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Found 353 results

  1. Hi, When I was doing a Mun mission, I had taken off from the Mun, put myself into orbit, gone to Discord, and when I returned, everything was violently shaking. (You can't see it in the pic tho) I had to quit my hour-long Mun mission, because I EVA'd Jeb to investigate, and he couldn't return to the ship! My GameData Folder: Help me?
  2. For some reason mechjeb just broke on me. Here’s what happened, I launch KSP and all is well I fly some of my craft that are already in space and mechjeb works fine. Then I head into the VAB and make a rocket, from that point on none of my existing or new mechjebs worked. The tab that you extend down is gone however the thumbnail for the mod still appears in the bottom right corner and does nothing when clicked on. Is anyone else having this problem?
  3. When i accelerate to escape kerbins influence it accidently drops my orbit further than the orbit of Dres. Please help, i need to quickly transport a rover to Duna
  4. How did this happen? I blame kopernicus, but I can't delete it cause I need it for sigma. The reentry effects trigger about 20 m/s.... help.
  5. Hola, me gustaría que alguien me diría que estoy haciendo mal porque cuando tengo una nave en órbita al salir a la estación de seguimiento y avanzar en el tiempo cuando vuelvo a la nave me han desaparecido etapas o casi toda la nave quedando solo la capsula o la sonda.
  6. Klapaucius

    The infinite depth bug

    I was working on my newest challenge, a continuation of my Mountain Lake Landing challenge, and wanted to just see how deep the lake was. Using mission builder, I put Jeb on an ore tank and placed him at the bottom of the lake. He somehow passed through the bottom of the lake and is currently falling forever in an underwater void. Current depth as of this post: 35,000 metres.
  7. Not sure what is causing this, but on Kerbin at Space Central the entire map is glitchy as heck. At any you try to move the camera around it looks like parts of the ocean are bleeding through the ground. Making any of the facilities unclickable. Another graphics glitch is around Eve. It makes the planet look like a gas giant when you try to zoom in. If anyone recognizes any of these types of Symptoms please chime in to let me know. Here is the entire list of Mods I have installed:
  8. Vinhero100

    No sound

    Hi, As you can tell from the title My Ksp has lost all sound. This happened all of a sudden, along with most of my other steam games, but has anyone experienced this before? Thanks!
  9. Hello, recently I have encountered two major bugs/glitches in my time on playing on Xbox One Enhanced Edition. More specifically, I encountered them in career. The first bug I encountered was my ship spinning in space continuously even with SAS on. This seemed to happen most when I came out of time warp with the SAS on. It also happened near planetary bodies too, when landing. The ship would even spin if time warp wasn’t activated. I have no idea what caused this. The next bug I encountered is much more serious as it involved restarting entire missions. I had accepted multiple contracts in career, which I had finished (not together). When I had finished them however, I could not go back to VAB, Space Center, or Tracking Center. I could open the pause menu but couldn’t click on any of the options that would allow me to leave. This forced me to quit the game, losing some but not all progress for that mission. I believe this glitch in particular to be caused by the switching between vessels or leaving to go to the space center after the rocket was in space.
  10. so, I have a craft with no modded parts, but my game has mods, which is why I am doing it on the modded one. So, whenever I either decouple a decoupler or I undock a docker, my entire craft decides to disassemble itself, and it kinda flips out. It is very annoying and I don't really know how to solve it. I tried autostrutting everything together, but that didnt work. my craft only works when I turn no craft damage on and Infinite joint strength on.
  11. Version 1.3.1 Currently I have a small base on Duna. For some odd reason Ive encountered a bug ive never seen in my three years of playing KSP and while not game breaking is simply very annoying. Ive spent the past few hours google searching and this seems to be an incredibly isolated scenario and bug. Essentially it lights up the terrain of Duna despite being on the night side of the planet. Since a large portion of my play through is going to be based around colonizing Duna. To have it constantly lit up effectively means I will be retiring this 400 hour career save. So alas I extend my last attempt to figure this darn bug to you the community, Have any of you had this happen? Anyone have any suggestions? Thank you. Photo of directory. Photo of bug itself.
  12. Hi, I hadn't played KSP for more than a year before I decided to pick it up again yesterday. Today I decided to send a very small lander to the Mun. I managed to land it very smoothly (at like 1 m/s). As soon as I landed, the landing legs compressed and then extended like a spring. Since then, the lander keeps bouncing, reaching less than one metre in the air and then falling back down. As it touches the ground, there is an instant in which it is basically still, allowing me to time warp. However, as soon as I go back to real time, the bouncing continues. If I exit the game and reload the craft, it shoots up a lot higher and then goes back to bouncing. Does anyone know how I can solve this issue? Thank you very much! Edit: here's a gif of the issue: (I am struggling to embed it into this post, sorry)
  13. Hi everyone, I finally made it to Laythe, and I put a tiny rover on the surface as a result. Unfortunately, after timewarping to get my relay in position to control it, the wheels are always active, and my reaction wheel always pitches down. I can still drive the rover around, but to stop I have to disable the motor on all the wheels, and disable the reaction wheel outright. Its a shame since it has been a long and hard journey to get where I am. Can anyone help?
  14. I installed some visual mods to make my game a bit nicer to look at, but now I found out the kerbals visors are pink. I dont know why, or what mods are doing this. help? Here is a screenshot that I had to upload as artwork because Steam Overlay hates me and is broken: Installed mods: (As seen in the GameData folder) BoulderCo CalmNebula EnviromentalVisiualEnchancements KerbalVisiualEnhancements Kopernicus ModularFlightIntegrator Reflections & Skybox scatterer Squad (of course) TextureReplacer
  15. So not sure if this is technically a bug, but I noticed while setting up a challenge between some friends that when you use the "sort by manufacturer" function in the VAB/SPH, LightYear Tire Company isn't listed. It should be right between Kerlington and Maxo in the list (it's alphabetical), but it's absent. It's a relatively minor thing, but I figured I'd post it anyway to see if maybe it was just my game, or if others have this issue too; and if so how to fix it.
  16. For some reason my minmus landers' LT2 landing legs explode as soon as I touch down on minmus. now I know I'm not going too fast because a) I've accidentally landed a lander with the same legs going about 20 m/s on minmus when I ran out of fuel and the legs didn't explode and b) I'm touching down at about .3 m/s.
  17. Overview When in the editor (VAB or SPH), and placing a part with radial symmetry enbled you have access to the Radial Symmetry Space Option, which is supposed to let you switch between having the symmetry mode be relative to the vessel, or relative to the parent part. It appears that while this option has a hotkey, as well as an on-screen button, its toggle state does not actually currently affect object placement; The part placement always defaults to using the vessel as the axis of symmetry and not the parent part. Details Given this simple vessel which has two tanks (FL-T400 Fuel Tank) on radial decouplers attached to a larger central tank (FL-T800 Fuel Tank) using 2x symmetry: The default behavior for attaching a small spherical tank is to do so relative to the vessel. In other words, The spherical tank is placed with the axis of rotation being through the center of the vessel: In the tools section there is an Option that toggles between "Vessel" (Default) and "Parent" Which when pressed displays the corresponding notification: This option can also be toggled by hitting the F hotkey, described on the Key bindings wiki page as "In place mode: Toggle Symmetry between vessel or parent part". With it set to "Parent Part", I would expect the spherical tank to now be mirrored relative to is parent part (the FL-T400 Fuel Tank), which would look like this: However this is not currently the case. The above image was mocked up using single symmetry, and was not achieved using the "Parent Part" setting. Here is a gif screen capture showing the issue: Note how despite being in 'Parent' mode and the on-screen notification saying "Radial Symmetry around Parent Part", the spherical tank is not mirrored around its parent part, the FL-T400 Fuel Tank, and is instead always mirrored around the vessel's center part, the FLT-800 Fuel tank. Summary Am I correct in my assumption that when the Radial Symmetry Space Option is set to "Parent Part" that objects should be placed in relation to their parent part, and not the vessel? If not, I would really like to know what this option is intended to do otherwise. Tested using KSP (WindowsPlayer x64) en-us Note: If an admin could move this topic to the Technical Support (PC, unmodded installs) forum, it would be much appreciated.
  18. I just started playing KSP again after a long time off. I don't like the stock fairing's confetti deploy, so I always set them to 2 sides and clamshell deploy. With clamshell deployment, having too low of an ejection force causes the fairing to not clear the craft and either get stuck or crash into it upon deployment, destroying it. I've found that the default ejection force of 100 is not enough to eject the other size fairings, so I have been using an ejection force of 500 without problem, until I built a craft today using the 5m fairing. I tried a simple test to make sure it wasn't something wrong with my craft. I used the tallest 5m diameter tank, put a 5m fairing on top and a probe core on top of it. I created a simple fairing with nothing is inside it. Set the fairing to 2 sides, clamshell deploy and ejection force of 500. Sitting on the launch pad, deploying the fairing causes the fairing base to explode every time. I lowered the ejection force until it no longer explodes and it seems fine at 400 and below. I put engines under it and launched it. I stuck to an ejection force of 400 and tried deploying it in different situations. Deploying the fairing works fine sitting still or when not under accelerations, but deploying them them under acceleration they still explode somewhat randomly. Edit: Oops, I thought I was in the support section, can a mod move this?
  19. This is 1.4.4 related issue only, it never happened on 1.4.3 or any prior version. When I play and go to VAB or SPH, then press ESC instead of Quit button, the game shows the Save/Load/Settings/Quit menu on the screen, which is OK. Now, pressing ESC while the menu is displayed will hide the menu, but will not return the game to its normal state. Some controls are enabled, but quit doesn't work in SPH or VAB anymore, the right mouse click doesn't rotate, the Build/Actions/Crew assignment buttons are disabled, the Switch editor type does nothing, I can't pick any new parts, save the craft or do anything. Pressing ESC again does NOT bring the menu back, the game is locked, but it's not hanging. The highlight still works when moving mouse cursor over the craft, or any UI controls, but they just don't react. The only way I can quit the game is via ALT+F4 and/or Alt+Tab and Close. I tested it on plain vanilla 1.4.4, as well as modded one, and they behave the same. It never happened on 1.4.3 before, or any other prior version, and I played the game since 0.22 or something.
  20. My craft has loaded in with the majority of the craft under the surface of Mun. It consistently explodes when disturbed in any way. Despite numerous attempts to free it, it would appear that the craft is forever trapped just under the surface. (I'd upload a pic but I don't know how.) If anyone could shed some light on my struggles please do, thank you.
  21. Not sure if it is already posted,but i'm using a corsair K55 French AZERTY keyboard,i used the change layout function to switch all my keys instantly to that perfect layout (very handy feature!) problem is it still thinks its a QWERTY keyboard,i tried changing them manually too but nope ZSQD stays WASD ... Please help...
  22. I currently have a bug that literally made me stop playing KSP. That is, a random annoying line that follows the camera, no matter what i do. It occurs at some places, like being at a desert, or on the Runway. The line can be white or black. If you are curious enough, Here is a picture about the bug. It is still there even though i've deleted Scatterer and AVP. I made the picture giant so that you can notice the line easily. I've also placed an arrow pointing towards the line. I've tried forcing OpenGl, But that didn't help. Forcing Directx9 didn't help. Even forcing DirectX11 didn't even help. I've searched everything on google, but i didn't find a fix. This bug didn't appear before 1.4 I play on 8x antialising because i love realistic things. If you have a fix that doesn't involve lowering the graphics quality or changing the antialising to 4x, 2x or off, then, it may help. [Don't send annoying posts please.] Version of KSP That i use now is 1.4.4 with making history.
  23. Vandarren

    MEM bug

    So, i first posted it in the modded section because I had a modded install, now, I have an unmodded game and still have this bug which apparently hasn't been solved in the patch. The MEM module has its control axis inverted, so when I want to pitch down it goes up and viceversa. Everything is set to default. Also the KV2 Pea and KV3 Pommergranate have the kerbals "looking" east when placed in the VAB, and then, when pitching up they yaw right.
  24. I saw this on the large map indicated in green. I thought at first it was another tracking station, until I got down low. I saved my game (since my landings are not always the best) and as I approached, I blew up in midair. The game claims I crashed into the ground. I tried 3 times on the same luck. The 4th time I tried landing a bit outside the low level depression the egg was in. I landed fine, but as I tried to taxi to the easter egg I just blew up. Its like I hit a forcefield. There is a video and screenshot below. I hid it so as not to spoil this for others.