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  1. I got a prompt on CKAN today to install a new version. My windows defender immediately started screaming at me that this was a trojan. This looks dodgy as hell so I'd suggest to avoid the new CKAN update. This is the alert I got from windows defender https://imgur.com/gallery/9cgGAFp
  2. I am on version 1.9.0 and I keep getting stuck on the loading screen while it says "Loading Expansions" Here's the console error. If you need the log file I can give it to you. No idea why this is happening but I am using CKAN with quite the amount of mods. I solved it I just re-installed some of the mods and it worked.
  3. I heard you wanna install mods. This will help you. Soon I will do a Module Manager tutorial, but CKAN in my opinion a very easy easy way to install mods. Steps: First, you wanna go to this link, and follow my instructions. https://github.com/KSP-CKAN/CKAN/releases/tag/v1.29.2 This will take you to something where you will see "Freedman" or something like that. Scroll all the way to the bottom. (This is mainly for windows sorry mac bros) Now, click on ckan.exe. Let it download, and then open it, it should be at the bottom like most .exe downloads are. Now, it might say like it was blocked fr
  4. So I installed some mods on from ckan and then deleted ckan for some reason. I opened up KSP days later to find out I rigged my whole game with random mods. I deleted the steam version of KSP and reinstalled it again but it still didn't remove the mods so could anybody tell me how I could actually remove ALL the mods from my game since I can see them in ckan?
  5. Launch Pad is a CKAN Client written for macOS. It allows you to download and install mods for Kerbal Space Program, including dependencies. If you play KSP on a Mac, and find it hard to use the official CKAN application using monodevelop, give Launch Pad a try! The app is still being developed, so while you can install most mods with it, you can't upgrade them right now. The app uses the original CKAN Metadata Repository, so all mods that are available on CKAN are also available in here. I'd LOVE for some adventurous Mac users to try it out and leave feedback though. Mo
  6. UPDATE: Thanks for the help everyone, realized my (kinda stupid :p) mistake almost instantly after the responses mentioned it. Going in to the settings and allowing installation for mods only compatible with older versions of KSP solved the problem. Case solved! Hello everyone, So after a long break i decided to get back in to ksp, and because i wanted something new i am trying a lot of mods. To make installing a lot of mods all at once easier i got myself CKAN, but a lot of mods don't have any checkbox next to them to install them, even though they are compatible with my ksp version
  7. This sounds weird, but when i uninstall KSP and delete anything from the steamapps, common folder, and then reinstall it, some stuff that is not included in the base game gets installed. This problem has only occurred with mods i have installed using ckan. i am not sure that i have fully uninstalled it, but that may be the case. pretty much, is there anyway i can delete any and all files that are used for ksp or CKAN so i can have a fresh, clean copy of KSP? Also, i'm using the steam version of KSP. Just wanted to clarify. These are also some pictures: https://imgur.com/a/uZaImRw
  8. I have a problem with ckan, when i download anything the speed at the start is enough to download 300kbs, but after that it just drops to a few bytes per second of download. i have restarted my pc as my router, and made sure i have an up to date version of ckan. my internet speed when tested was 50mbs/s. https://imgur.com/a/sbPjFRt dont know what to do, just wanna install the mods for R.O
  9. i just downloaded CKAN but already have a bunch of mods i have manually added. is there a way to add my already installed mods to ckan so i dont have to redownload all of them? or do i need to go through CKAN and match which ones i already have, clear the mods that are already installed in the game data folder and start fresh? also if theres a mod i have that isnt in CKAN, can i still leave it installed and it not mess with CKAN? or should i just keep manually checking all my mods for updates?
  10. I launch my game and B9 says it has a fatal error and its not meant for my version but its for 1.9.1. I looked on google and it seems like its been a problem in the past. Anyone know a fix?
  11. ckan dies every time i try to load one of my installs of ksp. - open ckan - select ksp 1.6.1 - - click dismiss. - command prompt thing lingers for a bit but then disappears. this only happens with my ksp version 1.6.1 mods: all mods installed with ckan, except cryo engines and tanks but this started before i installed them. Error! box text: Unhandled exception: Newtonsoft.Json.JsonReaderException: Unterminated string. Expected delimiter: ". Path 'available_modules.KerbalLaunchFailure.module_version['0.4.3'].download_hash.sha1', line 338121,
  12. Alright, for the last few weeks I have attempted to install CKAN on my Mac since I heard it was wonderful for installing add-ons, but it seems that every time I get even remotely close to opening it, something goes wrong. Now, I'm no computer wizard, but I followed the user guide and the install guide to the minute, but just cannot seem to open the GUI. I try opening CKAN.dmg, the icon appears for 1-second before closing. I use the directions for the terminal, nothing happens. At this point, I'm ready to just go back to manual installing even though it's much more tedious. Here are some of my
  13. This is on an unmodded, new KSP install. That is my only install. Latest CKAN version. Help.
  14. Buenas Noches miembros de la comunidad de KSP españa: Estoy intentando instalar el RSS/RO en la 1.1.3, pero al intentar instalar el Real Chute no deja y sale esto, CKAN.InvalidModuleFileKraken : RealChute v1.4.1.1 C:\Users\mi nombre de usuario\AppData\Local\Temp\tmp6175.tmp has length 2674850, should be 2674814 ¿ que podría hacer para que me descargara? Muchas gracias a toda la comunidad de KSP
  15. I have windows 10 installed and installed ckan to install RSS for ksp but when I open it says
  16. I recently booted up KSP again, and for the most part I have everything working. The one problem I have is that Precise Node (the mod) is not showing up in CKAN. This causes several downstream problems, most notably when trying other mods that conflict with it. CKAN does not let me install Precise Maneuver, for example, because it conflicts with Precise Node. Since Precise Node is not showing in CKAN, I cannot uninstall it through CKAN. I tried manually uninstalling Precise Node (removing the folder from game data), but even after a refresh or full restart, CKAN is still convinced that Pr
  17. Hi everyone, totally out of the blue (like 1 week ago it still worked) I am getting an error message "CKAN.ModuleNotFoundKraken" when trying to start Ckan. I have version 1.24.0. I tried to google for a problem but did not find a solution. Any help to fix this? Are there newer versions of this program? Regards, Chris
  18. I have been using CKAN on my Mac to manage mods and opening terminal all the time gets kind of annoying, so there it is, the CKAN.app It does one job, it calls the terminal and enters the code you would otherwise need to enter yourself to open ckan.exe Requirements: 1. ckan.exe (obviously) 2. latest/compatible mono install (obviously) 3. Latest macOS Sierra (not tested on other versions) 4.Your ckan.exe needs to be in the system "downloads" file (this can be customised with a bit of computer science knowledge, see GitHub wiki) (new update, new icon and this is no
  19. It says that i have mods, that i dont have installed, so i cannot install them EX: AD - Collision FX I cant install it, so if i click reinstall it says Module Colision FX is not installed
  20. Would be really handy for people who need to distribute really large mod files. I've had reports that CKAN cannot recognize such packages about three months ago, and there seems no mention about this in changelogs. Is this still an issue now?
  21. I am using two monitors, I need to type on one and to play ksp on the other. When I click over to the 2nd screen the game(At full screen) minimizes and then needs to be re maximized. I am needing a command or a mod to allow for a borderless window setting for the game like in other games.
  22. today i want to install RP-0 i try it with CKAN but i cant because in CKAN the version of my game is 1.3.1 but in my KSP is 1.2 if anyone want screenshots to help me im in the RO sever in discord my name is SirNoobly
  23. I actually found this out a couple of months ago on accident, and thought nothing major of it until recently when I badly had an urge to play stock again for its simpler plane construction mechanics, greater exploitability, etc. The question I have is this: Is it safe? I'm worried playing stock KSP (of course, not on the same savegames) while still having RSS, RO, and RP-0 installed may crash it, or corrupt my savefiles. Will it?
  24. Greetings, I have a new MacBook Air with an up to date version of OS X on it, and I haven't been able to run CKAN. I installed it through Mono as it says in the read me, but i just get a window that pops up for a split second. Any my help would be truly appreciated, thanks.
  25. I tried following the instructions for installing CKAN on my Mac (using terminal mono), but I can't get it to work. I am using a MacBook pro (Touch-bar) with OS High Sierra. Has anyone solved this issue? My goal is to get RSS up and running.
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