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Found 25 results

  1. UNDER CONSTRUCTION Download on SpaceDock, Github or Curseforge. Available on CKAN. MoarKerbals (MK) Populate your colony in space! adopted for curation by zer0Kerbal - Originally created by strideknight Kerbthulhu Kinetics Program's MoarKerbals Populate your colony in space! This mod installs a Klone Bay that you can use to replicate new kerbals wherever you feel like. It takes a fair amount of electricity, and when combined with USI's MKS mod or TAC Life Support, it will require biomatter as well. There is a small chance
  2. Welcome to the release thread for the Deep Space Surface Habitat Unit! DSSHU Update 1.10.1 is now available for download! This was inspired by NASA's ground-based Deep Space Habitat Demonstration Unit. This pack consists of 3 deployable ground-based habitat units. All units have optional compatibility with Kerbal Inventory System, Tweakscale, Connected Living Space and your choice of life support mods; USI Life Support, TACLS or Snacks! Individual habitat features: Habitat Unit 1: 5m expanding habitat Science laboratory Funct
  3. Welcome to Upsilon Upsilon is a colonization project of where we colonize the whole solar system and more. We make bases, relays, cities, and outposts! Here are some good things: What do you submit: You can submit ANYTHING, Rovers, bases, relays, satellites, spaceports, you name it, you can do it How do you submit? It's actually quite simple here is how: Where do you go to fly in the colonized system? Download saves from the upsilon website It is not recommended to download all the crafts in the kerbol system. As there is so much it will
  4. Floating colonies in ksp 2 Links: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BI-old7YI4I&t=808s Size comparison
  5. Laythe. A land of extremes. Slung around a far-away gas giant in the outer reaches of the Kerbol system, the ocean planet hangs in the cosmos as a jewel for colonization. Deep, expansive waters interrupted only by ignominious freckles of sand paint the planet a pastiche of the aquatic and the arid. Under a blanket of atmosphere, the world sits shrouded in clouds and mystery. It is the only other planet suitable for kerbal life. It will become home to one very lonely kerbal. The Kavalier Mk VI launches on a mission to land a kerbal on the water planet, Laythe. The first
  6. Just a few hours ago, a new PC Gamer article went up discussing Colony mechanics (and Kerbal reproduction, but only in that it is something too horrible to disclose, apparently.) https://www.pcgamer.com/kerbal-space-program-2-dev-reveals-how-baby-kerbals-are-made/ JUICY Details: Colonies will start out with set deployable modules that you will land on a planet's surface. Once deployed, it sounds like you can then use the Building Assembly Editor (or BAE for short... nice) to add pieces to your colony. At first, you can only use parts that you have brought with you from Offwo
  7. We should start a challenge... Let's see how many people can colonize Eve WITHOUT MODS! RULES: 1. NO MODS 2. YOU MUST HAVE A COLONY OF ATLEAST 10 KERBALS THERE 3. YOU MUST SEND THE KERBALS BACK TO KERBIN 4. YOU MUST SHOW PROOF! I am doing this in memory of the Reddit Challenges! :)
  8. Once I recieved a tourism contract that required to build a space hotel capable of holding up to 50 kerbals... 50 KAAAARL! I started to try various superb station parts pack, but was not satisfied by any of them, as none contained parts that were capable of holding at least 25 kerbals in one part. And also none looked like "hotel" (of course, these are space station parts ). The only mod that looked close to what I wanted was "struggling to survive" Civilian Population. And eventhough Civilian Population is cool I personally wanted to have it's parts with stock only functionality. Th
  9. I would really like to build a colony, but I am not sure how to build it or how to put it in place. I would like to put it somewhere pretty like Jool, which has many moons to expand on and has Laythe which would be a prime place to put a colony, since it is likely that Kerbals could evolve to live on Laythe. I am not sure if I should bring up my colony parts one by one, or just build a colony ship. How do I get a Jool transfer? Is there anywhere better than Jool to place a colony? Why does SpellCheck want to correct Jool to Joel ? If anyone with more experience with planetary bases and se
  10. Previously, on “The 100”, you flew 100 colonists to Laythe to establish a bright and explorative future for all of Kerbal Kind. With the first outpost established, you will be able to explore the outer planets much easier, starting with Jools various moons. Buzz Kerbal, one of the colonists transported to the colony, had been given a special mission to build a small VAB facility on Laythe. He couldn’t build a very big one yet, but he has managed to gather enough resources to fabricate a few basic parts for you to use. Valentina and Bill are on site to aid Buzz in gathering materials
  11. Laythe has air and water. We believe it's about time it had life too. You've been tasked with the momentous mission to put 100 Kerbals on Laythe. "The 100", as we have so named them, will all be specially trained colonists. They are not to become a part of any ship crew and to ensure this, we have designated them all tourists. There is a colony structure already in place. Just dock with it and load them in. You'll have 8 years. This is the first episode in what will probably become several (not sure how many though). There is a main mission, and several side jobs that will be thrown at yo
  12. Here is a basic scenario: Mars is a habitable tundra-cold desert planet with a habitable atmosphere with a similar composition and pressure to Earth's. Different biomes cover the different latitudes: Poles+ Subarctic: Ice caps Temperate: Tundra Tropical: Boreal Forest, Dry Grassland- sometimes wetter temperate forests where climatic conditions make it possible. There are human- like Aliens of similar technological level to nomadic American first nations in 1000AD. They are of common biological ancestry. The year is 2100. We have the capability to col
  13. This is the W.I.P thread for the Guardian micro-colonies. We design affordable options for living in space with comfort and satisfaction. Who needs a big bulky colony ship that wipes out your entire budget, when you can make yourself an affordable and efficient home! WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY INJURIES OR DEATH CAUSED BY LACK OF ANY SORT OF MANUAL CONTROL.
  14. Currently in my sandbox playthrough I'm colonising Laythe. I use extra-planetary launchpads and a plethora of other mods. At what point do you think I should allow myself to spawn in a kerbal konstructs launch site? I was origionally thinking after I surpass 200 on-world residents. But I figure I need more requirements as that seems a little too easy. I need more input. Like, maybe how many drilling facilities should be required? Or how many trucks/transport vehicles should I have?
  15. I thought I'd make a thread highlighting some of the the problems that future mars colonists might face. The first problem that would need to be overcome would be how the colony would be re-supplied until it became self sufficient. Re-supply missions might take as long as 16 months to reach mars, deliver its cargo, and return to earth. Unless a new engine technology were perfected, such as EM drive, a large fleet of re-usable spacecraft would need to be built to re-supply the colony. Another problem is more on the moral side. Assuming the colony was built, what kind of laws would be made to pr
  16. Note: This challenge requires skill be warned! Gilly, among other things, is small, really small. Making a city there will be really hard, because of the very poor gravity and high inclined orbit. But it's possible! What you have to do to win the challenge: A functioning solar power station (No more than 50 solar panels) A hotel/dormitory holding at least 35 Kerbals. Fuel Tanks SSTO Fueling Station landed on gilly (Needs to be having an Advanced Grabbing Unit and has connection to the fuel tanks) Mining Station Have it connected to each module (Opt
  17. The great Red Empire shall rise! Welcome to the Duna Empire challenge! The queen of the city-nation of Redna is planning a great project: Sending her entire city to the planet of Duna. Growing tired of being a small country with a small territory, she now funds this project to have an entire planet to herself! 1: You must use USI Kolonisation, and TAC life support. You may use other mods as long as they don't make it easier or let you cheat. Planetary bases is a nice one to have. 2: You must use [1.2] 3: Make a 20+ Kerbal city on Duna, near the equator. Buildings
  18. Here's a challenging challenge I kinda just made up outta the blue: Perform a trip to Eeloo in a single vessel of your choice carrying equipment to deploy a permanent, self-supplied colony (Kerbal housing, rover(s), drill(s), sensors, all that stuff). Note that I have not succeeded in this myself, but it should be possible. -Easy-ish version: Deploy the colony on Eeloo. -Hard-ish version: Deploy a self-sustaining colony on Eeloo, and deploy a satellite into stable Duna orbit on the way. -Hard hard version: Drop a self-sustaining colony on Eeloo, deploy a satellite into orbit aro
  19. You know, I've been thinking around, its so cool the main fact that you can visit any planet, land on it and take of all the way to home... yea thats the issue, what if I want to stay on a planet? there's nothing to do with it, I could make a base and that would be pointless, and I was thinking this while I was playing an other game when the light hit me, I don't have the time to create such a big mod, but it would fit into KSP thematic and it would be just thrilling and exciting to design a vessel the best you can and create a base, it would have sense, so here's the idea.... First of, t
  20. Day 1: I launched the first 2 Landers, one was a comms station with a lab, the other was a living capsule, they launched 4 men. Us. Day 3: We landed and set up the panels. Day 10: We have sufficient food to survive for a few more weeks. Day 11: We've sent a rover, it landed and we have more food, enough for 108 more orbits, according to base. Day 31: We found an old Mining module and sent it to attach to the rover. Day 67: We got an orbital satellite and more food. Day 100: Mining is working, we have more water and fuel now. Day 365.9: We can see the firewo
  21. Reading about Scott Kelly's year in space I realized I would not be a happy space camper. My main weakness (aside from totally not being an astronaut)? I love cooking and eating fresh food too much. I couldn't make it on space grub. Why wouldn't you be able to live in space?
  22. The Challenge: Find an asteroid that's class C-E, and redirect it into a stable orbit between Kerbin and the orbit of the Mun. Name it whatever you want. RULES -MechJeb is permitted, but only for the boring parts (e.g. catching up with the asteroid). You must launch the rocket and redirect the asteroid without MechJeb. -Asteroid size may only be class C, D, or E. Class A and B asteroids are not permitted. -No mods where that will make this really easy (I'm looking at you, Hyperedit) and no warp drives or OP engines. Also, only use F12 if ABSOLUTY NECCESSARY. MODES
  23. Greetings, So there are a small number of great awesome modellers out there but the parts they make have processes in them that I dont use. I am thinking about a contest for "Kolonization" parts similar to the old MKS in design, made such that they are in correct scale to the size of a Kerbalnaut. If you are a candidate and have 'Kolony' buildings out there that I have not researched for yet, here is your chance to shine ! The winner gets a MAJOR exclusive in my KSP Universe: to have all their habitat modules used for: Manufacturing, Living, Greenhouse...NOT STORAGE; subsistance only
  24. Asteroid mining is pretty cool, planetary resources is doing it (http://www.planetaryresources.com/#home-intro) (Or trying to anyway) Around the 2020s, and last year, congress passed a law saying Asteroid miners can profit from their resources (http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/new-law-paves-the-way-for-asteroid-mining-but-will-it-work/). But I want to imagine a bit farther, imagine Planetary resources goes on schedule, and succeeds in putting mining equipment on a NEO, now go 30 years out and imagine a small manned outpost is set up on Ceres (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mining_of_Ce
  25. We've talked about putting near-term colony's on the Moon, Venus, and Mars (Especially Mars), but where is the Outer moon colony love? Personally, Titan would be by far the best outer solar system colony.
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