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  1. This would be a community collaboration to build a surface base and small space station on duna. The save will have restock mechjeb and tweakscale and both dlc and on version 1.10.1 and the save will be in a discord server https://discord.gg/r9BCnx
  2. It happened again. Those well-meaning kerbals up and forgot about their space program. Maybe they met evil alternate versions of themselves. Maybe they were blinded on the edge of the cosmos. Maybe their home was eaten by anomalies. Maybe an asteroid brought the mysteries of outer space to their doorstep. Or maybe they're just pieces in a game that nobody cared about anymore. Unfortunately, we'll never know because, hello, we don't care. Space? Whazzat? Years passed. Or was it days? Better mash that backslash, or they'll be the same thing. A new idea. A tale of triumph. A crazy, mashed together creation. A daring challenge for those who should know better. Something draws them back. Something raises the flags and fills the fuel tanks. Something new. Something glorious. A new story unfolds, filling in the gaps. To make space, the old is discarded. Thrown aside. Forgotten. - But this time, something remembered. R E M Ǝ M B E R A KSP Collaborative Game based on @Cydonian Monk's Forgotten Space Program (snazzy banner coming soon!) What is this? Forgotten Space Program is set in a world where the process of updating Kerbal Space Program has drastic implications for the Kerbals. Each version change resets Kerbin to a pre-determined time, right before the space program starts, but curiously, leaves all objects in space untouched. I had the idea to start a collaborative game similar to the Collaborative Station, in which each player controls the space program during one "cycle" of the reset process. Each player will start their game from scratch, building and teching up... until their turn ends, at which point Kerbin is wiped clean, their vessels in orbit become relics of the past, and the save file is sent to the next player. You can play as normal and come across the efforts of previous players, or somehow work together to preserve progress across resets. (This type of game may be better known as a succession game to some.) Some specifics include: The game will be lightly-to-moderately modded. It won't be computer-melting, but it'll be based on a few well known, stable mod sets. Interface or cosmetic mods (Scatterer, KER, Trajectories, etc.) can differ between players. I'll write some kind of program to take a savefile, extract the data for ships and kerbals, perform the necessary manipulations (such as changing kerbal names to avoid conflict or setting vessels to unknown). All you'll have to do to play is create a new savefile, and push a button. For obvious reasons, we can't have the reset cycle be the update cycle of the game. Instead, it will be a random amount of in-game time, determined randomly at the start of your turn. Somewhere around 2-5 years, it might be changed later. Either way, it's unpredictable and unchangeable. When the timer buzzes, your turn is over. (I think I can get Kerbal Alarm Clock to do that.) I'd like to check interest in this idea before starting it, however, so if you: Would be interested in playing a turn of this game Have comments, questions, or concerns regarding the idea Are a mod, and know the proper place for this post (fun fact: I have no idea where this goes. Challenges and Mission Ideas, because Collaborative Space Station went there? Mission Reports, because it'll be soon filled with (many) mission reports if it goes right? Fan Works, even though it's not a typical fan work? General Discussion, because that's all it is right now?) ...then please reply below saying so. If enough people want to play, I'll replace this blurb with a full intro post in a few weeks. What is the modpack going to be? Notes: KSP Version 1.8.1 for now, might upgrade later No DLCs! (I don't know how to turn them off so someone else will have to find out) The 1.9 version for Near Future Technologies is back-compatible. Download the latest version. If it's taking too much RAM, you can delete the IVAs folder in Stockalike Station Parts. It's optional. Multiple mods might bundle different versions of ModuleManager, check in your GameData and delete all but the latest version Uses about 2.7 GB of RAM on my computer. Make sure you're running KSP 64 bit. What's that weird E symbol in the title? That's a turned E. It's supposed to be an approximation of the logical symbol for Existential Quantification, and represents "for one". It denotes a statement that applies to at least one object in the universe. It is specifically contrasted with Ɐ, the symbol for Universal Quantification, which represents a statement that applies "for every" object in the universe. Essentially, if you can't remember everything, at least remember something. ...in all fairness, I just threw it in because it looks cool.
  3. Hello everyone, and welcome to my latest overambitious forum project: EMULATING REAL LIFE IN KERBAL SPACE PROGRAM This idea was conceived by me, @TheEpicSquared, and my friend, @Oliverm001x. Description and information of this project CURRENT UNIVERSAL TIME OF SAVE Year 1, Day 61, 0h, 0m CURRENT LAUNCH MANIFEST RULES (IMPORTANT! READ CAREFULLY!) INFORMATION LAUNCH PROVIDER INFORMATION PAYLOAD PROVIDER INFORMATION INFO REGARDING THE GOVERNMENT LIST OF LAUNCH PROVIDERS LIST OF PAYLOAD PROVIDERS CRAFT SUBMISSION THREAD KSP: EMULATING REAL LIFE YOUTUBE CHANNEL MOD LIST (SUBJECT TO CHANGE) CREDITS Thanks for reading this far. If you have any suggestions, they are gladly welcomed. Post it in this thread or PM them to me and/or @Oliverm001x, and we'll see what we can do.
  4. I am building a really random space station and need help to think of ideas for it. I got the idea off "Matt Lowne "Collaboration station"" (pronounced mat lan) Don't feel bad if your idea is too ridiculous or has already been logged as an idea. instead be proud of it. just think: you've managed to make something too ridiculous even for me. or you had a good enough idea for it to already be logged. BTW, we've got stuff like cat repair droids and lawn mowers, you should find your idea accepted (unless it's not ridiculous enough. then I will make it a bit more interesting.) R.I.P fingers died from typing
  5. "Kerbol is so ...Bright! - and in the beginning there was light, infinite light! And in that infinity how could there not be divinity? And if that divinity was at the beginning of everything, how could there not be divinity *in* everything?!?" So Valentina had answered the reporter's question, and now the press was eating it up. Her cheerful seemingly naive voice giving breath to the channeled hopes of a whole world desperate to explore and learn, and echoing the deepest beliefs of Kerbal kind. Jebediah the veteran test pilot was consciously keeping to the background, allowing the brilliant Academy graduate her chance in the sun. He had not been that way at the start though. In the blockhouse he had walked up to Gene's side as the early count-down checks were made and whispered, "what the hell Gene??" Gene had only spat out "not my call." Jeb was stunned, and ticked- but not for the fact that someone else was going to be the first Kerbal in space. Gene was beyond ticked, gone somewhere into that broad plain beyond it where you have to go to to get your job done. The huge stack- far taller than any other rocket they'd yet constructed- had been halfway to the pad when they'd discovered the problem. The probe core wasn't responding. In fact, no-one could find the certification documents from its installation- and the implications of that were just mind numbing. The contract would be in jeopardy, and things were still at the desperate edge in year 3 of the Program. Calls were made to the capital, and discreetly - though loudly - word was passed down that this launch would go forward. So, instead of helping to take notes to write the flight manual, Valentina had climbed into the cockpit with 30 days of hastily assembled supplies taking the place of the loaded dead-weight. Gene now rolled into Mort's office the day after Valentina's recovery- he knew he was coming, so he didn't bother to knock. Not that he would have today anyway. He tossed a handful of papers on Mort's desk as he hung up his phone. "If this happens again I'm quitting Mort. No, I'm not quitting, I care too damn much. But I'll sure has heck not stand for this again! In what was supposed to be our first unmanned test of our orbital capsule, SOMEONE forgot to install the probe core. With 2 hours to go and the rocket rolled to the pad, someone in Civil Authority orders that the launch proceed- which bless her soul Valentina cheerful jumps at! So instead of observing and "shadow piloting" the mission in safety, she flies the mission. She had to manually fly the pod down, because son-of-a-gun it wasn't neutrally Stable! And thank Jool the parachutes were calibrated adequately!" "Mort, we can't let anyone outside this campus run our program!! They give us funds, then shut up and let us work. That's it! That's their deal, and they have to Get that!" Mort looked again at the bristling kerbal standing in front of him. Did Gene have no understanding of how real world functioned? Those with funds were far and few in between. And those with funds to spare were even rarer! "Gene, lets assume you repeat what you said right now, albeit in a slightly civilised manner to the Civil Authority committee meeting tomorrow. Lets assume they are genuinely concerned about the safety of their beloved Kerbonauts and vow to take action. Are you with me till now?" "Yes, I am! But thats not the point! Someone has -" "And lets assume they launch an enquiry!" Mort raised his voice."Do you know what they wil find? They will find negligence by the VAB workers, who answer to Werhner! He will be implicated, no doubt. Don't forget, a brilliant rocket scientist he may be, but Werhner still has lots of enemies. Then the fingers will point towards you, dear friend. For you are the de facto leader at KSC. With you and Werhner gone, KSC will detoriate, further giving excuses to the Civil Authority members to cut funding." "Do you think you have a lot of ground to stand on? The KSC is your responsibility! And so are the constituent facilities. Best case, they will ask for your resignation for your incompetency. And worst case, you will be tried in a criminal court for negligence of kerbal life." Gene stood perplexed- "Mort, this can't go on! We can't risk our people like this!" "Of course not Gene. This will not happen again. You will have some words with the VAB workers and Werhner, while I will catch a flight to the capitol and sooth ruffled feathers. Quite a lot of people are upset that we are 'ignoring' safety of our crew. And then, we will forget all about this exchange" His wrath somewhat doused after having been correctly re-directed back at his own house, Gene returned to his own office where he soon after received word of changes to Program procedures. No longer would the engineers and flight directors simply be choosing whatever project or contract they wished over coffee and donuts. Every 6 months there would be a Corporate Ratification And Proposals meeting, at which the Program would lobby for their desired choice of direction, but the final call would come down to what the people would be willing to pay for- civilian oversight, from the finance wing. While swallowing this bitter pill, Gene started collecting the documents he needed to have at hand for his other set of new instructions- to deliver a summary and survey of Program equipment and progress at that first ...C.R.A.P. meeting. ...It was going to be a long night...
  7. Preamble. Good morning all. I have an idea for a collaborative story, a format that has worked on another game forum I spend some time on, and I am curious what those who value "story" here would think about it. The general premise is that "my" KSP is ready to attempt a manned (balled? no, can't do it) Duna flight, but that some major decisions need to be made about the program and a "proceed" call made. It strikes me as a moment in my game's history when some artistic drama could occur. So what I am asking here is if anyone would be interested in participating. What I envision is writing up a "history" of things to get the story to this point, then lay-out the present situation by having a main character (probably Gene) give a presentation and then open the floor for discussion. Other writers would then "introduce" their characters at the meeting, and we would all weigh in on the topic and debate. Eventually the meeting would conclude, and I would then "pay-off" everyone's participation by chronicling the ensuing mission(s). At this point I am only proposing this as a possible story- it will depend both on feedback and health (a faint concern), but at the moment I feel highly inclined to proceed. First post would probably be next week. So, would anyone be interested? (For what its worth, the following event occured in the same game, and would be part of the discussion's history;)
  8. X-Plane of the Day The collaboration series is back, and this time, it's a nearly 12-week issue of virtually every American X-plane from the Wright 1903 Flyer to the X-37 reusable orbiter, with extras! If you are unfamiliar with ___-of-the-Day type series, @Servo's Jet-of-the-Day is the origin of this format Specifically, this thread showcases the KSP replicas of contributors who signed up here: Temporary: There are still a few open slots---If you want to take on an Aircraft/Spacecraft, keep your thread traffic in the OPEN SIGN-UP thread. ABOUT THE ARTICLES: if you would like to write an article for your craft, you can. If you go this route, (1)Send it to me (PM's), or (2) tell me (in whatever way is most convenient) that you would like to make the post; I don't wanna steal 'likes,' per se. Articles should follow a loose formula: include basic info and a data table of the actual craft, everything else is creator's discretion. Current Contributors: @dundun92 @KenjiKrafts, @MiffedStarfish, @Munbro Kerman, @NotAnAimbot, @NorthAmericanAviation, @qzgy, @Servo, @swjr-swis, @TheEpicSquared, @Triop, @Yukon0009 To start things off, we begin with the first flying heavier-than-air machine From @swjr-swis November 1903: Wright Model 1903 Flyer Using knowledge of Otto Lilienthal's studies in lift and Samuel Pierpont Langley's studies in thrust production, brothers Orville and Wilbur Wright began experiments with a biplane kite in 1901 on the dunes of Kill Devil Hills and Kittyhawk, North Carolina to devise a method of controlling an aircraft, soon to be known as wing-warping. All three major points of flight---control, lift, and thrust---would come together on December 17th, 1903 to produce a 120 foot long (36m), 12 second duration flight of a heavier-than-air machine, the first the world would ever see. It would spawn unbelievably rapid development---almost 50 years later, mach 2 would be surpassed. The only conventionally controlled surfaces were those affecting yaw and pitch; roll authority was given by putting torsional stress on the wings, also known as "wing warping" swjr-swis' craft description: " EVA the pilots and walk onto the top wing above the command seats, they’ll be in range to board them. Stage to eject the separators that hold the prop rotors. Focus on each of the props and add full roll trim. Enable flaps (gear AG), set SAS stability, and stage to release clamp. She will lift off around 40m/s without inputs. (Optional: wait to clear the runway and stage to release the wheelbase). Flight is easy and stable (even without SAS, ~5% pitch down trim at cruising speed) but be aware that like the original, pitching too hard can cause her to flip over very easily. Happy first flight(s)." " The Kerman sisters, owners of a machinery factory near the KSC, inspired by some old faded blueprints of an ancient flight mobile found in a cave nearby the KSC, decided to test its airworthiness." Download Link: https://kerbalx.com/swjr-swis/Kerman-Flyer Tomorrow's Craft: Bell XP-83 "Airacomet"
  9. "X-Plane of the Day" is on the horizon! @Servo and I are at it again, but this time we're reaching out---to you! X-plane-of-the-Day is fairly similar to Jet-of-the-Day, found below, but with some additional elements A quick browse through the first page will show the post formula and general format of our(Mainly @Servo's) '___-of-the-Day' type thread In this new iteration of the format, we are reaching out to you, the enthusiast, for your quality replicas of American experimental aircraft, prototypes, and tech-demo type craft The roster can be viewed here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1pxbH4AyQhn62Rb5ZNawKfkscsO47rq4DhVh1xgbJJqY/edit#gid=0 Criteria: Aircraft/Spacecraft must possess, if possible, the same characteristics tested/manipulated/created in the real craft. Ain't no fun if it don't do what it's supposed to, now is it? ---More specifically, the main focus of the experiment, if any. The X-1 broke the speed of sound, the X-3 tested sustained supersonic flight but failed due to lack of thrust, the X-4 tested tail-less flight, the X-5 tested variable sweep wing geometry, etc. If there's some variation between your craft and the original craft, we'll overlook it to a point. This shouldn't be too hard. Another Ex.- The X-29 is a high-maneuverability test aircraft, defined by its design's inherent instability. (It should be noted that there is a great deal of leeway for flight characteristics---some are hard to model, like 'aero-elastic' wings.) Aircraft/Spacecraft should be aesthetically pleasing. It should resemble the real deal. If the real plane is ugly, the KSP model can be ugly, of course. Aircraft/Spacecraft must be stock! Aircraft/Spacecraft must be uploaded on a site from which anybody may have access to the .craft file. Ex. KerbalX.com Aircraft/Spacecraft are mostly of U.S. design/origin Two to four pictures must be used of the craft in the post, at least one of the real craft. A video is fine, as well. How to Sign Up: PM myself or @Servo with two to four examples of your works. We will evaluate what we see to decide if you make the cut. You could just post here, as well---If you want to show pictures, the WIP Design thread in The Spacecraft Exchange is a better place to show them. Consider spoilers! Keep communicating with us---we'd like to know that you know (We don't bite, either.) Your Goal as a Contributor: Create up to 5 craft to be featured in "X-plane of the Day" If a craft is not on the list and you really want it, post here or PM me (to avoid spoilers) and it will be added of it meets the criteria If you don't want to make the post in the thread, I will make an article for it. (Ex.- The SR-71 post in Jet-of-the-Day.) Myself or @Servo will write the articles, your craft will be linked to and showcased with pictures, etc. Note to Mods --- I put this here despite the proper showcase thread belonging in The Spacecraft Exchange when it happens. Move this around as you wish.
  10. The Jet-of-the-Day Collaboration A collaboration between NorthAmericanAviation and Servo Recently, @NorthAmericanAviation and I have been working on replicating every U.S. military jet, from the first P-59 Airacomet to the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. We will be posting one a day, in the order that they entered service, along with photos, information about the plane, and of course, a download link. June 1943 - Bell P-59 Airacomet The Bell P-59 Airacomet was the first U.S. Jet fighter to see production. It was first flown in 1942, and the first production models were delivered in June of the following year. Test pilots, including Chuck Yeager, flew the P-59 and found it to be unsatisfactorily slow, though they noted that it flew very smoothly. Ultimately, the P-59 never saw service due to the multitude of problems the design faced, including slow engine response time (accurately modeled by the Juno engines on the replication) and lateral instability. In order to disguise the P-59 from aerial reconnaissance, a plywood propeller was used to prevent spies from realizing that the P-59 was a jet fighter. Despite these shortcomings, the P-59 was a pioneering jet in many aspects. It was the first jet to integrate the engines and intakes into the fuselage - prior ones such as the Gloster Meteor and the Me 262 carried their engines in nacelles under or on the wing. Additionally, the experience the U.S. gained with turbojet design would be shown in later fighters, such as the F-59's immediate successor, the P-80 Shooting Star, and later, the F-86 Sabre. Replica Stats: Builder: Servo Service Ceiling: 10km Part count: 71 Crew: 1 Mass: 9.5 tons Powerplant: 4x Juno Top Speed: 140m/s Dimensions: 4m x 11.7m x 10.2 m The P-59 flies pretty well, though like the original, it is a bit clunky. Due to the engine position, it is slow to respond to pitch controls. Additionally, the rear landing gear are almost directly above the center of mass, so landings have to be really gentle. Apart from that, the P-59 is really easy to fly, stable without SAS (given a little bit of trim), and at high time warp without too much trouble. Download Link: https://kerbalx.com/servo/Bell-P-59-Airacomet Tomorrow's craft: Lockheed P-80 Shooting Star Find the spreadsheet with all craft here
  11. I'm looking to make some relatively simple structural parts. Just plain cylindrical tubes with attach nodes on each end. A few straight sections, and a few small bends. Like these, except solid. Who wants to model them? I'll do the textures and .cfg and whatnot. I'm thinking 10cm diameter, or whatever the width of the "PB-NUK" RTG body is, minus the cooling fins. Seems an appropriate size. I want to use them for roll cage pieces for rovers, and landers. And as just a nice addition to the current structural pieces... That could seriously use some uniformity. We could then, of course, release them as a simple mod. Should be relatively future-proof, being simple structural pieces. But I'd be glad to manage any upkeep, if necessary. Anyways, the punch-list: 10cm x 1m tube, straight 10cm x 5m tube, straight 10cm x ? tube, 45* 10cm x ? tube, 90* 10cm x ? tube, 135* (Not necessarily in order of importance) Anyone down to help? EDIT 11/23/16: Work is under way, thanks to some help. In the meantime, I trimmed the fins off the RTG, effectively, and so we have an example. A poor one, but hell. I just wanted to share . THIS IS NOT REPRESENTATIVE OF THE INTENDED MOD, just a mashup of barely working stuff to kinda show off how useful this might be to rover fans.
  12. Hello everyone! I am planning on starting a series of collaborative mods to replicate vehicles (space, ground, and air) from both Halo and Star Wars. What this means is: I need to know who's interested. So, if you're a modder (modeler, coder, texturer, etc.), and you're in, please tell me in the thread below: 1) What you do (Modeling, coding, texturing) 2) What you've done (Rookie or experienced, with a list of mods you've worked on. Don't let this discourage you if you're a rookie, though. Rookies are welcome.) 3) How much you can do (Devotion to project) This is intended as a way for rookie modders like myself to work with and learn from experienced ones, while simultaneously making an awesome end result. Thanks everyone, and may the mass times acceleration be with you!
  13. Me and a friend of mine have been working on a Orzammar/Gondor (Dragon Age: Origins / Lord of the Rings) like castle, and I've decided I'd like to see more people help make it bigger and better. I know, asking for help on Minecraft on a KSP forum which is almost complete PC (and or master race) is stupid, but I've heard bad things about the Minecraft forum, so I'll steer clear and make this request in a friendly environment I can trust. If you can help, let me know and I'll let you know when I can "host" this server and you can help Lastly, if you know a way to port the map as is to the PC version, let me know. Or if you want to remake the map in the PC version, again let me know. Yes yes I know porting from Xbox 360 to PC isn't *exactly* possible since the PC has infinite worlds and the Xbox 360 doesn't. I'm aware, but maybe someone made a port which can, idk, just an idea. So if you want to help, let me know. If you want to friend me on Xbox Live, I'm ZooNamed. Just shoot me a PM on Live and tell me who you are and that your from the forums wanting to help.
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