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Found 4 results

  1. Everytime i try to install it mod doesn't work. Why?
  2. Hello there! I have downloaded multiple times the camera tool and installed it but it doesn't work... I have used camere tools around a year ago and there everything was fine but now (with newer KSP and Newest camera tool version) I somehow can't get it to work. Have you guys any clue why? or have I forgotten something so basic that I can't even think about it? Thanks a lot for your time and help :) Space Sheep PS: I just joned this forum, so I am sorry if this was the wrong thread
  3. Is there a mod that is supported or at least works in the newest versions that adds a cinematic camera? I have tried Camera Tools, but the icon just doesn't appear in the side menu. Any advice?
  4. I install Camera Tools mod, but I can't find any changes in my game UI, so, I don't know how to use it? maybe there is some hotkey that can active Camera Tools? This is list that is my all mods: EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements MechJeb2 scatterer Squad SquadExpansion StockVisualEnhancements ModuleManager.3.0.7.dll
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