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Found 11 results

  1. It's another Apollo-Soyuz Test Project mission! This is somewhat less a historical replica and more a bit of Cold War comedy. There are a few surprises along the way--see if you can discover them. I hope you enjoy it! For extra immersion, grab the Apollo-Soyuz mission patch; drag the Flags folder within the mission to your GameData folder. Download from KerbalX Known issues: (Note that I started and finished this mission before I played Lupi's excellent version. Both are worth playing!) Comments and constructive criticism are welcome.
  2. "Comedy Videos 2017" These Threads get old after a while so I gave this one a date, this will also help for memories sake. I don't want to post just my videos back to back so I will only post one and then another at a later date so we can scroll through different videos of other players. I'll start with one and hope others will only add one at a time also. Post a Comedy Video if its old or new.
  3. I've recently got back into KSP, and I've set myself the goal of eventually reaching the moon. I figured I'd record some of it and share it with the KSP community for giggles.
  4. step one Build a rocket. step two. Forget to revert to VAB to add parachutes. step three Launch your rocket. step four ????. step five Watch as your kerbals die due to no parachutes. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Feel free to add more steps.
  5. Water Spider Special Thanks to KerbalsAreKute & MajaeV @MajaeV Thanks for the request of this Video!
  6. The Revamped Stories of Bill Kerman (And Bob and Val as well!) Chapter 1: A Financial Crater It had been 3 years since Jeb left the KSC in disrepair. After an accident left the VAB in ruins, the space program began losing governmental support, and money was running out fast. At that very same time, Jebediah Kerman, the chief test pilot, set out on a mysterious journey, off across the Kerblantic Ocean, where no kerbal had ever flown before. "I will be back, he assured everyone." And, 3 years later, Jeb still had not returned. Like a firework going up in the sky, and leaving no trace of an explosion. The KSC is in ruins, and only a miracle contract could possibly save it. It would seem that Jeb had abandoned the Kerbal Space Program, to leave it in ruins forever... But did he?
  7. Because of a misunderstanding of the message I made this is now closing due to the lack of visitors. Sorry for the inconvinence!
  8. Contents 1. Meet Gilly Superstation 2. The trip to Eve (+1 Stowaway) 3. Reaching Gilly (and Traumatizing Bob) 4. Visiting Gilly (Orbital Drop Kerbals) 5. Bonus Missions (Scans, Flags and Rescues) 6. Back to Kerbin (with Explosions!) 7: Epilogue: Meet Excalbur (tiny resupply ship) 8: Epilogue 2 (Epilogue Harder) ------ Sequel Mission: Duna Ultrabase 1 ------ Just had to show this off... Have you noticed how, as you reach the higher tiers of career mode, your ships inevitably end up looking more and more awesome? This is my current career mode mission: the contract was to put a 12 Kerbal station carrying 6000 liquid fuel and a research lab into an orbit around Gilly. I call it the Gilly Superstation, because I'm not very good with names. That's it in the middle: the thing that looks like a cross between a station and a giant space shuttle. I'm not sure why I went for that cockpit, but I don't regret it for a moment. The whole mothership is going to be trying to achieve three other missions while it's there: * the little Xenon Probe at the very front will be aiming for a specific contract orbit, also around Gilly. * the winged return module will be bringing 5 of 7 Kerbals home after they've planted a flag on Gilly for experience. The other 2, both scientists, will be staying at Gilly Station 1 to continue their research. * The Gilly Superstation itself, after achieving the contract, will use some of that spare fuel to put itself into a polar orbit about Gilly and do a surface scan. Further down the track, once work out how mining bases work, Gilly Station 1 will be the primary refueling base for all Eve missions. I spent about 80% of my funds on this monster, so it had better work. It's got some odd phantom forces coming from the return module and trying to make it pitch gently, but it's quite stable so long as SAS is left on.
  9. During my Man Lift Project I found a few clips that I was recording that seemed to be funny and I thought this would make a funny short film, give it a chance I think you will enjoy it! GOING UP!
  10. After being demoted from rockets, the following recounts the epic tale of loss and hardship to build my first working jet.
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