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Found 2 results

  1. This is a continuation of Camera Tools originally made by BahamutoD and previously maintained by jrodrigv. It is intended to be used with the version of BDArmory continued that has been extensively built upon after gaining a surge in popularity from Scott Manley's use of it in Runway Project and is currently being used for Flying Circus, but probably works fine with other versions of BDArmory too or even without BDArmory. > Download from SpaceDock Source on GitHub License: GPLv3 New features in v1.25.0 New features in v1.24.0 New features in v1.23.0 New features in v1.22.0 New features in v1.21.0 New features in v1.20.0 New features in v1.19.2 New features in v1.19.1 New features in v1.19.0 New features in v1.18.2 New features in v1.18.1 New features in v1.18.0 New features in v1.17.0 New features in v1.16.4 New features in v1.16.3 New features in v1.16.2 New features in v1.16.1 New features in v1.16.0 New features in v1.15.4: New features in v1.15.3: New features in v1.15.2: New features in v1.15.1: New features in v1.15.0:
  2. Hello everyone, I recently download a mod (CameraTools) for 1.3.1 (the actual version of the game) and the mod just doesn’t work and I want to know if someone else have this problem Have a good day and save fly
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