed up on the map and started to drift away from view. Then they would reset, and do the same thing endlessly.
  5. Description of Bug: While In flight, a craft that I had on a separate launch pad began teleporting and remaining fixed in place relative to Kerbin at least a kilometer or two from me. After getting some distance away it would teleport again to a position in front of me resulting in it appearing to fly backwards relative to me. As I sped up, the time between teleportations decreased. Craft was still an active craft and could be clicked on. Both crafts were completely separate vehicles that were at no point connected or separate from each other. Steps to Replicate: Unknown Fixes / Workarounds: Unknown KSP Version: OS: Windows 10 Home edition CPU: Intel i7-9700 GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti RAM: 16 GB Mods: none Images: (Image from active craft of teleporting craft in distance) (Using the arrow keys I flew my camera while the game was paused over to the ship) (Closer photo of craft) (Active craft in background) (Craft still able to be clicked) Log of play session:
  6. A bug in the VAB where parts cannot be put into trash when a space craft or a single part of it is behind the trash icon, even when trying to delete a part when clicking on an empty space on part-picker and a vessel is behind it, it won't be trashed / get deleted. How to recreate bug: Load a vessel or place a part in the VAB Put the 'part-picker' over the trash icon (alternate explanation: "hide" the vessel or placed part behind the trash icon on the 'part-picker') Get a part and try to delete the part with the vessel/part behind the trash icon or an empty space in part-picker This bug does not happen when trying to get a part from the part-picker when a vessel or a part is behind the selection. It also doesn't happen when trying to replace a part with another part with the same procedure. https://imgur.com/a/MIbxQN6
  7. So I had just started my game and I launched a place that I had made and before I could take off the game froze for a few seconds and my pc just shut down. It tried to start up a few times but now it’s on a screen that says “ preparing automatic repair” but it’s frozen. I’ve tried to reboot it manually but the same thing happens. My pc should 100% be able to run this game. It ran the old version before the patch. I think the patch might have broken something and now my pc refuses to work. Any help would be super appreciated.
  8. I've encountered this problem before and after the most recent patch. While building satellites, the RV-105 RCS blocks seem to impart phantom forces on the craft. Might be due to hitbox clipping even though the visual models are not? Here is a picture of the satellite I'm building. RCS at the top. (I moved them during troubleshooting to no effect.) Struts added during troubleshooting as well. And here is a link to an unlisted YouTube video showcasing the problem: Taking the RCS block off stops the problem from occurring. Thanks! Specs: OS: Windows 10 (10.0.19044) 64bit CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700K CPU @ 4.20GHz (8) RAM: 32631 GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti (11049MB) SM: 50 (Direct3D 11.0 [level 11.1])
  9. Hi I'm having a strange problem right now, so I'm building a base on the moon with modules and fps drops caught my attention. So when I'm looking any different direction that other vessels its fine (50-70fps) but when I'm looking at my base landers fps can drop to 15. Anybody have the same problem?
  10. I've noticed that when you timewarp and then go back to normal x1 speed when near another vessel, to dock for instance, the other vessel 'pops' away in the distance, as if the position is actually incorrect? I've had this happen numerous of times and its made me waste fuel and time to correct this sudden change in position
  11. KSP Version: v0. Operating System: Windows 11 CPU and GPU models: AMD 5900X - NVIDIA RTX 3090 Description of the bug: As the title goes, once I've docked two or more ships in orbit, I cannot use any decoupler at all because that invokes the Kracken for an instant ritual destruction of the ship. I've found this after taking this ship to Duna's low orbit (200km): Everything worked well during all the trip. Every decoupler (SRBs and previous stages) worked as intended. But there I want to decouple both auxiliary ships (a lander and a returner) to dock them to the main ship's docking ports. And their TD-25 decouplers work. Once I've decoupled any of those ships and docked with the main ship, any other decoupler from any of the individual ships now combined won't work. Trying to separate the mid-stage (TD-37) or the side stages (AD-25) destroys the ship. With the main vehicle, I can continue activating every single decoupler if no other ship until when any other ship is docked. In another try, I decoupled both ships before docking them to the main one Then I can undock again the ships (via part's manager docking port's "decouple" action) and everything's fine. But every single time I have a "combined ship", if I try to activate any decoupler via staging or via part's manager this happens: And then the ship and the undocked parts start to sink down like lead into the planet, as if they suddenly had zero orbital velocity. But if you look close to the falling wreck, it seems like the decoupling happened. I mean, decouplers work, but they just destroy every single part (coupled or decoupled) after doing their job. Fixes / Workarounds: None (as far as I know) A list of ALL mods: None. Other Notes / Screenshots : Included in the description. Iguess the Kracken wants his toll. But that results in missions that require on-orbit redocking may be unfeasible.
  12. So I have been normally playing ksp 2 and I have noticed that the time it took for the game to save my progress was becoming progressively longer. When it took like 3 minutes to save my game I have decided to look into the folder where it saves the game and I have discovered something horrible. The last save had 1.63 GB, yeah GIGABYTES. I have managed to look inside these files and at the bottom (it did not manage to load as a whole so I did not manage to get to the real bottom) I found a lot of text that was repeating itself (I added the image below). I have no idea what causes this, I have no mods installed nor did I change anything with the game. I really need some help because this is making my game completely unplayable. You can see the images below (most of the text will be in Czech but it's useless anyways so just ignore it): Below is the image of the repeating text in the save file Below is the first image of the save file folder. Below is the second image of the save file folder.
  13. KSP Version v0.1.1.0 Operating System and version (Windows 10, Windows 11) Windows 11 CPU and GPU models, any other system information which could be relevant i7 12700F with RTX 3060 Ti Description of the bug. Expected Behavior Apoapsis and Periapsis values should not change when orbiting Minmun with all engines deactivated. Observed Behavior Apoapsis and Periapsis values are changing when orbiting Minmun with all engines deactivated. Steps to Replicate - Happens when try to orbit Minmun Fixes / Workarounds (if known..) - Unknown A list of ALL mods. If the list is long, please consider using a spoiler window. - NO MODS Other Notes / Screenshots / Log Files (if possible..) - Video of the bug happening - Save file and log file directory
  14. My idea to use my transfer stage as a probe failed as the Communotron 16-S doesn't even connect to the Commnet
  15. You can see the flare of Kerbol in the ground of Minus, usually in the hilly areas
  16. KSP2 Version Info: OS: Windows 11 (10.0.22621) 64bit CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 5950X 16-Core Processor (32) RAM: 130992 GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 (24340MB) SM: 50 (Direct3D 11.0 [level 11.1]) RT Formats: ARGB32, Depth, ARGBHalf, Shadowmap, RGB565, ARGB4444, ARGB1555, Default, ARGB2101010, DefaultHDR, ARGB64, ARGBFloat, RGFloat, RGHalf, RFloat, RHalf, R8, ARGBInt, RGInt, RInt, BGRA32, RGB111110Float, RG32, RGBAUShort, RG16, BGRA10101010_XR, BGR101010_XR, R16 Description of the bug. Expected Behavior - When in the Tracking Station View, and one selects an item (vessel or debris) from the left hand menu, the Information panel opens, and provide 2-4 colored buttons a the top (Focus, Control, Destroy, ??) Observed Behavior - the Destroy and 4th button are clipped by the horizontal divider bar. (see image, upper right hand corner of image, you can barely make out the red destroy button) UPDATE: Restarted the game, and at the main menu screen, I reset the Scale UI mod back to 100%, via main game settings, entered the game, and the clipped button was still there in the tracking station view. While in the game I went to main game settings, and changes the UI scale there, and the Destroy button became visible. I could now set any scale and the Destroy button remained visible. Steps to Replicate - Select an item from the tracking station (vessel preferably) to open its information panel. See if its clipped. Might need the Scale UI mod and set to 60%. My screen resolution is 3840x2160 - 4K, on a 65" monitor. Fixes / Workarounds (if known..) - might be related to Scale UI mod. I have it set at 60%. Will try 100% and see if it gets un-clipped. A list of ALL mods. If the list is long, please consider using a spoiler window. Other Notes / Screenshots / Log Files (if possible..)
  17. KSP2 version Windows 10 AMD Ryzen 5 5600X RTX 3070 Vehicles will fall apart either immediately or when time warping, making a launch with this bug impossible. The parts hubs are immediately attached to will float in place. Works with all hub sizes/types. An image of the bug for reference:
  18. KSP2 Version Info: OS: Windows 11 (10.0.22621) 64bit CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 5950X 16-Core Processor (32) RAM: 130992 GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 (24340MB) SM: 50 (Direct3D 11.0 [level 11.1]) RT Formats: ARGB32, Depth, ARGBHalf, Shadowmap, RGB565, ARGB4444, ARGB1555, Default, ARGB2101010, DefaultHDR, ARGB64, ARGBFloat, RGFloat, RGHalf, RFloat, RHalf, R8, ARGBInt, RGInt, RInt, BGRA32, RGB111110Float, RG32, RGBAUShort, RG16, BGRA10101010_XR, BGR101010_XR, R16 Description of the bug. Expected Behavior - When pressing the Solar Panel Action Button on upper left menu, all solar panels on vessel are deployed or retracted (if able to be retracted). Observed Behavior - The action button does not do anything. Does not deploy panels or change color state when pressed. Steps to Replicate - Built a vessel, attached deployable solar panels to it, launch and while in orbit, press the action button. Fixes / Workarounds (if known..) - Select the Solar Panel part directly or via the parts manager and deploy.
  19. After the 0.1.1 update I flew a small space plane to orbit. Circularized and deployed the landing gear (All were the medium airplane type) only for when the gear went to “lock” at the end of the extension animation it vaporized my craft. I’ve done this several times before the update and never had this happen.
  20. Video below shows engineless probe with crazy orbit changes. Timewarp seems to also have an effect
  21. Description of Bug: Kerbols flare detaching from Kerbol in tracking station Steps to Replicate: hate to submit a bug without detailed replication steps but all I know is that it occurred while switching focus of planets in the tracking station. Fixes / Workarounds: unknown KSP Version: OS: Windows 10 Home edition CPU: Intel i7-9700 GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti RAM: 16 GB Mods: none
  22. KSP Version: Operating System: Windows 11 CPU and GPU models: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 8-Core Processor, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Description of the bug: While in VAB and constructing a spacecraft I found a bug that causes the docking ports to randomly rotate or completely detach when a part is attached. It appears to be happening everytime you intentionally rotate the whole spacecraft a few times, and attach a part/attach the spacecraft to another one using workspace "Merge" button. Expected Behavior: Docking ports stay attached correctly after rotation of the whole spacecraft Observed Behavior: Docking ports rotate (e.g. 180*) or detach completely when a new part is attached or the spacecraft is attached to another one via workspace merging. Steps to Replicate: 1. Build a simple rocket 2. Save it as a workspace 3. Start a new spacecraft with a docking port 4. Save it as a workspace 5. Merge the two worspaces 6. Intentionally rotate the spacecraft using WSAD 7. Attach it to the rocket 8. Bam! The docking ports are now inverted. Fixes / Workarounds (if known..): Rotate the docking port for the own need (is annoying with multiple docking ports)
  23. After a mun landing I made, I took off with my ship off the mun. I opened up my map view to see my apoapsis, and to my surprise, the trajectory line was missing! Luckily, I managed to save Jeb, Bob, and Tim C. Kerman from space without the line (due to my many years of ksp1 lol), but I think this but could be a HUGE issue, especially with new players and interplanetary travel. I have no clue what caused this bug, but I tried reloading and restarting the game to no avail. My ksp2 version is release (obv), and I am running windows 10 with an NVidia 3060 ti and a 3rd gen ryzen cpu.
  24. v0.1.1.0 I lost control of all my ships. I cannot steer new or current vessels and I don't know why. I can control the throttle, SAS and RCS. But not the actual movement of ships (including planes) The only thing I can think of is typing a ship name with the letter "M" which took me to the map (shocked this hasn't been fixed yet honestly) Edit: Wrong category but don't know how to fix
  25. KSP Version Windows 11 (22H2 - 10.0. 22621) I7-12700k, 3080Ti, 32GB DDR4-3200, 2TB M.2 SSD. Expected Behavior - Ground vehicles (Rover of any size, shape or wheel type) can be driven on smooth surface without any collisions and continue without a detour. Observed Behaviour - Even on a super smooth runway, at more than a snails pace, the rover will suddenly act like its hit something, rapidly slow down, and spin around or flip. Replication - Build rover and test on any surface. More likely to happen with higher speeds but irrelevant of smooth surface, vehicle size/mass, or suspension/wheel settings. Fixes / Workarounds (if known..) none known. Mods - none, vanilla game. Any files are available on request.
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