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  1. Hi all for a challenge thread of mine, Lightest craft to Orbit, one of the challenges is to create the lightest manned orbiter that is recoverable, so for my own submission I created this, and I thought I would share it with the spacecraft exchange. The Pram 5: It weighs in at a feather-weight of 2.821 Tonnes, can reach a ~71k orbit with 300 D/v left over for maneuvering, rendezvousing, and de-orbiting, carries a Single Kerbal, and can survive a shallow re-entry with the right piloting. There is a bit of room to shave off excess fuel in the first stage, the challenge was purely based on weight so it could be made a lot cheaper at the cost of a few hundred kilos, and its use is probably purely as a single crew-member delivery orbiter making not all that useful
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