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Found 360 results

  1. Greetings everyone, I reinstalled KSP yesterday, after a rather long pause. However, I can remember KSP working totally fine running 1.3. Now with 1.4 I have the following issue: - Launch KSP --> Music plays nicely - Enter a game - Background Sounds play niceley - Enter any building !! --> No Music at all. - leave the building !! --> the very moment you leave the building, you can hear the music play for a short moment. - now we're back in the KSC --> Background sound plays niceley again. This can be repeated in any building. Even when entering the Map from the radar station etc. p.p. Things I've tried so far: - reinstall KSP - Check for Errors - have Windows10 do a compatability check - launch with either 32 / 64 bit - updated all drivers, (had none to update ) I really hope this is an issue, that can be fixed. Cause it's weird playing KSP without music xD So Long UngleAge
  2. So I'm running two separate orbital labs, one around the mun and one around kerbin and every time I go back to check on them after moving one of my deep space probes forward 30-40 days (don't want to miss out on the accumulated science gains) I find that instead of their batteries being fully charged or nearly so they are almost always nearly empty. Now I know I have enough charging capacity to keep them fully powered even while running research so I'm wondering if this is a bug or something else.
  3. Hi everyone! With the new 1.4 I restarted the game to do a spaceplane only career. Unfortunately a lot of contracts are now bugged, here some examples: "Escape the atmosphere" is impossible to complete Some survey points are not obtainable (maybe i can get one out of three, yes I have checked the conditions) Some tourist contracts conditions (like suborbital) can't be completed Some tourist contracts can't be closed, but I have bringed the tourist back home In addition, sometimes when I quickload, I get like 300000000~ funds, 30000~ science and full reputation. I have downloaded the whole game again, tried with and obviously without mod, no chance. I run KSP from steam, 64bit version
  4. When I go to the SPH or VAB to work on spacecraft, something very annoying is happening. Even though I am selecting different parts tabs, e.g. Science, Utilities, Fuel, etc., the window stays stubbornly on the Pods tab, and will not change. This means I can't build anything, unless I wanted to stack Mk1 cockpits for eternity. Save File (To download it just hit "download all" in the top right) I am running 1.3.1, with B9 Aerospace, KER, MechJeb 2, Hyperedit, Docking Port Alignment, JSI, Kerbaltek, Deployable Engines, Kerbal Reusability Expansion, and Smoke Screen installed. (yeah that's a lot I know).
  5. Ksp v.1.3.1 every time when exiting minmus soi I take a huge fps hit is this a common issue? What mod could cause this? Switching vessel and then returning fixes it just a little annoying.
  6. Hello. I just encountered a serious bug. I've made a small craft for the observation missions and, so that I won't waste too much money, decided to place some parachutes on it's first stage. After landing, I took Jeb out for EVA so I could get some science on Kerbin surface and while he was on the crew cabin ladder, I switched craft so I could check if the first stage was landing ok. After it did, I tried switching back but it said there were no crafts close enough, so I recovered the main stage and selected the crew cabin through the tracking station. After getting back on the craft, for my surprise, I noticed Jeb was nowhere to be found! So I recovered the craft itself and there was also no crew in the after-recovery screen, only parts and science. Jeb is also not in the Astronaut Building and my reputation went negative, leading me to believe he's now dead. I'm playing the career with some of the hardest settings on, forcing no quicksave/load and no crew respawn, but everything was going well so far. Losing a Kerbal in this stage of the career with these settings is game breaking. I also tried using the debug console (which should be used to fix something like this without forcing me to restart my whole career) but then it says the achievements will be disabled Why should I even have a debug tool then? I can see this problem may impact even more the game later on if I happen to have any Kerbals performing EVA while switching back to Kerbin or another craft. If I'm not mistaken, this bug (or a similar bug) has already been fixed on the PC, no? Update: I just checked the astronaut building again, and it says Jeb was K.I.A. Wish it would tell me what killed him though, that would provide more info on the bug (maybe he's been teleported and smashed, stretched or something else).
  7. Evan1016

    Bug please help

    Been playing a very long time, ran into a problem yesterday... Upon an EVA on Minmus I attempted to do the routine science experiments. All equipment in the craft worked well but when I right clicked Valentina and clicked on surface sample no dialog appeared and the button disappeared entirely. I tried to do my EVA report and got the same result and now the only button left is Plant flag and I can't get the others to return... I really need help on this one.. Thanks in advance!
  8. I know a lot of people have been negative to squad but I really question if they are really justified. I know, Me and Jossep Kerman both seem to not experience the time warp bug that Space Station 4 Crash appears to be paranoid about. (It's fixed at least for me). I'm really disappointed in those of you who think that this game is crap and that squad is a bad company. I don't understand why you are so negative about it.
  9. Hello everyone, I have a very annoying bug on the orbit map : sometimes the altitude of the periapsis and the apoapsis on an orbit change when I'm on the 1x speed but stay the same when I change the speed. It means that sometimes, I do a maneuver node, everything is perfect, and suddendly the orbit change without me doing anything. Each times I have to restart the game and the bug disappear. I have installed "Better time wrap continued", "Kerbal Engineer Redux", "KSP-AVC Plugin", "Docking Port alignment Indicator" and "Kerbal Alarm Clock". Sorry if my sentences or my spelling are not right, I'm not a native english speaker. Thanks you.
  10. Hello everyone, I recently download a mod (CameraTools) for 1.3.1 (the actual version of the game) and the mod just doesn’t work and I want to know if someone else have this problem Have a good day and save fly
  11. I've been having this problem for a while now and have managed to reproduce it several times over. I take a Structural Wing Type B, attach an Elevon 2 to the end and an Elevon 3 to the root, then grab the wing and save it as a subassembly. This works fine but when I later pick up the subassembly, I can neither attach it to whatever I'm building, nor drop it unattached, nor drop it onto the toolbar to delete it. Game just makes a click sound but nothing happens and: game doesn't freeze, but I can't do anything because there's no keyboard shortcut for dropping the part, so I have to Alt-Tab out and kill the executable via Task Manager. I'm using the 64 bit version. Here's the craft file for the subassembly in question.
  12. this problem is very strange. I have a mission to get ore from minmus to kerbin. when i drilled 600 ores into my 2 tanks ( 300 units per tank), first step completed. but the second one never completed. No matter what you do. I even designed new ship with exact 450 units of ore and launched on kerbin and land. the 3 and 4 have been completed, but 2 never completed. Does you guys have this problem? 1 Acquire 450 units of fresh ore from minmus COMPLETE 2 Have 450 units on your vessel INCOMPLETE 3 Maintain stability for 10 seconds COMPLETE 4 Land your ore on Kerbin COMPLETE PC: WIN10 64BIT. KSP: 1.31 SCREENSHOT: (In this screenshot, this is Chinese version. please see the first mission. I just drilled 600 fresh ore, the first step is completed. but the second step never complete. ) SAVE FILE: after this, I tried many thing. Land this ship to kerbin, then step 3,4 completed. tried other mission, still same problem.
  13. This may be related to the bug other people have reported about the game reverting to a previous state - I'm playing career mode on the PS4. With some contracts - so far, I've mainly had this problem with equipment tests for the R&D vendor - I will complete the test and satisfy all parameters, get the green text that says the contract was completed, end the mission, recover the craft, go back to mission control - and there's the same contract in my 'active' list, waiting to be completed. This has happened repeatedly with parachutes and solid fuel boosters tests for the R&D vendor. If you need a gameplay video I can probably make one, since it seems to happen consistently. I haven't diligently tracked what's happening to my funds and reputation balances (or KSC local time) through all this, so I can't tell you if the entire game is simply reverting to an earlier state or not. But I can't imagine why it would happen with equipment test contracts and not with, say, orbital rescues which don't seem to have the same issue. EDIT: Shutting the PS4 down completely and restarting it apparently fixed the problem with one of the contracts - when I flew the same "haul the parachute up to 5-8k meters" mission again, it registered as completed.
  14. So I'm returning to the game since last playing in 1.2, and I'm encountering an odd issue. After each flight, regardless of craft or flight time, when I return to KSC or recover my craft the game no longer allows me to do anything. I'm just stuck in the space centre and can't exit the game unless I force close via task manager (Exit to main menu does nothing). If I came back to the KSC via the recover button the craft does not actually get recovered. Clicking on the tracking station does nothing, the R&D building says it's closed, and if I go to the astronaut complex it won't let me leave. I can see my spashed down/landed craft if it's near KSC, but I can't fly or recover it. If I force cloase the game and load back up I can recover my craft and launch another flight, but the whole thing repeats itself each time I return to KSC. I've already resolved a few mod conflicts/issues with this install, but this issue has me stumped. I've had a look at the ksp.log and ouput_log files, but I honestly don't know what I should be looking for. The install is heavily modded, so I'm not really sure where to start (Short of doing some kind of binary search through my mod list). I've uploaded my ksp.log , output_log , and ckan list to Dropbox. Thanks in advance!
  15. Good evening ! Im using MechJeb ( the newest offical Version ) and ksp 1.3.1. MechJeb ist a great Tool and i totally Love it. But sometimes it seems to stuck at some Point. I Launched my Rocket Today and MechJeb navigated it into a Stabel 75 km Orbit. I wanted to try the Automatic landing, so i Set a target somewhere in kerbit and started the Show. Inoticed that MechJeb Status showed Always " Burn for reenter Orbit ". And it doesnt do anything. This Happens pretty often. I only once saw that MechJeb Lands my Rocket ob kerbin Out of 43 Times... The MechJeb Tool Always have enough Energy... Does anyone noticed this Kind of Problem too ? Any solutions ?
  16. I’m about 150+ hours into the game, and today I started the game to play again. I have 3 save files. All three are lost. To recreate the issue: Chose KSP in library of games, wait for it to load. Once you get to main menu, choose “Start Game”, then “Resume Saved”. Where usually I would see three games, I see nothing. I restarted the game, nothing. I restarted the Playstation, nothing. In Data Management of the PS4, I can see progress in all other play station games I’ve bought, but not for KSP. Very disappointing to say the least. I had the port from the last KSP and gave up after experiencing the corrupt file issue; waited about 18 months for this game, and now the save game is lost completely. This is on PS4, updated to version 5.05. Using radial preset on the controller.
  17. So, after all of the "Make sure to post to the bugtracker" talk these mods do, I thought, "Maybe I can find some progress in the bugtracker". Nope. Not even an updated status for the XBox1 enhanced release. The bugtracker still has it noted that there are no confirmed bugs! Really? I want to stay away, but I just can't help ranting about how awful the support on this forum (from anyone other than other frustrated members) and with squad in general has been. So would a "mod" or someone "in the know" explain why nothing is updated on this site that we've been directed to as our best source of "current progress"? Is this confirmation that Squad has submitted a game to the XBox Live market without making a good faith effort to fix a breach of contract? Or are Squad and the "Forum Support Goons" really just expecting console gamers to transfer data from their consoles, convert digital medias, and upload it to a non-updating bugtracker so that a fix can be released sometime in Neveruary? And they won't be compensated for their time either? Is this the behavior we should be proud of from developers? Do you really support this, forum mods?
  18. Hi there. A really annoying bug have occurred many times in my KSP. Sometimes while im in orbit i can't save a game or recover vessel or do anything but load another save. I'm able to steer my ship and do what i want with it. This thing happens even sevral times in a row: i saved my game while i was on trajectory to Mun and i couldn't saved anymore when i was on Mun's orbit. I tried to load previous save but it happend again. Please do something about it.
  19. Maybe I am a dunce since reporting a bug by way of the bug tracker seems beyond me. Do you have to make up a new login? The bug I would dearly like an answer to is pretty straight forward but so far no one has been able to give a solid answer. Once I reach space (above 75,000 meters) I am unable to start, restart, or throttle up my liquid engines if I use time warp. I am on a xboxone, using cursor presets (although from what I can determine the issue exists with the other presets as well) and if I use time warp below 75,000 meters I am fine, once I get above 75,000 meters if I throttle down my engines or shut them off, or even if I haven't reached that stage yet, once I engage time warp, I am unable to start a liquid engine, restart an engine or throttle back up. Is this a known bug, anyone else having this problem, and is this going to be fixed in a (hopefully) upcoming patch? I have included solar panels and batteries in my design, so lack of power is not the issue.
  20. Xbox one EE cursor controls career mode, hard difficulty, part upgrade purchase disabled as it doesn't work Bug: A craft is built and on the launch pad, move the cursor over a science module and its highlighted in green (e.g. thermometer), pressing "B" to open the action menu has one of three outcomes, seemingly at random: 1. correctly open the action menu 2. open the action menu of the command pod or other part the selected part is attached to even though its not highlighted 3. do nothing Expected behaviour: open the action menu of the highlighted part, only, every time
  21. I'm playing KSP enhanced edition on PS4 Radial Preset Late career mode Not what sure happened to cause this bug, but now when I attempt to load my career mode from the home screen, the game freezes every time, right at the "Resume Saved" screen. I attempted to delete and redownload my save from the cloud, but the save still always freezes the game. Please help!
  22. Hello! I'm having problems with the games textures. So, whats the problem? Well, when i start the game the textures won't show up correctly after it has booted up. Also, for some bizarre reason when i press Shift + O the textures go even weirder. See the pics below Here is a list i have tried to fix the textures: * Verified game cache thru steam * Uninstalled ALL mods * Tried with mods * Reinstalled the game * Updated GPU drivers and tried older drivers * Tried older versions of the game * Updated Windows and downgraded to an older version Still the problem persists. Also here is my PC specs if you wonder if it has any effect: CPU: i5 6500 GPU: GTX 980Ti RAM: 16GB This pic is just after the game has booted up This happens when i press "Shift + O" Any help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance! - Kryostatic
  23. Having and issue with Kerbal Enhanced Edition for Xbox One Playing Career Mode, Custom Difficulty. When I try to save I get a pop up saying "Too Many Saves" in red bold letters followed by "You reached the maximum amount of saves. Delete some other saves to be able to make new ones." This issue occurred in original KSP, however it would ask at that point if you want to overwrite. This error happens every time, and occasionally causes the game to freeze. I have Revert Flights turned off and to keep myself from cheating I turned off quickloading as well. When I try to load a save I get text stating "Loading of saves is not allowed in this game." This is followed by the game freezing, and the icons at left of KSC disappear from the screen. Have had several crashes where when attempting to save, return to KSC or return to main menu the game stays at the pause menu and does not do any of those actions. I would like to know of any work around other than deleing this save file. My other save file is working fine, but it is only at save #4 or so. Also Xbox One only gives the option to delete all saved data, not individual save files. I still have the original game installed as well if this is cause for any interaction. Thank You -PixelGranny
  24. Sometimes, when I am in a suborbital flight over Kerbin, between 90,000m and 110,000m altitudes, the craft starts to rotate faster and faster in no particular direction. I have only seen this when using the Mk1 Command Pod. I suspect it starts to happens when I toggle between the map view and the spacecraft view at this altitude. I will try to find out more about what causes it... Anyway, thank you for bringing this brilliant game back to Xbox one EDIT: This is not a bug, this is me unknowingly pressing LB and moving LS, setting a trim.
  25. I cannot find any issues related to this, so I thought I would ask. Steam version, downloaded and reinstalled multiple times over the years. Always worked fine, until recently. Game loads up just fine; no hangups on the load screen at all. Main menu works, in addition to the other settings and such. Loading up the Space Center works as well, with no issues until I enter the Hangar/VAB or the Launchpad/Runway. Hangar/VAB: Cannot see the vehicle being built, at all. I can still select parts, and every menu and button works, yet all I see is a black screen Unless I mouse-over where the vehicle would be to see the highlighted part, I cannot physically see the vehicle. Launchpad/VAB: UI and instrumentation load up. Much like the Hangar/VAB, unable to see the vehicle itself, nor the scenery of the game. I can still launch the vehicle, and all the control are just as responsive, yet again: I cannot see the vehicle. It should be noted, that I can still view the orbital map mode, and the tracking station still works. I have tried to validate files and have reinstalled multiple times, but to no avail. No mods or anything. Kinda sucks, but has anyone had any luck or experience? Specs: Windows 10 (64-bit), i5-3230M CPU @ 2.60GHz, 8 GB RAM, GeForce GTX 660M. UPDATE: No progress made, but sometimes I have observed that when i revert a flight back to launch, for a brief moment I am able to see the craft and scenery before, once again, it goes black.