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Found 348 results

  1. today i want to install RP-0 i try it with CKAN but i cant because in CKAN the version of my game is 1.3.1 but in my KSP is 1.2 if anyone want screenshots to help me im in the RO sever in discord my name is SirNoobly
  2. please delete this post. I figured out a fix for my problem
  3. Dear all, I have been playing career in 1.2 for a while. I just went to load a ship and found there were none in the VAB list! There should be somethnig like 30ships listed there. The ships are in the saved games folder, so what has happend, and how do I get them back? Help! The Space plane hanger and subassemblies are not affected just the VAB Restarting the game has not fixed it.
  4. KSP Version: (Windows 7 x64), fresh install, fresh sandbox savegame. I keep this particular KSP install for such testing only. Mods / Add-Ons: All Stock Description: if there is a long enough part inside a cargohold that consists of two shorter ones, then drag is applied to the payload. (I think its because the game thinks that payload part is clipping through the cargobay. Although visually it is only clipping through its front or its back as it is longer than the cargobay.) I also think the problem is known. But I'm not sure. Also I'd like to know if it's gonna be fixed or not. The reason I'm reporting this is because there are many modded parts that are longer than the longest cargobay available. Fuel tanks for example. It also limits how one should attach their payload inside cargobays. UPD: not every part bugs. Incomplete list of parts which I've tested (yes = causes the bug): - FL-T800 Fuel Tank: yes - Modular Girder Segment XL: no - M-Beam 200 I-Beam: no - Mk1 Cockpit: yes - Orange Tank: yes - RT-10 Hammer Solid Fuel Booster: yes (omg i've ignited it inside my cargobay.. omg.. oh nevermind it didnt explode) As a lil' bonus I've also tested the situation when a small part is placed between two cargobays. It didn't bug at all (tested with 2x FL-T200 Fuel Tank). Steps to Replicate: 1) Create a plane with two connected short cargobays so they make a longer one together. 2) Put a long enough part inside - its length must be longer than one of the short cargobays. Example: two connected Mk3 Cargo Bays CRG-50 and an Orange Tank inside. 3) Attach additional parts like a Cockpit, landing gears and an engine (if the payload isnt a fuel tank - then attach a fuel tank too of course). 4) Launch the craft. 5) Make aero forces visible in parts' gui menu through the debug menu. 6) Open the payload right-click menu. 7) Accelerate and watch its drag. Result: The payload's drag isn't zero although it must be as it is fully enclosed. Fixes/Workarounds: - attach the payload differently (if there are multiple crafts or parts as a payload); - use different nodes; - use the largest cargobay available; - don't put larger parts inside Other Notes/Pictures/Log Files: Both Mk3 and Mk2 cargobays have this problem. I believe its an internal technical logic problem, not a bug. Its just how the game calculates drag. But still it is a problem. Craft files: Mk2: Mk2.craft?dl=0 Mk3: Mk3.craft?dl=0 Screenshots (the right part-menu reflects the payload on both screenshots): Thank you Squad for making one of the best games! No sarcasm involved. Bugs happen. (I believe there is no need to include logfiles. Will attach if Im wrong.)
  5. RabidMouse

    Insane Science in Career Mode?

  6. My North kerbin weaponry mods nuclear bombs have stopped working. It is only the bombs as nuclear rounds and rockets still work. I have tried deleting .dll's, re installing BD armory/NKW and installing different versions of each, as well as verifying KSP's cache, I would love to know if anyone can help with the bombs, as its really pitiful to see a tsar bomba hit the ground and spit out a tiny explosion that does nothing.
  7. I recently put a space station in orbit of the Mun, along with a few relay satellites. The next time I launched my game and went to the map screen, they weren't there. They were in high, stable orbits, and the icon list in the tracking station says that I have no stations or probes available. Using 64 bit KSP. Mods: KSP: 1.2.2 (Win64) - Unity: 5.4.0p4 - OS: Windows 10 (10.0.0) 64bit Filter Extensions - Toolbar - 1.7.13 USI Tools - 0.8.17 B9 Animation Modules - 1.0.5 B9 Part Switch - 1.7.1 B9 Aerospace - 6.3.1 B9 Aerospace - 6.3.1 B9 Aerospace Procedural Parts - 0.40.11 BetterTimeWarpContinued - Community Resource Pack - 0.6.6 CommunityTechTree - 3.0.3 CSIFreighter - 0.1.7 CryoEngines - 0.4.6 DistantObjectEnhancement - 1.8.1 Extraplanetary Launchpads - 5.7.1 Firespitter - 7.5.1 Interstellar Fuel Switch - 2.4.6 RasterPropMonitor - 0.28 Kerbal Attachment System - 0.6.2 Kerbal Joint Reinforcement - 3.3.1 KerbalAtomics - 0.3.5 Kerbal Engineer Redux - Kerbal Foundries - Kerbol StarSystem - 0.4.1 Kerbal Inventory System - 1.4.3 KSP-AVC Plugin - KSPWheel - Infernal Robots - 2.0.10 ModularFlightIntegrator - 1.2.4 NearFutureConstruction - 0.7.6 NearFutureElectrical - 0.8.7 NearFuturePropulsion - 0.8.7 NearFutureSolar - 0.7.2 NearFutureSpacecraft - 0.6.3 Kerbal Alarm Clock - 3.8.4 TweakScale - 2.3.4 UbioWeldingLtd-Continued - 2.5 Universal Storage - 1.2.2 KSP Interstellar Extended - 1.12.23 [x] Science! - 5.6 Logs:
  8. Yo, @bewing: I know you test all the contracts to look for any bugs, and I think I've got one for you. I accepted this contract to recover a module from solar orbit, but it does not appear in the tracking station. Sorry for posting this here. Not exactly sure how to go about posting bugs. I've never signed on to the bug tracker. Things like this happen now and then, but I just ignore it because it's not a big deal and doesn't really affect my game. However, I know that running down this kind of thing is what you do, so I thought you'd wanna know. I have the savegame if you want it. And apologies to Gameplay Questions followers for posting here.
  9. I remember this being the reason I gave up playing KSP on my iMac a year or so ago, and it seems the bug hasn't been fixed yet. In the VAB or SPH (but also sometimes while flying an active craft as well), the buttons are rarely clickable (they highlight, but clicking has no effect, sometimes it helps to hold the mouse button down for a few seconds, sometimes it doesn't), the scroll bar on the parts panel seems to get stuck to the pointer and not be able to click off it, the camera randomly spins and changes angles without warning, it's basically impossible to build anything. As soon as you line a part up (after managing to get it clicked and created in the first place) the camera starts spinning on its own. If it spins to the right, sometimes holding down the right arrow button for 3-5 seconds will stop it, but it'll start spinning again after a few seconds. And if you somehow manage to be lucky enough for the camera to stay still for a moment, then you can't place a part because clicking on the attachment point has no effect and it just drags around with the pointer. Posted this on the Modded Installs section since I have a couple of addons, but this problem persists with a clean install, with every update, doesn't seem to have anything to do with mods. Has anyone else encountered this problem? OS Sierra 10.12.16 Late 2015 27" iMac 3.2GHz i5 8GB RAM AMD R9 M390 2GB KSP version (OSXPlayer)
  10. I have a larger-sized SSTO with the LY-60 and LY-35 landing gear. I noticed that after the 1.3.1 update, if the craft is landed, and on any planet, if you accelerate time... When you try to come back to 1x time, the craft leaps off the ground a bit. On Kerbin it's not too horrible; although, if linked up to a station or fuel line it can trigger explosions. On low gravity worlds, like Minmus, it's obscene! The craft vaults off the surface a good 10-20 meters, and can really mess things up! The same thing will happen if you try to load a save game, the craft will leap off the surface. So my questions are... Anyone else have this problem? the event it might just be me and a few mods I have? (which are very few) Has it been a known issue for awhile and I just haven't noticed? Or was this a possible bug introduced with the 1.3.1 update?
  11. hi ! i think i have a glitch ,when i load on my lander (with my kerbals) i can't "quicksave "or save (echap + Save Game) but i can load (pressing F9) the button space center don't work (same with echap + space center , nothing...) and when i go on map i can't switch with other vessel but i can switch in front of me and voila.
  12. I've launched the following craft twice, it's got an antenna, batteries, and solar panels. Only after separating the first stage (solid rocket booster + fairings) it no longer is a valid unmanned probe. Note that the fairing is the root part. After rerooting to the OKTO and launching it a third time (no other changes), everything worked fine
  13. Can someone tell me definitively how struts and fairings in the stock game are supposed to interact? I recently found myself fighting against KSP 1.3.1 to keep my struts where I want them. The game seems to treat these interactions inconsistently depending on the order you place/edit parts, whether you use Undo, etc. Some scenarios I've observed on a recent craft I was constructing: Connecting struts before fairings built Works fine Connecting struts through fairings after they are built Works in the editor most of the time, except: Occasional inconsistency within symmetry groups e.g. Sometimes when connecting the end of a strut to a surface inside a fairing, even though the "seed" strut I'm placing goes right through the fairing, I notice the mirrored strut terminates prematurely when it hits the fairing surface. The ship in question is symmetric across the relevant planes so there's no good reason I can see for the behavior to be inconsistent. Manually placing the struts individually at the same locations, without using symmetry, works fine. Trying to strut from a part inside one fairing, to a part inside a different fairing, usually doesn't work. Varying behavior, either: The game simply "deletes" the strut when you try and place it Or the editor "picks up" the part you are trying to pin the end of the strut to, detaching that part (and its children) from your craft (very annoying). Or it works in one direction but not the other (e.g. see above spoiler). Not sure if this is intentional. If so, it's a pretty naive attempt to prevent prevent the player from doing this as there are many ways around it. I've noticed cases where if you've already set up a situation like this (e.g. by running the strut before the fairing was built) then it totally screws up your ability to place struts anywhere on your craft afterward. All new placements start exhibiting one of the two aberrant behaviors above (strut is immediately deleted, or picks up target part instead of pinning strut). When I started seeing this, it seemed consistently reproducible. Reloading the game / craft didn't help. You need to delete the offending strut(s) to make new struts work properly again. Disconnecting and reconnecting a fairing base without deleting / rebuilding the fairing Doesn't seem to affect struts that pass through it Undo / Redo DISASTROUS results - seems to trigger "regeneration" of all struts in a manner that makes them consistently end at the first fairing surface they hit. Launching from VAB/SPH Maintains strut connections / orientations from VAB? (I know older versions sometimes reoriented your struts sending them flying out at weird angles but I think they fixed this one). Loading craft in Editor Maintains the saved strut connections (no "regeneration" trigger). Loading / Quickloading craft in flight Maintains the strut connections the way they were on your craft when you saved (I think). Much of the red behavior feels buggy and ill defined. If it's the intent that struts aren't allowed to pass through fairings, then all of the above user actions (except loading a craft in flight) should act the way the Undo button does - i.e. trigger strut "regeneration" and check for collisions, truncating them at the first surface they hit. Otherwise, the Undo thing really needs to be fixed, as well as the edge cases above. I'd be OK with defining different behavior for struts placed before / after fairings are built (this would seem to offer the player the most flexibility as to whether they want to strut through a fairing, or to the surface of one) but then the game shouldn't go mucking around with previously placed struts which I connected before I built my fairings. If it does want to re-evaluate my preexisting struts for new collisions (e.g. when placing a new part that may intersect the strut), then maybe it ought to keep track of which collisions existed before the operation began so those can continue to be ignored when the operation completes (particularly when less straightforward actions re-trigger said analysis). I think that would result in a more consistent and predicable player experience, where KSP wouldn't shoot you in the foot later by "helpfully" deciding on a whim to rejig your struts. I don't know if this behavior is new to 1.3.1. IIRC from the changelogs it looked like Squad was doing some work with struts in 1.3.0 and 1.3.1. I generally avoided stock fairings and tended to use Procedural Fairings instead (which seemed to behave in a more deterministic manner). But when the new release dropped, I decided to try playing without mods for a while (for unrelated reasons: to see if mods or the stock game was responsible for some performance issues I start to see after doing lots of launch / reverts in a row). The only mod I had loaded when I investigated all this was Kerbal Engineer Redux (KER) and I'm pretty convinced it's not causing the problems. I am not submitting a formal bug report, I just want to know how things are supposed to work and whether others are seeing similar behavior. (If so, I'd love it if a QA person from Squad could pick this up and run with it from here. Feel free to move this topic to another forum if appropriate).
  14. So, I made a modded engine based off of the Mainsail. It works great! However, when I change the model to anything other than the Mainsail, the engine proceeds to: Turn on Make noise Consume fuel Produce no movement or drive plume of any kind No matter what I do, after changing the model, the engine refuses to show any sign of thrust or a drive plume. Right clicking shows that it is producing the correct amount of thrust, but it isn't moving the craft. It can't be a thrust-weight issue, because the drive produces 50,000 kn of thrust against a 3.75m fuel tank and a 1-2 Command Pod, both of which are stock. The debug console throws exception: nullreferenceexception object reference not set to an instance of an object over and over. Does that have anything to do with it? Anyone know how to fix this?
  15. Hello! I just downloaded KSP from Steam, and i wanted to start, but everytime it crashes. NOTE: I've no Mods installed, i started the game right after the download finished And here the Crash Dump file:
  16. I was unable to find any bug report thread, so I guess I'll just post here then.... With that out of the way: - In VAB the move tool generates multiple ghost handles when I move an object via the move tool and then try to click on any other object with the place tool selected. I can move them like normal handles, but only the "real" handle actually moves any parts around. EDIT: I discovered that I cannot use the place tool after this happens until I switch to the rotate tool and back... I am using the Editor Extensions Redux mod (hence the symmetry x11) which "does not support" 1.3.1. However, the mod works exactly the same as in 1.3.0 (with this slight tweak) and probably does not have anything to do with this phenomenon. I have not yet tested this in the SPH, more on that later. I'll edit this post with anything else I find, but that's all for now...
  17. Hugo Kerman

    KSP Glitch

    Whenever I start drilling it makes me go underground, then once i enter into "physics" i get thrown into the air On Ike Video Above P.S. Jebediah Died
  18. What in the world happened here? (I tried flying directly into one of the domes, bracing for a crash. Nothing happened, though.) These don't appear to be navigational zones. Nothing corresponding to them appeared in the Tracking Station. They did appear on the planetary map, though, as pink dots. I haven't encountered this issue before, ever. It was the first time I ever carried a rover with Lynx parts aboard a stock cargo plane. It may also have been my first airplane flight since installing KSP Interstellar, but it doesn't use any KSPI parts, nor did I see any pink domes when launching a rocket that did use KSPI parts.
  19. I currently am orbiting Duna with a probe containing several DMagic Science experiments. When i arrived on Duna i forgot to calculate how far Kerbin would be, so i cheated to extend the antenna's range. It communicates fine, but i cannot transmit science. i tried reloading but still nothing. [EDIT]-I fixed the issue by completely restarting the game.
  20. I am having some visual bugs with E>V<E and/or scatterer and/or sci fi visual enhancements. So basically there is a weird ring around the sun and i also have distant object enhancement and was looking at jool and saw that it too had the bug. I have included some screenshots so you can see what is happening. If you know what is causing this or how to fix it please leave a reply
  21. Hello everyone! I recently started a new career with the GPP planet pack. I have got quite a few mods installed, here is the complete list: I am on the steam build of the game. Here is the issue: I noticed my available Kerbals were disappearing of the astronaut complex, even if never assigned to any mission. The "lost" counter is still zero. Two Kerbals have already disappeared, and these two have never ever been assigned to any mission. Could someone help me fix this issue once and for all (apart from cheating astronauts into the game)?
  22. I am using realism overhaul, and I was forced to remove procedural parts in order to get my game to launch. Whenever I try to launch any vehicle, there simply will be no stage for my engine, therefore pressing space does nothing at all (except maybe deploy parachutes or decouple some nodes).
  23. I am having a strange bug where I just unlocked solar panels in carrer mode and the Engineer Report said "No Electricity Generated" even though I had solar panels. I checked the stats and i saw it said "No info". Didn't test it out, Might later to figure it out. Wondering if this is caused by a mod or something. Gamedata and Bug (Says no info as if the part doesn't work)
  24. Sooo, I am running 1.3 and have been playing ksp for quite a while. And when i wanted to test drive my rover the connection is completely fine in the beginning, but as soon as i start driving I lose connection and when I lose the wheels stop spinning. A fraction of a second later i regain connection because im not using the wheels and this ends up with the connection display flickering and my top speed being about 2 m/s This might be a bug. But how do I get past it? I even added like 5 antennas and it didnt change. Note: I am on kerbin, simply testing it on the runway.
  25. Its been a while since i used the subassembly function. But I made a lifting staged and saved as a subassembly. Root part is the decoupler. Then i add the subassembly to my upper stage and then the trouble begins. The subassembly clicks on fine and my craft looks done. But for some reason everything relating to altering the craft locks up. I cannot grap parts off the craft anymore, i cannot add more, i cannot click the action's menu, i cannot swap to crew menu. I cannot toggle snap or change symmetry anymore. Basically it looks like i cannot do I can click different parts categories but cannot "pick up" the parts, and I can use the menu to start new, load, launch etc. and I can change staging. Is this a know bug, or did something change since I last used subassemblies? Years ago.