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Found 8 results

  1. A plugin for Kerbal Space Program which adds some SSTV, beeps, and nonsensical radio chatter between your crewed command pods and Mission Control. There is also some environmental sounds as : wind in atmosphere, breathing on EVA and background noises inside spacecrafts. *** Reviews *** (Thanks to maxrsp, nice review - (Chatterer v0.9.6 / 22 Aug. 2015)) (Featured in TinyPirate "2 Minute Mods" series - (Chatterer v0.9.6 / 20 Aug. 2015)) Different tabs :
  2. Hello all! With KSP2 being announced, communication and innovation will be more useful than ever! To ensure better communication between players and the ability to more easily share innovative builds, I decided to create a discord server. I am experienced with managing other servers. https://discord.gg/Usw3Nx7 I wish you all a good day! Spectacular Vernacular
  3. I'm completely new to KSP and currently trying to set up a CommNet. Is it necessary for the relay antenna on a communication satellite to point at Kerbin? Also, do you need two (relay) antennae, one on each side? (the 1st one aligned to Kerbin, the 2nd one to e.g. a probe)
  4. I have a question that pertains to the new comm-sat mechanics that were added to the game recently. I know that unmanned ships need to have a path to the KSC in order for them to be controlled, and that manned spacecraft can control themselves regardless of whether they have line-of-sight to Kerbin or not. But when controlling unmanned spacecraft, will any Kerbal pilot with a connection do? For example, say I had two spacecraft, one remote controlled, and another with a Kerbal crew, and neither of them have a path to the KSC; is it possible to control the unmanned spacecraft using the Kerbal
  5. I tried to send one to EVE but i lost contact with it And so many hard works of creating NavNodes was wasted I wonder does i need more antennas or just need upgrade my tracking station (currently is level 2) and next upgrade would cost me 1,23 billion kerbo dollars (i use to call it that ) so how make it to works
  6. I know I'm not the only one having trouble giving orders to my distant probes. I can't increase relay size with tweakscale either.
  7. Energy I've noticed there is technological gap between OX-STAT solar panels and panels that track sun. We could have two new parts based on HG-5 High Gain Antenna animation. Instead of antenna on the end put solar panel (circular and triangular), they wouldn't be able to track the sun. Next thing is wind turbine, since we have drills that require lots of energy and we want them to work at night, we could use at least one small wind turbine. Making PB-NUK Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator larger version for 1.25m would also be nice. Geothermal energy would be great
  8. Is there a Devnote Tuesday this week @SQUAD, @Badie? We understand they might be delayed or not posted this week if the devs are taking a break after the 1.2 release. However, please let us know on the forums or by a tweet or something. One sentence would do... you know, communication and all.
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