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Found 11 results

  1. So firstly the centre of lift it is slightly slow to refresh I'm guessing this is far doing calculations. My main question, I am building a plane using realism overhaul and realistic progression, with FAR. I would like to my centre of lift to be above my centre of mass to utilise the pendulum affect to stabilize my craft. My com is slightly below my col, When I raise the Wings to the top of my craft the com moves with the col. Granted the Wings have some weight I'm using procedural parts. So I emptied the Wings fuel tanks and lowered the mass strength muilplier %. Thinking this would
  2. Hi guys! I am a fairly new player, but a very addicted one haha. I started playing KSP just by curiosity and now I can't stop playing. Anyways, despite I only have half my science tree unlocked on career mode, I decide to design a new "kinda" rover that could land and move across the surface of the moon. The idea is to carry the thing to the moon with a big rocket, cancel the horizontal velocity with the last stage and then descent only with the rover as vertical as possible, using the lateral engines to cancel gravity. As I said, I am new and is my first attempt to do something like thi
  3. TL;DR: is this generally considered a "don't do this" type of thing for spaceplanes, or just a tradeoff? Hi, I've been refining a Mk3 "do-everything" spaceplane for a while now (all science, ISRU, amphibious, etc.) and I'm wondering if I'm making a mistake with the balance. The default CoM is very stable and just a tiny tiny bit forward of the CoL, but I understand that although these being very close makes the plane more maneuverable, it also makes it more vulnerable to loss of control. My question is: is this generally considered a "don't do this" type of thing for spaceplane
  4. Hi, i think this would be an invaluable tool for all of us, if we could see real time inflight CoM and CoL, is it possible?
  5. Well, after hours of testing, reading, and testing again, I am still having a really hard time understanding the aerodynamics. Previous post: Even though my previous post was ironically the only ground drag issue that came into the equation with trying to make a stable jet, I'm still trying to build a stable jet. Rather, understanding how to make one that is. I know CoM, CoT, and CoL, but I don't understand their results. There are numerous claims that if the CoL is behind the CoM, then the rocket will be stable. KSP wiki: http://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Cente
  6. OK, so a picture is worth a thousand words: Obviously, the center of mass for this craft is...a little off from the center of thrust, and at anything better than nominal thrust it starts spinning like a top. It -started- with a lot of RCS fuel, but it's mostly empty now and there isn't much by way of SAS on it....all things to add on my next design. Now, it's held together with 3 Advanced Grabbing Units, but I can only seem to get one of them to flex properly. In theory that's probably enough to move the CoM over the center of thrust but it would be a lot easier if I could get the
  7. I'm designing an Eve launcher but I'm having problems while testing it on Kerbin. I'm using asparagus staging, with 3 booster groups. 2 with aerospikes and the last one with "LV-909 "Terrier" Liquid Fuel Engine". But when the half of the first tank gets consumed, the rocket always flips. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, since the COM is always below de middle. Here are some pics that hopefully will help you to understand the problem, as you can see I have tried with diferend pods to make sure it was not a drag problem: http://imgur.com/a/opUs4 Thank you very much, I need to
  8. A simple debug feature (much like how f12 shows drag/lift) that would display the CoL, CoM, and CoT while in flight. This would help with spaceplanes because you could adjust fuel levels to balance it out or watch how it moves in flight.
  9. Something I've never really accomplished is building a reliable shuttle, so I set out to do just that. I've already done some test flights, but it's far from stable. The issues stem from the orbiter's aerodynamics which I can't figure out. The vehicle is completely stock except for the docking assembly in the forward bay, but here is the craft file with the assembly removed (it brings the CoM just in front of the aft docking port): https://www.dropbox.com/s/xyv532298gm371q/Shuttle%20Orbiter.craft?dl=0. I can't figure out why the centre of mass is so far back and why the centre o
  10. To get the COM to display I have to click the COM icon three times then it appears like it was just having a kip. Any ideas what might be causing it?
  11. Barrrrry


    Hi all! I've been creating rover designs recently. I have made a few, but my main problem is the lack of ability to go up steep inclines. Any tips? Thanks in advance! -Barrrrry
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