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Found 7 results

  1. 1. What’s plural of apoapsis? I’ll just put a * for plural. I deployed 3 sentinels, 1 for eve, duna and jool, and holy lord that’s a lot of objects. I’ve captured a few asteroids, so i’m focusing on comets and interstellar interlopers, of which i’ve not found . But i have found comets with apoapsis* of <3-10x eeloo height. So, just how far out can these be?! If anyone says ~Farrrrrr ouuuuuut brooooooo~ I will tell them to go back to California.
  2. Wassap? I created new save then I saw a object with Class H tag. I could not find any resource on the net. I am very curious. What is the probability of this? Proof:https://drive.google.com/file/d/1R2cZQp_JXId2yW1lImc0KE6N6WbCfNik/view?usp=sharing
  3. What would it take to make a part specialized for detecting comets?
  4. Who Else believes Kerbal Space Program should add in comets. You would find them the same way as asteroids but they would have there elliptical orbit and would have jets of gas going into space and if you landed on these comets you could see the jets of gas, and like real comets there tails would only be there if they were close to the sun. I would also like to thank the mod "Kerbal Komets" where these pictures were taken for ideas, to show for the ideas These are some images in mind of what comets could look like and how to find them, and get to them, and the naming system, and tracking system.
  5. While going through the forums, I found a thread for a challenge mission to send a manned craft to Comet ISON in Kerbal Space Program. I found that very interesting, but just one problem: No comet. So I though, "How about creating a mod that adds in comets for different level of KSP challenges?" You probably can guess where that idea went to... The Process The Kopernicus Komet Challenge Mod is both a planet pack, but a challenge too. It will add in 5 new comets to the Kerbol system, living up to what that other thread couldn't live to see. Each comet is a different difficulty level, from super-easy (depending on your Kerbal's cooperation) to highly difficult. There will also be different objectives that you can incorporate into your mission. After completion, a participant must list the following: Game version (Duh) Mods used (more on that in a sec...) Amount of Kerbals (If you used any) SCIENCE gathered Mission time Your destination These factors will determine your score. If someone were to do the easy comet and the easy objective, they would get little points, and vice-versa. They will also get a Badge of Completion (once I can make it). A participant is free to compete as many times as s/he wants to. It is allowed to try to beat your score from the same comet and/or difficulty level. The Comets! As said before, the KKCM will add in 5 comets. This is a list of those comets, in order of difficulty: Enecke: The Comet Encke analogue and the Level 1 comet. Its orbit does not vary much, going from a region slightly closer to the Sun than Eve to the orbit of Dres. Enecke has a radius of 55km and has 8.35% the gravity of Kerbin. Its surface is rather smooth, making landings slightly easier. Bordelly: The Comet Borelly analogue and the Level 2 comet. Its orbit is similar to Enecke's, stretching from Moho to Dres. However, this comet is smaller (radius of 31km), has lower gravity (6.2% Kerbin's gravity), and has a shape which makes landings more difficult. Hallali: The Comet Halley analogue and the Level 3 comet. Hallali's orbit is much more extreme; the periapsis is around Moho's orbit, while the apoapsis is 1.3x farther out than Jool. The advantage is that Hallali has a radius of 72km and 9.76% Kerbin's gravity, along with a relatively smooth surface. Luvoy: The Comet Lovejoy analogue and the Level 4 comet. Luvoy's orbit varies from 3.5 million km to 213.87 million km. It has a radius of 40 km and 4.91% the gravity of Kerbin. Encountering this thing is pretty challenging! KISON: The Comet ISON analogue and the Level 5 comet. KISON has the most extreme orbit, getting as close at 450,000 km to Kerbol, and as far away as 563 million km. This comet is rather large (88km radius) and has somewhat strong gravity (10.6% Kerbin's gravity), but the surface is covered in peaks and fissures. KISON is a comet for only the most confident and experienced players. Scoring The 5 comets are worth the same amount of points as their level. For example, going to KISON will immediately give you 5 points. As said earlier, their are different objectives that can give you certain amount of points. Here are the objectives and how many points they give: Probodobodyne Run: Take a probe to a comet and mine at least 20 units of ore (Adds 2 points). Science Fest 1: Send an unmanned vessel to a comet to collect at least 1500 Science (Adds 3.5 points). Science Fest 2: Send a manned vessel to a comet to collect at least 2500 Science (Adds 4 points). Kometary King: Using a manned vessel, collect every possible science situation (Ex: gravity scan in space low over midlands) with all the reproducable experiments. (Adds 6.5 points) System Jumper: Take a probe that will hop between at least 3 comets and collect more than 5000 science (Adds 7 points). Jeb's Challenge: Take a kerbal to more than 3 comets, collect science from every location on/around that body, and aquire more than 10000 science (Adds 10 points!). All of these objectives require the vessel returning to Kerbin one way or another. Depending on what mod you use, however, your score can drop. Mods listed in green will subtract just 0.5 points. Mods listed in blue will drop 1 point. Mods in orange drop 2 points, and red mods will delete 5 points. Kerbal Engineer/Kerbal Engineer Redux MechJeb Other calculative mods Tweak Scale Star Packs (IA-Revived, Other_Worlds, etc.) Kethane and other resource mods Extraplanetary launchpads Planet packs that add other bodies inside the Kerbol system Mods that change the KSC's location New Horizons HyperEdit Kerbodyne Plus Uncharted Lands Kerbalkind's Destiny (when it's released) Space Y and Space Y Expanded Near-Future Propulsion and Near-Future Electrics DMagic Orbital Science There will be different categories based off of score: Bob Level (1-3 points), Bill Level (4-7 points), Val Level (7-10 points), and Jeb Level (10+ points). The Best of the Best Bob Level: None Yet Bill Level: None Yet Val Level: None Yet Jeb Level: None Yet Planned Features Over 4 biomes per comet. Particle trails I dunno? Suggest something you guys want to see!
  6. We have asteroids... what about comets? things 2x bigger than Class E asteroids, made of ice and a very beautiful trail... and visible from Kerbin surface when relatively close...
  7. Kerbal Minor Bodies Adds 5 New Bodies Beyond the Orbit of Eeloo Gruun-Bres Desis Bui Dahn Minmus Is A Comet! Github Needs Kopernicus & KopernicusExpansion Works Better With OPM Changelog Release 1.0 - Initial Release Licensed under MIT
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