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Found 12 results

  1. Ver 1.4 Now with an updated IVA using the latest ASET Props & Avionics. Parts pack for Gemini missions. Features the Gemini spacecraft, Titan II Launch vehicle ( Can be used for the Dynasoar mod too ) and the Agena Target Vehicle. You have to supply your own Atlas or equivalent rocket to launch the Agena. Agena docking cone allows for soft docking when in Mooring Mode. Correct Roll alignment during docking is handled by the Agena docking cone V cutout and the Gemini nosecone Index Bar. After the soft docking switch the Agena docking cone to "Rigid Mode" for a rigid connection.
  2. Hey! Recently, I've been messing around with using Ion engines powered by fuel cells. As it happens, the combined ISP of ion engines powered exclusively by fuel cells is a pretty respectable 1293 seconds. One large fuel cell can power two ion engines, so I built an all-purpose crew vehicle that uses 16 large fuel cells and 32 ion engines, allowing all 32 of them to be run at full throttle for as long as one's heart desires, and at any distance or occlusion to the Sun. It also comes with RCS thrusters and a forward mounted docking port. The command module has the standard decoupler, heat
  3. Dunno if somebody published this before, but I made a little Mod that brings back the old Mk 1-2 Pod. I liked it's more modern Look than the Mk 1-3, especially the IVA, so I kept using it (you still found it when you know where to look) after it has been hidden from the TechTree and was disappointed when it was completely removed from the Game. The "Mod" is just the Part Files copypasted from an older KSP Version without any Changes, except setting "TechHidden" to false in the .cfg File. So it should run fine with any Game Version. https://spacedock.info/mod/2310/Mk 1-2 Pod To any ne
  4. Procedural Pods Tired of monotonous command pods in KSP? Want to go to space (or not) in style? Introducing Procedural Pods, your one-click solution to fancy Kerbal canisters! With Procedural Pods, you can create command pods of any shape and texture, as long as they are available for Procedural Parts. Use this to imitate real-life capsules, or create your own! Review by Kottabos Thanks a lot, Kottabos! Pictures Procedural Command Pod with airlock door by Tiktaalik's Airlock Collection A white procedural pod with decorative
  5. I've been flirting with the idea of working on a suicide lander command pod. No parachutes. Just a small reserve of solid fuel with high ASL SRB mini deployable engines for the final suicide touch down. It would also house a deployable airbrake to aerobrake in the lower atmosphere. How would i go about increasing the drag value for the pod when the air brakes are deployed? Iv'e looked at cfg files for the stock air brake and also the grid fins from the re usable parts mod and i can't seem to figure it out. Also, do imported animations from blender affect the actual mesh when deployed? As
  6. R&S Capsuledyne is proud to present their first project: A 3.75-m stockalike command module system: the Taurus High Capacity Vehicle The Parts: Features -Seats up to 7 kerbals (3 pilots and 4 passengers). -Ideal for station transport, deep space exploration, command module operations, and more! -Featuring incredibly safe totally awesome-looking retractable built in launch escape system! -Fully modeled interior with support for both Stock and RasterPropMonitor -Includes separate stock thermodynamics compatible heatshield part Features
  7. Is this bugged or is there just a massive torque on the MK 1-2 for no reason? I have a lot of use for the 3 man pod and dont want to have to rig two 2-man pods or use a 4 man lander can, for no reason. [/img] [/img] [/img] [/img]
  8. Kerbalized Dragon v2 development thread. First release http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/162949-kerbalized-dragon-v2-command-pod-first-release-wip/
  9. The one major thing that has always bugged me about this game since it's inception is the lack of updating the crew capsules. Why is there not a larger command pod (capsule) like some of the older mods I've seen that can hold 5-6 kerbals and look better as well? I remember using the Apollo capsul and I even used the SSL Orion type capsule but why not just have it part of the original game? Anyway I would just like to have a larger capsule without other parts. I have zero idea on how to mod so I'm reaching out to see if anyone else can come up with one. (If I knew how or could learn how to make
  10. iv made many attempts trying to make a command pod and a do have some command pods in my mod (Parts O' Plenty). but if i put a kerbal in them it says "no exit hatch". so how do i put a exit hatch on a command pod using unity and blender, and can you grab on to it when on EVA.
  11. I mentioned this in another thread I started, but I really wanted to push this idea, since it has grown on me a lot Has it ever seemed weird to anyone else that if I want to send 1 Kerbal to Moho and back (depending on your specific mission architecture) the love-able breadbox with a paint job that doesn't match anything else in the game and a window smaller than -insert your own jokes here- known as the Mk1 Command Pod is the best option? I love the thing, but let's be honest: it's not pretty, it's not got a cool IVA, and it breaks my immersion (hoorah buzz words!) So I have come to
  12. I want to spend a moment talking about command pods. There are currently two in the game... and that's it. The most popular and reliable method of getting into and leaving space for the past 50 years and the forseeable future, and it's represented in KSP by a mere 2 parts. There are 3 cockpits for crying out loud, and this is Kerbal SPACE Program. This needs to change (at least on my install) So I thought,"Ok, no problem. I'll just go over to the forums and find the mod pack of only Command Pods that surely exists!" ...and now I'm here. My request is simple: More Command Pods! Prefer
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