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Found 2 results

  1. Welcome to the DX Motor Co. Car catalog! here you can find vehicles from a truck, to a car. (Prices not included) My KerbalX profile:https://kerbalx.com/Dexter_Nexter 1983 SWR "Sprinter" https://kerbalx.com/Dexter_Nexter/DX-Motor-Co-771-----1983-SWR-Sprinter 8600 Eastern Star https://kerbalx.com/Dexter_Nexter/DX-Motor-Co-8600-Eastern-Star KX-1 "Backlash" https://kerbalx.com/Dexter_Nexter/DX-Motor-Co-K-X1-Backlash-Truck "Kerbo" IS-90
  2. ***SPOILERS WARNING*** This thread may contain information about locations you don't want to read about on the forum, but would rather discover for yourself at your own pace. If you read on, please don't hold me responsible for giving anything away and spoiling your fun! Friends, I need your help. A few months ago I posted a thread suggesting that Exploration Accolades could be added to KSP as an encouragement to revisit worlds and launch different mission profiles, as well as have the game record some of your achievements. I still think this is a good idea, but I also recognise tha
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