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Found 2 results

  1. DaMichel's CargoBays (DCB) A payload parts add-on that adds round stock-a-like cargo-bays of various stack sizes and lengths with fold-flat door design. By zer0Kerbal, originally by DaMichel, and then by Bezzier adopted with express permission and brought to you by KerbSimpleCo CargoBays: 1.25m, 1.875m. 2.5m, 3.75m and 5m diameters, relatively stock-like. Comes in three heights for efficiency. Fits well to KWRocketry and B9 parts. The doors are designed to require less room for opening than a standard design made of a single door piece. Contains fifteen (15) stock-a-like stack cargo bays three (3) round stack sizes in five sizes with fold-flat (accordion) doors 1.25m diameter 0.5m, 1m, and 2m long 1.875m diameter 0.75m, 1.5m, and 3m long 2.5m diameter 1m, 2m, and 4m long 3.75m diameter 1.5m, 3m, and 6m long 5m diameter 2m, 4m, and 8m long View full album See More See our Parts Catalog for part pictures For more images, see our Marketing Slicks Discussions and news on this mod: See Discussions or KSP Forums Changelog Summary for more details of changes : See ChangeLog Known Issues for more details of feature requests and known issues : See Known Issues GitHub Pages : See Pages Youtube review by Kottabos Gaming Help Wanted Localization Installation Directions 1 Use CurseForge/OverWolf App (currently does not install dependencies) Whilst I agree CKAN is a great mod for those that can't use zip tools. I take no part, nor am I interested in maintaining the CKAN mod metadata for my mods. Please don't ask me about it but refer to the CKAN mod thread if you are having issues with CKAN or the metadata it maintains. Beware, CKAN can really mess up though it tries very, very, very hard not to. or Dependencies Kerbal Space Program 2 DaMichel Ltd (DM/L) Suggests DaMichel's AeroRadial (DAR) DaMichel's CargoBays (DMF) DaMichel's SphericalTanks (DST) On Demand Fuel Cells (ODFC) GPO (Goo Pumps & Oils') Speed Pump (GPO) TweakScale Supports Either 3 Module Manager Module Manager /L GPO (Goo Pumps & Oils') Speed Pump (GPO) TweakScale Firespitter Core (FSAnimate) Tags parts red box below is a link to forum post on how to get support Be Kind: Lithobrake, not jakebrake! Keep your Module Manager up to date Credits and Special Thanks DaMichel for creating this glorious parts addon! Bezzier for the picking up where DaMichel left off see Attribution.md for more comprehensive list Legal Mumbo Jumbo (License provenance) How to support this and other great mods by zer0Kerbal Connect with me Track progress: issues here and projects here along with The Short List this isn't a mod. ;P↩︎ may work on other versions (YMMV)↩︎ Be Kind: Lithobrake, not jakebrake! Keep your Module Manager up to date!↩︎
  2. Hi everyone, I have been playing KSP for quite a long time now, let's say that for my first Mun landing there was only one capsule available, no landing legs and trajectory was planned "start your de-orbiting burn when you see sun just touching the horizon" times. I was quite passionate about the game back then. Recently I had a relapse, and begun playing with SSTOs. And to be frank I'm clueless on the cargo placement in the cargo-bay / cargo-hold (using the larges fuselage). Some times it works, some times it does not: I want to place a satellite with a rocket propelled stage, consisting of probe body, some equipment, clamp-o-tron jr, TR-18D stack separator, one FL-T800 fuel tank and LV-909. I have made it all into one nit assembly part, and the problem begun. It just will not connect to the interior: to the clamp-o-trons, to the separators, when the part snaps in place, its rooted deep inside a fuel filled fuselage part - not even its bulkhead. I have tried re-rooting, moving (it unfortunately stayed rooted and it just was "floating" in the mid air, still being connected. As a last resort, I have tried to rebuild the entire stack in the cargo bay, but it ended up in with similar problems, the funniest one being the engine separating within the separator and leaving a gap in the satellite's placement vehicle. I have searched for some time on info pertaining to this exact problem, but unfortunately couldn't find it on forum / on Scott Manley's channel etc. I would be most grateful for any help on that matter.
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