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Found 2 results

  1. I've tried searching all over google, different mod websites, and so on, trying to find if a mod that adds a cargo bay with slots for things like escape pods exists. It would be like a normal fuselage/ fuel tank, but when deployed, a thin wall slides down and reveals the slots with the pods in them, in which the pods are then fired out of, thus escaping from the ship they launched from. An example of what I'm talking about (and where I also got the idea from), is in the beginning of Mass Effect 2, when the escape pods are launched from the burning Normandy Sr-1: If this has been asked b
  2. Hello modders. Is it possible to make a teleport pad? basically something like the size of a 1x1 structural panel. requiring one pad at the initial site and the second at the destination. setting/costs I reckon should be included/considered:: should be gated to at least Advanced Tech should cost at least qtr million to buy the tech or build within the build menus. requires the living to operate - no objects can me ported, only kerbals requires maybe 40k EC per teleport (must be stored-cant be generated) (battery banks). Max range - distance that isn't ov
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