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Found 4 results

  1. NO MORE SCIENCE! Here's my first mod. It introduces a new strategy that exchanges Funds for Science points. I made it because KerboKatz is not updated anymore and I think it was a great mod that changed the way I play career mode. WHAT IT DOES: You don't have to do science experiments anymore. Just keep hoarding money from contracts and when you're ready to unlock a new tech tree node just buy some science with cold hard cash. The exchange ratio is 1000 : 1. Here's the Google Drive link (because I've been waiting for the last 6h for SpaceDock to send me the confirmation email!): [Download link snipped by moderator, pending posting of source code; see note below] All you have to do is put the 'SciencelessCareer' folder into your GameData folder. Screenie: NOTE: It depends on your playstyle and how you want to use it but I recommend trying it with minimal science rewards. License: CC BY-SA 4.0
  2. Since supersonic commercial aircraft are clearly possible (see: Concorde) what would be the obstacles to the construction and operation of a new one? Obstacles I see: Noise pollution Dubious economy of operation Low public interest Lack of obvious use in which they would significantly outperform existing subsonic aircraft Additionally, how impractical are theoretical hypersonic large aircraft that "skip" across the thicker layer of the atmosphere?
  3. http://www.voanews.com/content/analysts-russian-space-agency-restructure-unlikely-to-fix-problems/3124917.html The renationalisation of Russian Space is unlikely to fix anything, analysts say. And this is coming at a time when SpaceX is reducing profit margins for commercial launches, and CCDev is finally going into full force thanks to Congress. This is a little off topic, but might Rocosmos be able to make a profitable business by using commercial astronaut rides into space, or something similar to DragonLab with their Soyuz, while competing with Dragon and CST-100? Just an idea.
  4. The Davon Supply Mod is/was the closest thing KSP's gotten to the real life commercial space industry. We should take that even further; instead of launching a payload yourself, you could pay a little and get someone else to launch it for you on their own rocket. The main benefits of doing it this way would be, A). Allowing you to do more things at once (example: launching low-importance missions on commercial rockets, while freeing up time for you to launch your high-importance missions on your own, more powerful launchers), and B). Supporting the space industry (reputation is gained). There would be 3 main types of companies that provide launch services: simple and expendable rockets (Orbital ATK with Taurus, Antares, and Pegasus), reusable and stylish rockets (SpaceX with Falcon 9 and Falcon 9 Heavy), and SSTO's (Reaction Engines with Skylon). Each launcher has it's limits, so the SSTO may require you to add an upper stage to get to a geostationary orbit. But you cannot exceed the size/volume and payload capacities! Each company would have pros and cons to them, so choose wisely. Invest in the one that most fits your career mode by launching with them more than the others and helping them get their technologies developed. Simple and Expendable Most Reliable Always Cheap Available from start Reusable and Stylish Reliable Initially expensive, but cheaper once reusability is fully going Available from start, but reusability is in an experimental phase (takes a while to get all the kinks out) SSTO's Unreliable at first Initially extremely expensive, but extremely cheap once reusability and reliability are perfected "In development" at first (this period ends when the Reusable and Stylish company's reusability is perfected), "Experimental" phase follows (test flights with small payloads, similar to STS-1,2,3,& 4), "Operational" phase is next To make this mod simple, you wouldn't actually get to see the launch of your payload on a commercial rocket, you would only be able to switch to it once it's in orbit. So this is basically a glorified HyperEdit. The main interface would be through a button in the stock toolbar where you would define the desired orbital parameters, launch date, select your launch vehicle, and load the payload (from your VAB/SPH craft list). After you press launch you wait about 15 minutes for the rocket to reach orbit, at this point you will be notified about the success or failure of the launch.
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