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Found 3 results

  1. My wife made me a mun cake for my birthday, so I joined this forum to share it with those who would appreciate it (other than our boys who appreciated eating it): My son said it was Minmus because that is the dessert moon, but clearly it is the Mun. Here it is with the candles: It was a delicious lemon cake and the "rocks" are rock candy. My wife didn't make the Kerbal - that's from Rinyrinri on Etsy. It's a Christmas ornament. More Mun cake photos on imgur.com
  2. This is where I try to see if liking cake and being good at kso have a connection.
  3. Finally, every Kerbal can enjoy grand(ker)ma's original Kartoffelkuchen! Download License: Do with this whatever you want, but please metion me as the original author.
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