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Found 5 results

  1. As some reports suggest, 1.5.1 still suffers from it... The infamous bouncing bug was mostly fixed in 1.4.1, however, in some odd situations it is reported to appear again. If this happens to you, you're welcome to try this mod. But surprisingly, there are reports that 1.4.5 has the bug again: Squad Bugtracker Issue #16159, note #19 There's a bug that was seemingly fixed in 1.3 and reintroduced in 1.3.1 - when you enter the scene with some vessels landed they jump up in the air (or in the lack of it). Bug #16159 If you don't experience it, just ignore this
  2. I just did a mission to Duna to save Jeb, Bill and Bob from an orbit around Duna. When I got all of them on board, I time warped to a transfer window back to Kerbin, but after the time warp I couldn't save my game anymore. I loaded the last quick save I made and time warped again, but after that time warp I still couldn't save the game. I then just went back to Kerbin and landed successfully, but I couldn't recover the vessel. I tried to EVA the Kerbals and recover them, but it still didn't work. Going to the Space Center, saving the game, going to the Tracking Station and exit to main menu, a
  3. I play KSP on a smallish monitor (1440x900) and when I go to the settings menu with a lot of mods installed, the Accept / Cancel buttons disappear off of the bottom of the screen and I have to restart the game in order to exit the menu. In order to change settings I have to move my computer to another room and plug into a 1080p tv. Just the restart takes 45 minutes when you have that many mods. Would it be possible for someone to mod the game such that the Accept and Cancel buttons be fixed in place on the UI rather than dynamically reposition depending on how many mods are installed.
  4. *** NOTE *** No problem reported for latest dev version, so I've made a public release There's a bug that was fixed in 1.3 and reintroduced in 1.3.1 when you enter the scene with some vessels landed and they jump up in the air (or in the lack of it). Bug #16159 I've tried to fix it by introducing one more simple mod. I heavily borrowed parts of the code from VesselMover, specifically, determining vessel's top and bottom points. The mod moves up the vessel that just went off rails little bit up (approximately by the difference between top to ground and botto
  5. This patch is for use with ModuleManager 2.6.24, available here: https://ksp.sarbian.com/jenkins/job/ModuleManager/113/artifact/ModuleManager.2.6.24.dll Patch file here: http://wikisend.com/download/269118/112GearFixer.cfg ModuleManager dll goes into the KSP/GameData folder. My config patch will work anywhere within KSP or it's sub- folders. What it does: LY-01 Fixed gear * Dramatically reduces sloppiness by increasing spring tension and damper. * Maintains the ability to construct science carts without jittering * Reduces tende
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