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Found 3 results

  1. BURAN ENERGIA - NOW FULLY USABLE Craft is aerodynamically stable. Thanks to Alcentar for releasing the original mod. Cheers and Enjoy! Requires: Kerbal Joint Reinforcement , KSP WHEEL for Stock Game. For Realism Overhaul, ROEngines is required in addition. Recommended for Landing on Runway: Kramax Autopilot SPACEDOCK: https://spacedock.info/mod/2966/[1.8-1.12.x] Buran Energia Mod - 2.0 [RSS/RO Compatible] GITHUB: https://github.com/MyNameIsBorat/KspBuran I also made landing configs for Kramax Autopilot for powered landing of Buran in RSS/RO. Files are included in the Kramax Autopilot Folder inside GameData. Click "Load/Store Flight Plans", then press "Refresh" to load Configs. Current Runways Included: Satish Dhawan-IN R09 Cape Caneveral-US R09 Landing Demonstration(OLD VERSION): Landing Demonstration(NEW): SHORT : FULL : FAQ: Q. Is there any chance for major updates? A. no major updates, only patches and fixes. Q. Which Engines shall i use? A. rd 0120 for energia core stage ; rd 170 for first stage side boosters ; rd 58 for buran orbiter Changelog: 08/03/2022 : Naming convention fixed. parts will show now.
  2. This add-on adds details to the game to create the Soviet super-heavy carrier rocket Energia. The rocket is made according to a two-step scheme “package” with a parallel arrangement of four first-stage oxygen-kerosene rocket blocks (blocks A) around a central second-stage oxygen-hydrogen rocket block (block C) and an asymmetrical side arrangement of the payload. Due to its layout, the Energia is universal and capable of launching a payload weighing more than 100 tons (65t in stock) into near-earth orbits, both in the form of a reusable orbital spacecraft (OK) and in the form of independent large-sized payload. General form: Payload options for Energia in game: POLYUS BURAN ( Buran was made by the author under the nickname @DECQ , the author transferred all rights to it to me). BURAN_T CONTAINER Also, in the add-on overclocking blocks are included , DM and SMERCH. Interesting poster, can see how changed the style of the rocket and the spacecraft, the translation of the inscription "the evolution of the aerodynamic structure". The rocket is set up under stock, and also works together with RSS/RO (Buran in RO not working). Add-on included (FOR VERSION KSP 1.4.5): All add-ons included in add-on work with version 1.4.5, therefore I do not give any guarantee that everything will work for version 1.5.1, you may have to install new versions of add-ons that are included in this add-on !!! CommunityResourcePack KerbalJointReinforcement KSPWheel ModuleManager Add-on works with: RealPlume SmokeScreen BDArmory (need only for "Polyus"). Add-on requires !!! RealEnginesPack (Without it, you will not have the necessary engines and you simply can not use add-on). "Buran" does not fly well enough, but I can put it on the runway after a space flight without any problems, so I think that it is quite working. And please let me know if this works for 1.5.1 DOWNLOAD: https://spacedock.info/mod/2029/Energia
  3. I would like to see a buran mod for ksp that can work for rss 1.1.3 and 1.2.2 please i would like it to not be stocklike more realistic i might consider making it myself but i got a lot of learning to do in modding.
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