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Found 7 results

  1. Playing through a campaign after upgrading to 1.7.3... things were going swimmingly (pun intended) until my Kerbals splashed down from their first trip to Minmus in their nifty Mk 1-3 command module... which promptly plummeted below the surface, open parachutes and all, until the pressure limit was reached and the capsule exploded. (Really should be imploded, of course, but then it shouldn't have sunk in the first place...) I reverted to a quicksave and brought it down on land. Tried it again on a different mission, including jettisoning the heat shield; no joy. Reverted and landed on land
  2. Hey guys! Hope everyone is great today! I have a simple question regarding gravity and atmospheric density that maybe any of you would like to answer. What would be a combination of low gravity and high atmospheric density that would enable a 100 kg object (shape it the way you want - a flat panel will do) to remain buoyant above a planetary surface, floating in the dense atmosphere? I will specially appreciate equations showing the equilibrium of forces. Let me know if I am missing something that would hinder my assumptions. Many thanks in advance!
  3. I tried a quick look at Kerbal EVA buoyancy and found nothing. I need this for underwater EVAs since i use mod called USI Submarine Parts which gives player ability to construct and drive submersibles. If all operations are performed in IVA or by using available actions on desired part in external view mode, there are no immersion-beraking effects. And i remember seeing someone making a contract pack for using submersibles, so this idea will be useful to others trying this new exploration path.
  4. Any way to change the settings for the water physics? Or even a mod that allows such a thing? Specifically I want things to sink more.
  5. Greetings fellow Kerbogineer and Kerbonauts, First, merry christmas to all of you ! I have designed a seaplane - SSTO, based on a kerbin seaplane that met my expectations. During test and trials on Kerbin's water, everything went as expected : Front floaters have enough "clearance" to allow my boat out of the cargo bay. Then, while doing a few test on Laythe water (HyperEdit), found out that : As you can see, the plane now is much lower, despite having exactly the same fuel mass. As far as I understand, on Laythe, this craft should weight roughly 80%
  6. As per this thread, an interesting discussion arose around methods of calculating displacement or buoyancy of a craft. This got me thinking, would it be possible or a good thing now we specifically have the ability to splash around to have a displacement or buoyancy indicator much like COM COL COT indicators in the VAB and SPH to tell whether a craft will be positively, neutral, or negatively buoyant as we build it, instead of having to repeatedly test or do the math. Edit: It's just been pointed out to me that apart from a few limited applications (subs, underwater bases, and highly spe
  7. Recently, I have jumped into my 1.0.5 testing sandbox to test submarine designs to use in that sandbox or in the later game in my career save. I created two submarine designs over the weekend; a very small submarine that just fits into an Mk2 cargo bay (with part clipping into the bay walls, but with nothing poking through the outside), and a very large and elaborate submarine. As I was testing the large one, the SunkenSapphire Submarine, a cool exploration device that can also transport small submarines, I found out that despite the fact that about half it's mass is ore, it won't sink, and ye
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