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  1. Rational Resources is designed to operate on the Community Resource Pack or the WBI Classic Stock resources and to strip out the entirely random resource distributions and to apply distribution templates (carefully configured groups of resource distributions) according to the logically expected class and composition of a body. Rational Resources is inspired by Realistic Atmospheres made by @OhioBob and is part of the JNSQ (the planet pack) experience. While this mod is installed, un-configured bodies will have no resources at all (except for less Ore than by default). This mod may inflate your ModuleManager cache quite a bit. Notice that the logo image tells the following: Mun has a sizeable portion of MetalOre and Oxygen, but no Water (will be handled by biome specific config) and no Uraninite. Kerbin has a sizeable portion of Rock and Silicates, and there's a display for crust, ocean and atmo. Duna has a sizeable portion of CO2 in crust and atmo (not in legend), MetalOre, RareMetals and Uraninite, but no Minerals or Silicates. This mod enables planet makers to easily assign these distribution templates to their planet packs and skip the headaches of figuring out and writing the individual nodes themselves, and assorting all of their writings into several per-resource config files. Active CRP Resources Surface and Atmosphere Ammonia, CarbonDioxide, ExoticMinerals, Gypsum, LqdHe3, Hydrates, Hydrogen, MetalOre, MetallicOre, Methane, Minerals, Nitrogen, Ore, Oxygen, RareMetals, Rock, Silicates, Substrate, Uraninite, Water. Ocean Carbon, ExoticMinerals, Gypsum, LqdAmmonia, LqdCO2, LqdMethane, LqdNitrogen, LqdOxygen, MetalOre, MetallicOre, Minerals, RareMetals, Rock, Water. Star Ammonia, Antimatter, Carbon Dioxide, LqdHe3, Hydrogen, LqdDeuterium, Methane, Nitrogen, Oxygen, XenonGas. The resources above are preferred and used. are patched to display them all. Ocean resources only show non-zero values when the scanner vehicle is splashed. The Star series templates apply resource bands to a narrow and general classification of stars, automatically making them all viable as mining destinations for interstellar vessels. The expected members of this seres are: Yellow; Red Dwarf; Red Giant; Blue Giant. Due to a very nasty bug in stock, any resource bands around a star can only have a a maximum span of somewhere under 2 Gigameters. WBI Classic Stock system support: Rational Resources shows in the WBI play mode switch UI. (Picture needs to be updated) Assigning a template to a planet is as easy as: Current templates ISRU With omnipotent Ore being stripped of its Godhood, the following ISRU chains are proposed and encouraged for use by seasoned modders. Ore abundance is capped to 5% and its presence chance to 80%. It will be inconvenient for most players... but it will still be around. Ore tanks will be changed, at least, to hold the cryogenic input resources. Players may find themselves forced towards using Hydrolox rocketry since the required resources (Ore or Carbon Dioxide) for LiquidFuel may often be scarce meanwhile the requirements for Hydrolox (Hydrates, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Water) can be quite abundant. Compatibility Due to the listed resources and the nature of Rational Resources, compatibility instantly extends between configured planet packs and the following mods: Kerbalism (consumable resources only) TAC Life Support Near Future Tech suite Hydrolox rocketry mods (including BlueDog Design Bureau, Cryogenic Engines, Kerbal Atomics) Potential Methalox rocketry mods Some resources and their distributions are conditionally spared while the rest are removed. Spared resources include ArgonGas, XenonGas, but not Karbonite and Karborundum. Purged resources include Dirt (used by MKS alone but supplanted with more Rock) and any other mod that adds resources (and especially extremely handwaved ones) such as The Gold Standard. But a provision exists to allow such resources to not be purged. Requires B9 Part Switch for tank options Requires Community Resource Pack for the resources in the tank options DOWNLOAD :: GitHub :: SpaceDock Wiki :: GitHub LICENSE :: MIT
  2. Hello! As the name says, I need you to submit a Nuke that destroys things. Send pictures of it destroying KSC, and the Wilderness. Requirements are below. Bye! Requirements: 1. MUST BE NUCLEAR 2. MUST BE STOCK (No DLCs or Mods allowed) 3. Reaches orbit (Optional if you want orbital Strikes) 4. ACTUALLY DESTROYS THINGS 5. MUST BE IN VERSION 1.11.2 Thanks and ENJOY!!!!
  3. adsii1970's sandbox micro-challenges A couple of days ago I was asked on one of the Facebook groups if I would post some micro-challenge/mission ideas for those who are looking for some sort of objective in playing a sandbox game. I asked around as a profile status post to see what everyone's thoughts were. And after careful consideration, I've decided to create an entire thread of micro-challenges for those interested. I play with mods and expect that many of you do, too. Here are the mods which will make the micro-challenges easier for you: Kerbal Engineer Redux Mechjeb for all Kerbal Planetary Base Systems Stockalike Station Parts Expansion Redux Snacks! By no means do you have to complete the challenges with mods, you can complete them without mods.* And you can use other mods besides these. For many of us "older" KSP players, these challenges are pretty easy but still fun. For a newbie who is just getting the hang of the game, they can be challenging and rewarding. For now, the sandbox micro-challenges will only include the stock system. If there's interest in more development of the challenges, I will add missions which will incorporate the Outer Planets Mod. Each micro-challenge will fall into one or more categories. Each micro-challenge will come with it's own leader board and signature image. And every two weeks, I will release a new micro-challenge. You do not have to do all the micro-challenges posted; simply choose the ones which interest you. You are free to use the most recently posted challenge or you can use one of the older ones. Once you've completed the micro-challenge, simply post to this thread and share images or video which shows your progress and completion of the challenge - and be sure to include the name of the challenge in your post. On that challenge's post, I'll add your name to the leader board and a link to your post for others to easily find what was done to complete the micro-challenge. The challenges are rated on a three-tiered scale of an easy, medium, or hard challenge. There are a few followers of this thread who assist me in rating the challenges. If you are interested in helping me rate the challenge, send me a private message and I'll add you to the group. A description of the challenge levels are below: Rating Description These missions can usually be completed in one to three launches and require the very basic skills of spaceflight in Kerbal Space Program. These skills include rendezvous, docking, and achieving polar or circular orbits within the Kerbin sphere of influence. Some of these missions do include the designing of specialized craft to perform certain functions. These missions can be a little more challenging and while can be completed in one to seven launches, in addition to requiring the basic skills of spaceflight, landing a probe, lander, or assemble a station on a natural satellite or planet. These missions are hard and involve the construction of space stations, planetary bases, and such which should ideally be constructed in multiple launches and assembled in place. There are some who have provided feedback saying they intend to play these in career mode to make them even more challenging. That's fine - these missions are simply meant to be a springboard to help you sharpen your skills. Sandbox micro-challenges within Kerbin's sphere of influence: Kerbin Mun Minmus Polar Orbit Com & Survey Station Mün Arch Settlement micro-challenge Space station micro-challenge Mining and refining outpost micro-challenge Sandbox micro-challenges within the Kerbol system (excluding Kerbin's sphere of influence): Dres Eve Duna Polar (Orbit) Survey Probe Probe and lander micro-challenge Polar orbit research station micro-challenge
  4. In the provided save, with a single less than 10s burn, turn the "Moon Square" orbit into a "Moon Pentagon" orbit. Inspired by the @maccollo "Principia Mun Retrograde Square Orbit" during the afternoon of an 'at home from school not so well day', my son & I decided to see if a related "Square Retrograde Moon" orbit could be created in Principia RSS. Indeed, we found something similar that we could also manipulate purposefully with a single small burn at a specific time: In this 1st case, turn the "Moon Square" orbit into a "Moon Pentagon" orbit as shown in the images with a single less than 10s burn like we did (yes, that's a hint, & improvements welcome). We share this as an introduction of a thread to explore, discuss & share refined versions of this orbit as well as new saves of other intriguing orbits with the 'flight plan' of burns to reach them... Discovery either by blind fortune dragging Principia maneuver burn sliders or intricate use of KSPTOT 1.6.8 welcome! KSP version: 1.11.2 or 1.12.x Required Mods: Principia, RSS Optional Mods: RealScaleBoosters, SMURRF, KOS To load: download the "Moon Square Orbit" save create a KSP 1.12.x GameData with Principia, RSS load KSP & create a new save game, find the folder with the name you gave to that newly created save game on your hard drive & copy into that folder the "MoonSquare.sfs" Load the MoonSquare save as normal from the usual in game menu (e.g. from the Space Center screen) Find the craft in the Tracking Station & select it to fly. if you are unfamiliar with Principia here is a link to a post with some visuals & suggestions. Metrics: Orbit Uniformity & Stability (both improved revisions as well as your own original orbits welcome) Quality & Ease of the flight plan (the easier/simpler to execute the better) in the save you share discovery of a simple regular maintenance maneuver(s) would be a nice plus most importantly -- the fun factor: how much fun we all have exploring what you improve/create! Objectives: 1) Fun (with Principia RSS ;-) 2) hands on play with fascinating orbits, one barely new existed, with saves someone else took the effort to make 3) improve a save: create & share Principia 'flight plans' of maintenance burn(s) that make a given orbit more uniform & stable 4) make a new save (with a simplified mod list): and share your own flight plan for some type of cool orbit... Flight Plan to make the "Moon Square": requires RealScaleBoosters added to GameData in addition to Principia & RSS Here are some further suggestions: Some examples of additional orbits to explore: Near Rectilinear Halo Orbit (NRHO) "KSPTOT LVD: Added Halo Orbit Constructor tool (Tools -> Halo Orbit Constructor menu)" Arrowstar's post with details about this new tool (link) Lissajous orbit WMAP at Sun–Earth L2,[7] Earth-Moon L points Visual Data Mission ideas: place a station, gravitational wave 'telescope' (link), or comsat(s) at the stable Earth-Moon L4 & L5 Note: L3 is an unstable L point = requires small periodic maintenance burns. Images: source source source
  5. We don't know much about Eve. Let's change that. Evenera will require 3 relays in Eve orbit (must be able to get a greater than 50% connection to Kerbin 40 days after a transfer window) a lander, (must land on Eve) a rover, (Also must land on Eve), and a Gilly probe (Must land on Gilly). The rules are: no mods that affect gameplay and/or add parts, no Kraken drives, the cheat menu can't be used, 100% re entry heat, and normal Commnet settings. Entries will be judged by how many launches were used, how long it took (in game) to complete the requirements, how many parts the craft(s) were, and also bonus points if this is done crewed. When entries will be due is TBD.
  6. Welcome to my Elcano Challenge thread! Sit back, grab a few snacks, and enjoy. Circumnavigation 1 - Kerbin, equatorial (50/50 land and water) Part 0: Designing a rover that can actually rove Part 1: The journey begins Part 2: The first land crossing Part 3: Spontaneously exploding Kerbals and flags Part 3.5: More and bigger spontaneous explosions Part 4: No more explosions! Part 5: A quick sea crossing Part 6: Unimpeded progress Part 7: "Anti-lock braking failure" or "How to do cartwheels in a 32 ton vehicle" Part 8: Pushing on to Not-So-Unlucky Checkpoint 13 Part 9: Is this the end for the Centipede Rider? Part 10: The recovery team is on their way Part 11: Take the long way home Part 12: Take the long way home cont. - AKA Random parachute deployment Part 13: Jeb takes a drive Part 14: Great balls of fire Part 15: Tedmore takes a tumble Part 16: A full (rich?) day Part 17: Race to the sea Original introductory post, last edited July 14th, 2016 Hello everyone, This thread is going to chronicle my hopefully not too hilarious attempt to complete one (or more) circumnavigations of Kerbin. A little about myself: I'm still very new to Kerbal Space Program (16 days + about 2 months with the demo) and this will be my first long distance ground journey, so please enjoy the comedy of errors that will surely follow! I'm in my Junior year (6th semester) earning a Baccalaureate in Aerospace Engineering. Between that and my passion for aircraft, I've gotten reasonably good at designing aircraft and spacecraft in KSP. However I find my rover designs to be very... lacking. Especially my amphibious rovers. I'm hoping to complete an equatorial circumnavigation with as little deviation as possible, and then complete a polar circumnavigation. Originally I was just hoping to just complete one circumnavigation, but my 6th rover design was a real winner. Without further ado, I will get on with the narrative of my journey.
  7. Every year on the anniversary of the 1908 Tunguska impact (June 30th), people and kerbals from around the world celebrate Asteroid Day. On this day they learn about asteroids, their role in the formation of our solar system, the impact hazard they may pose, how we can use their resources, and how asteroids can pave the way for future exploration. This year, the KSC is holding a brainstorming competition in order to come up with ideas for future asteroid and comet related missions, but more importantly, to ensure the safety of kerbalkind in case of an impact. Here is where you and all the brilliant scientists and engineers around Kerbin come in: Imagine that you are in charge of the Planetary Defense Coordination Division at the KSC. You learn that an asteroid is on its way to Kerbin and impact is imminent. What would you do to prevent the asteroid from hitting Kerbin? To successfully complete this challenge, you’ll need to: Pitch an idea for a planetary defense mission against potential asteroid/comet impacts. Perform a proof of concept in-game. Use the game to test your idea. Post a video and/or screenshots on this thread to help sell your pitch. Vote for your favorite ideas by liking individual posts on this thread. Mods are allowed, but are not mandatory. You have until 4pm PT on June 27th to complete the challenge and submit your idea. Submissions will be reviewed by Asteroid Day judges Ed Lu (American physicist and former NASA astronaut) and Richard Garriott (Video game developer and private astronaut). The judges will select five of the most interesting or effective missions as the challenge winners. Challenge winners will be announced on Asteroid Day social media on June 30th. The five challenge winners will receive an Asteroid Day hat and patch. Good luck!
  8. I've been on vacation for two weeks, and it was fun, but I missed exposing my Kerbals to 100,000+ g forces and enough radiation to kill a human in milliseconds. I just got back home yesterday, booted up KSP, and forgot I had downloaded AfterKerbin. I went back through the planets, and I saw something peculiar while looking at Jool's future analog, Reaper... And I had to know; has ANYONE ever successfully landed and returned to orbit FROM Reaper? If not, does anyone have any plans to? Edit: Reaper is the future analog of Jool, with the about same atmosphere as jool, and ridiculous gravity.
  9. Life On Laythe science mission Premise: Life has been detected in the deep oceans of Laythe. Mission: Launch a science mission to Laythe, and return science data from the floor of the DeGrasse Sea. This challenge is based loosely on the movie Astronaut : The Last Push. Rules: The Science data must be the results of a Mystery Goo experiment collected from the sea floor (not the surface) of the DeGrasse Sea returned to Kerbin and recovered Two kerbals need to go to Laythe and at least one kerbal must land or splash down on Laythe’s surface The kerbals must launch from the KSC, and both must return alive to the surface of Kerbin for recovery No command chairs are allowed. The kerbals must reside in pressurized seats during interplanetary and atmospheric flight. The use of stock probe cores is allowed where it fits within the challenge guidelines. No ISRU is allowed. The launched craft(s) must have all the fuel for the journey to and from Laythe Clipping is not allowed, and all parts must be adjacent to another part. If you want to clip, and you think it is fair, ask me. Stock parts with DLC only. Mods that affect parts or game physics are not allowed. Cheats - Hyperedit, F-12 , file editing etc are not allowed Informational, flight control and visual mods are allowed (e.g. MechJeb, KER, Trajectories, Precise Node etc) Settings must be default, normal. Entry reheating must be set to 100%. If you change default settings, you are breaking this rule. Mission must be completed in less than 13 years from launch date Submission: The mission will be listed in order of submission. Please provide an Imgur gallery with detailed explanation, or a video. This should include an image showing science recovery from the Laythe seafloor, with the resource window open. This challenge is all about good reliable design, mission planning and game play. The following may provide a guide. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZIe2fWK85s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OiMW4Qtoj2g Special mentions for low cost entries. Any questions, feel free to ask. Good luck. Completed entries: @camacju16750 funds, ultra low cost entry . Amazing orbital mechanics! Uses EVA and jet packs and V1.11 EVA Construction to reduce costs @Brikoleur Zoë. A big SSTO seaplane lands two Kerbals on Laythe. Gotta love the hydroplanes and the cool Laythe probe. @Brikoleur Bak Billbo. A bigger SSTO seaplane with massive dV, single stage from Kerbin to a Laythe sea landing and back to Kerbin. @jinnantonixLife One. [video] Replicates the artificial gravity system and the space craft design used in the video Astronaut: The Last Push. @Death Engineering Apollo to Laythe - McDonnell Douglas Phase B 12-Man Space Station Launch. In DE's own words, incorporates some of the more far-out NASA concepts from the early 1970's, mixed in with a healthy dose of just plain Kerbalistic nonsense. Brilliant. . .
  10. This is a reboot of the original challenge made by @Jeb-head-mug kerman This challenge has changed many times in the 3 (now 4) reboots that it has had. I'm going to add a bit of my own flavor to it. The general rules will stay the same though. The Goal: The goal is simple. Build a plane that will go hypersonic. What is hypersonic? Well here is what the last thread said: So pretty much the goal is to get over 3000 m/s. In atmosphere and under 50 km. Some basic rules: No mods No cheats DLCs are ok No editing .cfg files All records must be while the craft is under 50 km. The apoapsis does not need to be sub 50 km. Switch your Navball to surface velocity, not orbital. (Not a disqualifying rule, just quality of life for me) Reentry heating must be at 100%. You can go above that but any less is not allowed. Leaderboard: Highest speed - Manned: @ColdJ 4043 m/s @Philae_Rosetta2021 3861 m/s @visor2580 3301.8 m/s @percyPrune 3228.1 m/s (Landed afterwards) Highest speed - Unmanned: @camacju 25606.46 m/s @Kerminator K-100 6252 m/s @ColdJ 4334 m/s @chadgaskerman 3067.27 m/s (Water landing afterwards) Waverider leaderboard: @camacju 25606.46 m/s Hermes leaderboard: @ColdJ 4043 m/s @Philae_Rosetta2021 3861 m/s @visor2580 3301.8 m/s @percyPrune 3228.1 m/s (Landed afterwards) Glider leaderboard: @chadgaskerman 3067.27 m/s (Water landing afterwards) Ballistic leaderboard: @Kerminator K-100 6252 m/s @ColdJ 4334 m/s You can complete the challenge in multiple classes, detailed below: Waverider: Hermes: Glider: Ballistic: Badges: Yes the part you've all been waiting for, the badges! They have been updated from the original and there are more now. Completing the challenge: 3500 m/s: 4000 m/s: 5000 + m/s: How to submit: Plenty of pictures or a video. Follow all rules Picture of your record and proof that you are under 50km
  11. Welcome! Glad you stopped by here, as some of you may know my space agency, CASO has launched the CSL space station (pictured below), it will server as a long term pitstop, lab and housing for kerbals. it currently doesn't not have a built in laboratory, which is where you come in. You are too create a laboratory to be mounted on the CSL! Rules and guidelines The lab must be 2.5 meters in diameter The lab must have at least 1 standard clamp-o-tron docking port The lab must have science (duh) No mods at all, DLC is fine All participants must send either a workshop link or a craft file to their lab. The lab must be compatible with the science level below: Judging will be based on Science equipment, Aesthetics, Features and functionality Deadline is August 1st The winner will have their module launched to the CSL Good luck! and may the best aerospace engineer win!
  12. Since building common bases on celestial bodies are boring (no, they aren't) I decided to challenge myself to build the most unique and awkward base type in the game. The Hanging Base, on the Mün. This 5 part playlist will guide you through the process of how was it made, the failures and an expansion. Finally, I take a look at Tylo's Cave... Take a seat and enjoy!
  13. GOAL: Build an asymmetrical aircraft that can take off and land horizontally. Use at least 10 parts and do not use any parts more than once. RULES: 1. You may not use any part more than once. This means no symmetry--no matched pairs of wings or any other item that has a right and left version. A right and a left lifting surface count as the same part (clarification: wings, rudders, elevators, ailerons etc). That goes for landing gear as well. 2. No reaction wheels or fly-by-wire. Internal SAS only, and bonus kudos if you can fly it with SAS off. 3. The plane must takeoff and land horizontally. No VTOL. 4. Anything else goes. All mods that do not alter physics are fine. 5. Keep in mind the spirit of the challenge. I cannot foresee every loophole. Be clever and innovative, but remember, this is about creating something unique using your building skill to achieve it. 6. Post photos, or if you can, video. 7. Impress your friends with this collector's item badge. The plane below does not technically follow the rules, since it uses some of the same parts more than once, but you get the idea of what is possible... It's on KerbalX if you are interested. https://kerbalx.com/Klapaucius/Pablo-Cubist-Dadaist-aircraft Also, check out @ZobrAz's FrankenPlane, which inspired me in my ventures into asymmetry in the first place. https://kerbalx.com/ZobrAz/abomination-Friday-13-FrankenPlane The video below that is some old footage of the Blohm & Voss BV 141, a German asymmetrical plane from WWII.
  14. Here is my submission for @Dr. Kerbal's Jool Diver Challange Here is the Launch In orbit Burning for encounter Visual Contact The Dive Going Home Near Kerbin Reentry Mac is back! SCIENCE!!!!!!!!!!!! Challenge Here: Did this mode: A Bit of Air: Go under 200,000m but above 199,000m and return
  15. Welcome to the KSP Original Design Competition, brought to you by @Servo and @HB Stratos! The Idea Servo came up with a challenge for his own to build an original design for each jet fighter generation. I was inspired by this and in collaboration with Servo we made background information/guoverment contract for each jet plane generation. The Contracts 1. Generation 2. Generation 3. Generation 4. Generation 4.5. Generation 5. Generation 6. Generation Transport Aircraft form various times Few rules Part clipping is allowed Craft File Editing is allowed Stock craft only No Making History Expansion How to win I can´t really say there will be a definite winner, but I will probably make a video on my YouTube channel featuring the 3-5 best aircrafts of each generation. How to submit your Planes You are allowed to submit as may planes as you want, but just one is also fine Template for submitting stuff, coupy this and replace with content to contribute. [contact no. xy] [generation] [author(s)] [craft name] [description] [pictures (max 3)] [Download link (if possible KerbalX)] HB Stratos over and out
  16. The idea: Make a manned mission that is capable of landing on ALL the inner solar system bodies (Eve, Gilly and Moho), and return back to Kerbin safely with all Kerbals alive and well! Similar to the infamous Jool 5, building things in Kerbin orbit with multiple launches and refueling them in LKO is allowed, but no ISRU's, refueling outside of Kerbin orbit, no glitches/Kraken drives and no major part mods (you can ask if a specific mod is allowed). Images/Videos are necessary if you want to prove your success.
  17. Hi. Just wondering if these challenges have been set before. 1: Driving up every building in the stock KSC without flying. I have done this using "Breaking Ground" parts. 2:Racing from as close as you can get to the highest point on Kerbin to the lowest point (under the ocean) in the shortest possible time without flying. This is a challenge I am setting myself. I am happy for people to change vehicles along the way. Something tough to get down the mountain. something fast to drive to the closest coastal point. A boat to get to the ocean coordinates and then fillable ballast tanks to sink. If you have Breaking ground" and 1.9.1 compatible Kerbals (eg wearing RCS pack and kit) I can provide a simple config file to add to Deployed science to add an inventory item found in the "Cargo" category that when equipped in the Kerbals inventory will allow them to walk on the Ocean floor without floating up. (Helmets on) Pre parking vehicles to swap to. Is fine. No flying machines. If your Kerbal dies on route you have to start again A pic at the begining that shows time and height. A pic at the end that shows time and depth. A couple of metres leeway so people don't waste time trying to get dead on. Hope this fulfills the guidelines and hasn't already been done. All the coordinate data can be found on forum. If anybody is interested, in 1.91 I found that subs suffer crush depth damage if they touch down at -1391 metres but a free diving Kerbal can survive.
  18. NOTICE: This thread is no longer countined. Please go to the link below. All submissions here will be transfered. How far can you go on monopropelent? Well lets see. To gain pionts you ahve to land on the planet or moon and return to kerbin. You may use propellers but no jet engines. You can only use electric and monopropellent (no ion engines). Maned 20p Robotic 10p Mun 2p Minmus 1p Duna 10p Eve 15 p Moho, Jool- 20p each Laythe-25p Tylo-30p Pol and Bob- 15p each Gilly and Ike- 15p each Eeloo- 35p Asteroid or Comet (Docked)- 40p Once your done please post a picture of you rocket or pictures of it landed. thanks and have fun! (No mods but yes to docs.) P equals point and post number of pionts
  19. THE 3,333 Meters of Delta V Challenge Welcome to the 3,333 meters of Delta V challenge. Im Dr. Kerbal and this is my third challenge I have submitted to the KSP community. In this challenge you are directed to build a craft in the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) or the Space Plane Hanger (SPH) with 3,333 meters of delta v or less. How far can you go? To the Mun? Duna? Eve? There are no weight limits on the craft or any size constraints. However you may not use any modded parts. Please use stock Kerbal Space Program parts (any parts from DLCs such as Making History and Breaking Ground are allowed). In the following paragraphs I will state and clarify more rules to make this challenge easier to participate in. You may ask, how do we calculate the Delta V. The delta v for each craft varies depending on each plant and space above a certain celestial body. Well, if you are reading this paragraph thank you. I will now list all the requirements and calculation of delta v. As I stated in the first paragraph your craft has to have 3,333 meters of delta v or less. However it needs to have 3,333 meters of delta v or less on Kerbin sea level. So on the launch pad or runway the Delta V readout must be 3,333 meters of delta V or less. Even if your craft has 4,567 meter of delta v in orbit above Kerbin but has 3,333 meters of delta v or less on the ground (Kerbin Sea Level) you are not breaking the rules. To sum it all up as long as your craft has 3,333 meters of delta v or less on sea level your craft is not breaking the rules. Propellers are very useful for flying in Kerbal Space Program. Please use stock propellers on your craft though. You may use a propeller whether electric or powered by fuel. However I would like to put some restraints on the electrical propellers. Since electric propellers can rechange using electricity this breaks the 3,333 meters of delta v challenge and purpose. I will allow propellers in the challenge however they can only be used 1,200 meters over sea level. This means you can use propellers under the altitude of 1,200 meters of delta v above sea level on any planet or moon. Once crossing the 1,200 meter line you have to drop and terminate your propellers. Weather decoupling them or destroying them. Since some people may ask about Ion engines and that they have unlimited fuel they don't. They need electricity and XENON GAS which is limited. So I will allow Ion Engines. Since you could propel yourself with tires, magneto boom, or robotic parts and create trust you could theoretically go up or create thrust. I will not allow these items to be used as trust to reach your destination. You may use these parts for experiments or rovers to explore your destination. Yes, you may bring science experiments on the challenge. May sure they don't serve any use for trust for your craft. You may not use Kraken Drives. Because Kraken Drives can give almost infinite range it goes against the 3,333 meters of Delta V challenge. So please no Kraken Drives or exploiting glitches. No use of the cheat menu. Accessing the chat menu could give you infinite fuel or hacking the gravity. Please don't use these things. No cheat menu. Like though you may use colliding into terrain to get rid of excessive waste. Like in Stratzenblitz75’s submission by gaining more delta v by getting excess mass. But for those who don't want to do that you have decouplers used to stage your rocket. You may use gravity assist off of any planet or moon. I will allow this and you can make unlimited gravity assists if you want. When it comes to mods there are some that enhance a ship and some that add planets and some that are shaders. I will only allow mods that enhance gameplay, shaders, Kerbal engineer, and the Outer Planets Mod. No Hyper Edit or anything related. You may not bring any way for refueling a ship. This means no ore tanks, drills (unless for science), and converter-trons. And also no cargo. 1.11 has allowed players to attach small fuel tanks to crafts. So you may not be building in space. You may not dock with space stations or other ships to refuel. Actually no docking at all. No orbital assembly either. You may only submit on craft. However if you are attempting an Apollo style landing you may dock with the lander and ship only. Nothing else. You may not spouse RCS trusters because people might use it to cheat DV read outs. You can use Kerbals or Probes. Those are the rules listed above in the 13 paragraphs. Now I will list the 5 rankings. Awesome! You made it to the Kerbin orbit, Mun, or Minmus and returned safely. The Kerbal Award of Cheapness! You made it to Duna, Eve, Ike, or Gilly and made it back safely. The Von Kerman Award! You made it to Moho or Dres and made it back safely. In The Name of the Kraken! You made it to Jool or beyond and returned the crew/probe safely! Impress Me! Impress me with a crazy mission by following this challenge. In Space of 3333: Launch a vessel with 3,333m/dv or less mesuered in a vacuum List of participants, crafts names, and rankings:
  20. I don't really post on the forums often, or at all. However, I'd much like to show off the smallest mission I've ever done I did this back in 2019 but I hope it's still worth posting now Could be wrong, but I may or may not hold some kind of record here it's one of the longest missions I've ever done too, in fact when the mission elapsed timer shortened the time to fit the years I actually thought I had somehow broken it Tell me your thoughts I suppose I'm still not super sure how posting stuff like this works so any guidance on where to put stuff like this in the future would be nice
  21. Hello Kerbonauts, this is The Guardian Squid Expeditions Finance Department! We've recently been "gifted" a duo of KeR-7 Launchers and a Koyuz MK-II connected to a third KeR-7. We need to quickly get these off of our hands and into space! We're tasking you with building an interplanetary spacecraft with a lander. You'll launch the Koyuz first and put it into LKO then launching two other payloads and rendevouz with them in orbit above the KSC to hide it from our competitors at the Woomerang Space Center who got two Munollo launchers. The payloads you'll need to build are a Reuseable Lander of any kind of fuel (No Kraken-Powers) and a Ferry Stage using any kind of fuel (Still no Kraken-Powers). You'll get to take your new craft as far as you like! The Craft: A Soyuz and R-7 Replica mated together for the challenge is available in my Steam Workshop at this link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2481446423. Rules: -Both DLC's are required to participate. -No Fuel Tank Part Clipping without taking a corresponding amount of Fuel and/or Oxidizer, Xenon, and Monopropellant. -You can however clip fuel tanks through the base of the Fairing (The part that you don't build). -No Engine Clipping unless it follows the rules regarding the Fuel tank clipping. -All of the Kerbals must return home to Kerbin. -Minimum Two Kerbals, Maximum Three. -The Koyuz can't be edited outside of the stated rules. -The Koyuz's Parachutes can be changed. -You can change the levels of ablator, monoprop, and Fuel in the Koyuz. -You can mess with the SRB throttle and fuel levels in the Koyuz descent module. -You'll modify the KeR-7 by removing the Koyuz and adding your payload. -You can remove the parachutes on your two KeR-7s. -You can only extend the faring by ONE meter either in radius or height. -You can't refuel your craft outside of the fuel and resources you bring in the three rockets you launch. -ISRU is allowed but must be mentioned in your submission. -You can leave debris in orbit but do mention it in your submission and how much. -You can remove the Launch Escape System on the Koyuz and your KeR-7s. -Feel free to use any number of gravity assists and waiting however long to go from place to place. -Badges will be custom made upon request after completing objectives. -Reference the Allowed Mods Section for later. Have a Question? Feel free to ask! Mods: -No parts mods, MechJeb is Okay. -AmpYear and it's Reserve Batteries are allowed. -Keep the Game mostly Stock (Physics and layout, but not Graphics) Objectives: (You don't have to reach/meet all of these!) -Start the Challenge! -Visit Moho (Orbit and/or Land) -Visit Eve (Orbit and/or Land) -Visit Gilly (Orbit and/or Land) -Re-Enter Kerbin -Visit the Mun (Orbit and/or Land) -Visit Minmus (Orbit and/or Land) -Visit Duna (Orbit and/or Land) -Visit Ike (Orbit and/or Land) -Visit Dres (Orbit and/or Land) -Visit Jool('s Upper Atmosphere) -Visit Laythe (Orbit and/or Land) -Visit Vall (Orbit and/or Land) -Visit Tylo (Orbit and/or Land) -Visit Pol (Orbit and/or Land) -Visit Bop (Orbit and/or Land) -Visit Eeloo (Orbit and/or Land) -Capture and Asteroid and Enter it into the Orbit of a Planet or Moon. -Use a Nuclear Transfer Module. -Use an Ion Transfer Module. -Use a Lqd+Ox Transfer Module. -Use a Nuclear Lander. -Use an Ion Lander. -Use a Lqd+Ox Lander. How do I Prove my Work? -Post a Video/Timelapse of your Missions! -Make an album with an image of each objective completed and another image showing the cheats debug menu showing. -The Album must include the crafts in the VAB, on the Launchpad, and all the other locations you've visited with the resources menu showing. (You can also post an additional image without the resource menu) Your Starting Badge! As a Reward for Participating, You'll get this badge! (Note: Feel Free to Resize it) Minor Advice from our R&D Division: -Little cheat for those of you who want to use the Dawn engine. The Koyuz actually has a small container of Xenon onboard that's empty that's only there for visual aspects. If you want to, fill 'er up! -If you need some design ideas, look for minimalist missions on YouTube. There are some really good ones! -You don't need a lander but it would count towards the ranking of your mission. -Maybe as a Transfer/Service Module you could use the upper stage of the KeR-7 with a larger fuel tank and some docking adaptors. -You could also use the upper stage as a lander. -Bonus points for always being connected to the KSC through direct connection. Leaderboard for the most Bodies with Gravity visited: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) Leaderboard for the Heaviest Asteroid Captured 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) Leaderboard for the Cheapest but Furthest Reaching Craft: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) Leaderboard for the Lighest but Furthest Reaching Craft: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) Leaderboard for the most Creative Craft: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5)
  22. Make a craft as small as possible, That can reach as far as you want but if it is kerballed then they should be able to return (extra points for that) Points system : 10 points for in the Kerbin system 30 points (+10) for near interplanetary destination, if you do duna and eve then you get 80 points total+ 10 points if used mun gravity assist + 10 for minmus encounter + 20 for ike / gilly . (so basically more than jool v) Moho/Dres = 40 points (+10) Far : Jool/Eeloo = 60 points (+10) Jool three (vall, laythe, tylo) (flybys) = 90 points (+10) RULES : No parts more than 0.625m category No ion tugs than 510kg (so it is allowed) No more than 125 parts Not taller than 17.5m Gravity assists are allowed but must be clearly shown in picture/video Clear screenshots of every Important event (burns, assists, staging, etc.) No mods enhacing your ingame capability (Mechjeb pilot assist, part mods,)(I mean till the point you use the stock 0.625m parts its totally fine) Only Kerbal engineer NO CHEATS IF YOU WERE SEEN CHEATING YOUR ENTRY WON'T BE ACCEPTED All screenshots/recordings should have the deltav counter visible NO KRAKEN DRIVES Must have a picture of all your stages in extra screenshots or in kronal vessel viewer Must tell in the post where you are going No cheaty drives (but you can use the decoupler drive to give a boost during ascent from kerbin) No planet packs (i mean ones that add more moons to planets like moho and gilly) You can add side boosters to your rocket (just make sure they are 0.625 m in diameter) You can have only 3 layer of boosters not more than 8 boosters on the layer. Thats all of them. (any extra rules put in comments) Leaderboard will be moved around the thread pages as updates. (you will get a custom badge for completing this challenge)(winners will get their own badges) LEADERBOARD : 1. @Weak Player with 150 points for (eve 40 points + mun 10 points + 10 points for kerbin orbit + 90 points for jool 3) 2. @camacju with 120 point for using mun gravity assist + eve encounter ( its very tough to get encounters and do gravity assists ) 3. @Stormpilot with 20 points for minmus landing 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. Enjoy this challenge! Here is an example : Can get to the moon/ minmus (Btw making history is allowed)(only making history) Patches : The Patches will be sized down and can be put in signatures
  23. This is a challenge where you need to build the most Kraken-ish rocket you possibly can and then try to get to Duna. RULES: Do not use any type of struts At least one stage of your spacecraft should be powered by a Kraken drive Do not use cheats Bring at least 5 Kerbals Mods are allowed, but with certain limitations. The mods that you use should not affect KSP's physics engine in any way. If you are planning to bring a rover, make sure that it can breakdance Don't forget to take screenshots along the mission, BADGE: For those who are looking for extra spice should land a huge doughnut at the North pole's pyramid on Duna.
  24. The goal of the challenge: Go to any star system in GU and land on all planets (including there moons, choose which system wisely!) there. Refueling is allowed ONLY in the star system you are exploring! Mods are allowed and you MUST have GU to enter. There's no prize as this is unofficial but you may do for the fun of it. RULES: Number 1: Ignore max temperature is the only cheat that is allowed! Number 2: GU Home Switch is not allowed as it puts you in the star system. You are also not allowed to use GodParts Mod and no editing configs! This is considered cheating and results in your submission being ignored! Number 3: NO FTL DRIVES (Rule suggested by @Grimmas). Number4: NO USING THE WARP DRIVES INCLUDED IN KSP-IE OR ANY ORTHER MOD BECAUSE THATS CHEATING AS WELL! Recommend mods: GU Parts (included in GU download), KSP-IE OR far future tech and near future tech and Deep Freeze if using life support. System rescaling (Larger only) and life support is allowed and will get you a better badge (if this becomes official). Please submit your submissions by the end of April please!
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