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Found 25 results

  1. Salve a tutti! Primo post su questo forum per me! Forse non lo sanno in molti ma abbiamo un bel gruppo telegram (italiano) abbastanza attivo a cui potreste unirvi per continuare a far crescere la community! Qui c'è il link
  2. This project's goal: Create a monument to the KSP Community, A star cluster made entirely by members of the community. Rules Every User May submit a maximum of 2 Planets and 4 Moons per month Stars are Pre-Placed, But you may request a star type to be added, stars will be added as systems fill up Be Kind, Everyone is at a different experience level, so please do not act in a way that is only meant to hurt the feelings of others, or pointless complaining/insulting of another's work Help Others, If someone is asking for help, help them if you can, if you cannot, refer them to someone who can For a submission you must include within the Zip File : Your Planet Configs, Your Planet's Heightmap, And Your Planet's ColorMap, Normals can also be provided, but if not, will be produced as implementation occurs, You need to make the planet. Make it interesting, the more varied the submissions, the better, if you have some amazing idea, do it, we will get a spot to place it. Every Person who submits a planet/moon will get credit for their work, All Usernames will be placed within the mod DO NOT take configs, parts of configs, or maps from other mods, if we find out it is stolen, you will be removed from the contributors list and the planets in question will be removed Systems - Systems will be set up as planets are suggested, and will be filled out below as it goes on, upon completion of a system, it will be released, Systems will have 3-5 planets and 6-10 moons Lelon - An F7V Star About halfway through it's life Maldos A-B - A Close binary between a G3V Star and a M0V Star, Planets orbit both stars at once Blubol - A singular K4V Star, Habitable zone is closer to the star as a result. >Retol - 1000 km gas dwarf orbiting Blubon at around Duna's orbit - ffx >Oloa - 250 km Duna like moon but its colored minty blue from rusted copper - ffx >Gul - 19 km marron astroid - ffx Planets will be placed within these systems, As Systems fill up, more will be added to make more space, the more systems, the better. If this goes well, and we make it to 10+ systems, we will continue both development of this, and a follow up with the improved skills of everyone involved.
  3. Finalmente dopo tanto tempo, abbiamo deciso di costruire la nuova Community di Kerbal Space Program Italia su Discord! La 1° fondata su Discord a tema Scientifico, Aerospaziale e Videoludico! Creata prevalentemente per ritrovarsi con videogiocatori di KSP e appassionati di spazio in un posto accogliente, educativo e aperto a tutti dove è possibile condividere contenuti inerenti a Kerbal e al mondo della scienza, cercare nuovi amici, giocare e aiutarsi a vicenda. Abbiamo canali dedicati all'astronomia e all'astrofisica con contenuti scientifici e Space News aggiornate in tempo reale. Infine vi Invitiamo a far parte della Community che sarà in continua espansione e aggiornamento e ad aiutarci a farla crescere! Link Discord ➔ https://discord.gg/vJssfjsk5s
  4. Hi guys, A week ago was opened the first Italian Community founded on Discord: "Kerbal Spaghetti Program". Take a look! ➔ https://discord.gg/vJssfjsk5s Ciao ragazzi, Una settimana fa è stata aperta la prima Community Italiana fondata su Discord "Kerbal Spaghetti Program". Dateci un'occhiata! ➔ https://discord.gg/vJssfjsk5s
  5. Greetings! My name is Andrii and I'm Italian. I discovered this fantastic game years ago and I'm happy to be here on this forum. To start I have a couple of questions: Where can I post an announcement here in the forum to introduce the new Italian community created by the players and make it known to my compatriots? When I get over 5 published posts I can finally put my profile picture up, right? :D
  6. The goal of this challenge is to play a community game of "reverse" pass the parcel. Players will take turns transporting a parcel back and forth between the KSC and the Island Airfield, using the EVA Construction Mode to add a part to the parcel each time it's shuttled between the KSC and Airfield. The last team to transport the parcel successfully is the victor. Rules: There are 2 notional teams: "Team KSC" and "Team Airfield" Players take turns sequentially. Players can submit entries for one or both teams. Players can enter more than once, the only restriction is that a single player may not take 2 turns in a row. Each Turn: Choose 1 part that does not already exist on the parcel (the parcel may not have the same part added twice). Transport the parcel to the other team's home turf using your creativity and ingenuity Team KSC: Home turf is anywhere within the grounds of the KSC. Team Airfield: Home turf is anywhere on the island that contains the Island Airfield. Using the EVA construction mode, add that part to the parcel permanently. You can add the part to the parcel before, during or after the journey. The journey does not necessarily need to take the shortest path between the KSC and the Airfield. The parcel must survive the journey intact. You may not use any resources from the parcel. Other rules: Team Airfield can use the Airfield launch option from the VAB or debug menu to place their craft on the island initially as a convenience. Stock parts only. No modded parts or DLC parts - this is to ensure maximum compatibility for all players. If you use a mod such as MechJeb or KER make sure that no modded parts corrupt the save. As a courtesy to the other team, don't intentionally block the runway or launchpad. No Kraken drives or similar exploits. Keep it clean, have fun and don't go looking for loopholes. Victory: If a team succeeds in making the parcel too large or awkward to transport any further, then that team is victorious. If every possible part has been added to the parcel and there are no unique parts left to add, then both teams share a joint victory against the Kraken. Logistics: Add a post to the thread requesting a turn (or DM me) and I'll add you to the turn queue. When notified that it's your turn, download the latest save file from Github. Take your turn then save the game as a new save file named in the format "<turn number> - part name". For example, the current save file is named "001 - hubmax,okto2". If you add a mystery goo, then name your save file "002 - mysterygoo". The next player would then name their file something like "003 - z100" and so on. Open a PR in Github or upload the file somewhere publicly accessible. Create a post in the thread with photos or video documenting your journey and include the link. Try to keep turns reasonably quick (within 24 hours) to keep things flowing. No problems if you have real life obligations, just let me know and we can either work out a small extension or bump you one or two places down the queue. Turn Queue: ??? ??? ??? The parcel is currently on the apron in front of the SPH awaiting transport to the Island Airfield...
  7. Welcome to the dev page of "Interstellar Consortium", a collection of ideas and agreements regarding the position of stars in KSP Modding This has the goal of making star planet packs compatible with each other with a simple patch (or no patch at all) at all time without any major problems what-so-ever. Interstellar Consortium (Github) - Explanation of the Plugin Link to the decided stars positions spread sheet Stellar Viewer Github & Stellar Viewer The Original Problem KSP wasn't designed to host star mods at all and it has multiple problems: Just until recently, if you wanted static stars (Not moving stars a.k.a. non colliding stars) you had to create a new central body. This causes a lot of problems with compatiblity and float point errors. Planet packs that had their stars orbiting Kerbol/Sun, could have their SOIs (Sphere of Influences) collide and cause some problems if you wanted to go interstellar Light of Kerbol/Sun is infinite, so it lights up every planet in the whole game regardless of distance Most of the problems can be fixed now, like the infinite light problem. And this is where Interstellar Consortium comes into play Interstellar Consortium Interstellar Consortium will be a series of small patches or decisions between modders to fix these problems and provide a stable interstellar experience by not having a central body put neither have stars moving. For this, there will be a map describing the position and SOIs of almost every star in KSP modding and a new unit of measure for interstellar distances. In the technical part, the stars will still be orbiting Kerbol/Sun and won't require important patches, but will be static to avoid collisions by changing the orbital period of these. The Unit and the Map The new unit for interstellar travel was decided upon looking at an optimal distance at which KSP will still hold up without major glitches. The unit will be called/shortened ki (Kerbal Interstellar or something like that) and will equal 1e+13m which is close to 0.1% of real distances compared to real life and 1% of what it should be in KSP scale This was decided for gameplay balancing (Interstellar travel takes time and making these distances longer could be damaging), some realism (Still far enough to feel as a far away target where to go in the future) and glitch-avoiding (Greater distances can cause float point errors and make returning to the home world bad) The map itself is very simple: A central point to consider it the "center of the galaxy" and Kerbol/Sun but with some requirements for the stars so to make everything compatible: The minimun distance recommended between two stars should shall be 2 ki - A bit short of what Proxima's distance would be with this unit. The max SOI radius should be 1.2 ki - With this, no SOIs will collide and will avoid some major glitches and gameplay flaws The recommended SOI for Main Secuence Stars should be 0.8 ki - This part is entirely albitrary and it's just a recommendation. From a star, the closest stellar companion has to be further than its SOI No star should go farther than 15 ki from the central point in the plane of the "galaxy" and no farther than 4 ki in the normal axis Kerbol/Sun will be at coordinates (10,0,0), being X and Y in the plane of the "galaxy" and Z being up and down - Leads to a feeling of lonliness on the outside and a feeling of crowdness towards the inside Star Clusters (Looking at you Dawn from TWB) can have their own stars as close from themselves as the author wants, but has to ensure no star of those are closer than the minimun distance with a external star Multiple Star Systems count as a single star system The current map has enough space to host 80 to 100 stars which is already a lot and should last for a long time before require of another galaxy or widening of the current one Claming of spaces Of course if we dont decide on the places the stars are, this whole consortium wouldnt make any sense. For that, I've created a small sheet on google with a top-down and side views of the whole map/galaxy (At the moment it doesnt provide the oribit output which will be the actual "orbits" of the stars for the packs, but I'm doing the math) To claim a part of the map just comment with the coordinates (X,Y, Z) you would like your star to be and make sure to follow the rules previously mentioned. And if you want to claim more than 2 systems, please don't claim all to be very close to Kerbin/Sun, that would be very sad for all of us and could damage some planet mods. (Higher class stars like F, A, B... could be nice to have a bit more space out to preserve a bit of realism regadring stellar class proportions) Also, I'm not the only one that would judge the claims. This has to be a consortium after all, a decision made by all of us. To put your star in the correct place, just put its period at a very high number (9e+50 is a good number) and put as the orbital parameters the ones calculated in the spreadsheet (Todo) System Modify Mods A lot of planet mods center around changing the stock system to a brand new one. These changed systems could also serve as a different start point in the map, moving the rest of the stars accordingly to make the effect succesful. This would mean that, for example, you could start in the GPP system but the map wouldnt change. Kerbol/Sun would still be in the same spot and his neightbor stars would still be the same This would require the IC mod part to bundle the Stock System cloning data and have the System Modify mods to move every star to the correct locations. (This could be eased with a proper orbit calculator or a custom plugin to ease things) Who are you to say these things As a disclaimer, I have done a star system of my own and have talked with different planet modders about this and we came to the comclusion that this would be a very good fix to all compatibility issues and at the same time be fun to explore (It's Kerbal Space Program after all, it's meant for rockets and spaceflight) For the moment, I'm the only contributor to the spread sheet and mod aspect (To be done), but I have talked, again, with people about this and they might come on-board to help with the organization of this map. Participant Planet Packs The Worlds Beyond Alternis Kerbol Rekerjiggered Seven Worlds of SLIPPIST-1 Whirligig World Rocheworld Event Horizon Galileo Planet Pack Gameslinx Planet Overhaul Before / After Kerbin Other Worlds Reboot Hope you liked the idea, the read, and the english mistakes I probably have done - Niako
  8. Hello all! With KSP2 being announced, communication and innovation will be more useful than ever! To ensure better communication between players and the ability to more easily share innovative builds, I decided to create a discord server. I am experienced with managing other servers. https://discord.gg/Usw3Nx7 I wish you all a good day! Spectacular Vernacular
  9. Kerbal Powers a political roleplay game set on Kerbin Note to anybody who thinks that this contradicts the anti-RP rule: I have asked @Vanamonde whether I am allowed to recruit on the forum, and he permitted me to do so. No actual roleplaying is permitted to occur on this forum or specifically in this thread. Violations of this rule will lead to moderation actions. Kerbal Powers is a Reddit-based roleplaying community that bears many resemblances to the classic forum roleplay of KSP’s early era (and is frequented by many veterans). Nevertheless, we are also open to new players, as long as they are wishing to contribute interesting and meaningful content. Whether you like BD combat, political intrigue or complex economies: Kerbal Powers is an interesting place for you to prove yourself. Commanding a country on the planet Kerbin, it is up to you to decide whether you will advance it through space colonization, trade or military conquest. Will you turn your nation into a socialist utopia or will you choose to oppress your kerbals in a fierce totalitarian dictatorship? Or will you rather create a megacorporation and offer your services to the world's superpowers? Upon applying for entrance, you will be able to choose your territory (if you want to make a country) and political ideology. We have a custom economical system and simulate military conflict by means of AI BD Armory battles (a limited modpack which you can find on our reddit includes this mod). However, text-based roleplay still plays a great role (no pun intended) in the game. All veterans of the old forum roleplay will feel at home in Kerbal Powers. Interested? Come and join us!
  10. It seems to me that there aren't enough space stations like the ISS in KSP's community. The ISS has modules made from all over the world. Wouldn't it be a great idea to do the same, but in KSP? What should it be called? I want to see a project like this come to fruition. FYI, I use 1.4.4.
  11. I have created a new forum to help create an online forum community for the Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition. I always felt that compared to the PC edition's online scope of Minecraft was always so much better than the consoles, even though they can do all of the same aspects of the PC. So, to help create a community based on this version of Minecraft, I have created a forum for everyone to show off their maps and be able to grow the online community ! So if you have Xbox 360 and Minecraft come and join! Even if you don't own own an Xbox 360 or Minecraft please please please share us with your friends! Any help sharing this slowing growing community is better than none! Link- http://minecraft360worlds.lefora.com/ If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions please tell me here! I have several forums before this, and I am putting forth my best effort to make this as best as I can, but any help from the KSP community is appreciated! Yes I know advertising an console game on a PC exclusive game forum is silly, but like I said above, any help is better than none. Besides some people own a PC and a 360, and one of the reasons they may not play the 360 edition of Minecraft may be due to the lacking community that this is trying to solve.
  12. Far away from Kerbin... A whole galaxy lies in wait. New stars, new civilizations, new snacks. Welcome... To the Hagito Galaxy. The Hagito Galaxy is a community project created with the aim on expanding and forming an entire Galaxy, star by star. No matter what is submitted, it is accepted by stability. This is a project I have taken over from @Galacticvoyager and I plan to revive. Accepted Systems Accepted Civilizations System Designer Sheet (IMPORTANT!) Have fun!
  13. Far, Far away from the blue orb we all know. From it warmth and protection from the dangers of the cosmos. Lies a titan among galaxies. With over 53.92 trillion stars, this Galaxy has dominated its local group. Hundreds of billions of worlds host protection for life, though the environments may sometimes be extreme to the case of some civilizations. As well as life comes intelligence, over 34 million species in the Galaxy possess interstellar travel. 1.3 billion sapient species have technology at intermoonary/interplanetary space travel, and 617.89 billion have technology lower than ours. This galaxy has wonders on every corner, small black holes orbiting supermassive hypergiants, binary brown drawfs, a frozen ice giant orbiting the Galaxies center. The Uniqueness of the entire galaxy gives rise to unique civilizations... And their creations... Welcome... To the Hagito Galaxy... The Hagito Galaxy is a community project created with the aim on expanding and forming an entire Galaxy, star by star. No matter what we get, as long as a system is stable then we take it in... Accepted Systems Accepted Civilizations System Designer Sheet (IMPORTANT!) Staff
  14. Hello all, I am following KSP since 2016. The updates posted in the community tab of the official KSP website, www.kerbalspaceprogram.com, was very informative. But, since January 2019, there has been no single updates. Can somebody please tell the reason. Or is it true that the KSP has changed its original webpage? Thank you all, From SRB
  15. What are the weirdest ksp related things you have ever seen? For me it's that role play is banned. It makes you think why....
  16. I've moved around a lot in the last couple of years; my family situation has not been great and finding local friends/community has been a crapshoot. I've ended up feeling pretty isolated and it's been consistently tough. I moved to a new city most recently a couple of months ago and I have very little connection here. This forum has been really, really good for me, both as a distraction and as a source of community. I spend most of my forum time on Science & Spaceflight, but all the forums have really great people and I enjoy my time here. So...thanks to all of you.
  17. I started a thread back in the day when I was first experiencing KSP. It was called something like "Should we make a community planets pack?". As far as I remember, there was an overwhelming support for the idea. So I decided, a few months later, that I will install Kopernicus and start the mod. All I need is for you to give me suggestions and fill the poll. I will like to hear your responses! Also, here is the system that I will make for your planet to be implemented to the mod: I will make a thread asking the community to send their planets (obviously made with kopernicus) I will review the planet to make sure no bad stuff is inside it I will feature the planet in the mod's thread I will implement the planet into the mod! I might change it (of course)
  18. I'm sorry to waste anyone's time but, I just have to say that once again I have been trawling through the add on release thread, and once again I am moved to comment on the people that blow my mind with the knowledge / inspiration they possess and impart, peace to all.
  19. Hello everyone! This is a thread for you to submit your own spacecraft for me to launch in my 1.2 game, where I'm doing commercial launches now. I'll feature them here on the thread so you can see them in action. Some basic rules: 1. Must be unmanned 2. Tell me the weight 3. Tell me what it's purpose is (Relay network, communications, scientific, etc.) 4. Tell me where to put it (Like in a 100x100 km Kerbin orbit or something like that) 5. Tell me what it's supposed to do 6. Tell me the company that it's from (Like Kerbodyne or something of your own) 7. Must be stock 8. Don't make it like on of those rediculous 100-relays-in-one-launch kind of things. I can launch only 4 small probes per launch. 9. Send me the link to it on Kerbal X. That's it! It may take me a while to get to launching your spacecraft depending on where you want it or whoever has submitted something before you. Like if you want something to Moho or Dres, you'll have to wait until my rockets get advanced enough to do it. Special thanks to @TheEpicSquared for giving me the idea and letting me do this.
  20. Out of what score does the Community Reputation represent? Is out of 100?? Any links?
  21. Seeing as many more people are adding planets to the Kerbol Solar System, I want people to vote if community members can put their own planets into a modpack. I'm thinking of "Community Planet/Star Pack" or "The Community's Solar System"
  22. The title says it all pretty much... Btw, I'm only looking for like 3-4 Players so the Adress ETC will be given in PMs once said person has setup the sever...and PM'd me it! Backup People who can make a sever are also appreciated! Thanks to who ever contributes to this amazing cause!
  23. Ive been playing Kerbal for years and have always had an idea for a realtime challenge/mission on a communal scale via streaming. I dont know if it's been done before like this to essentialy have the viewers be a multi layered mission control. -Any mission in the solar system as long as planetary and lunar voyages are realtime, interplanetary voyages can use time lapse. -no quicksaving or reloading. -All mods are usable, mechjeb could really help in communal flight planning. -Teams can be formed for different mission stages. Total collaboration and coordinated voting for decision making. Out of stream module making by different teams, and submitted live. -A showcase of designs for a pre determined mission can be voted on before launch, either during the stream or before. -The host streamer can play as a pilot, be apart of a crew team, or maybe just as Gene. The host streamer can be changed for each event, allowing viewers to glimpse others creations, stations, bases, which can be used for the communal mission for refueling, crew transfer, survival ect. -More than one streaming community can take part as a competition, mock space race. -Looking for more ideas for incentive for mission completion and if something goes wrong, incentive for bringing back the Kerbal to Kerbin. Besides the fun roleplay value.. -Viewers can leave and come back as events might be ridiculously long. Mission and pre flight planning, design and decision voting, the actual journey.. The idea is to have hopes of something going wrong, anxiety filled moments, people working together. I currently dont have means to stream myself and would like to find people willing to do this. If this is something people want to try there needs to be a discussion about additional rules and ideas. I think it would be exciting to have the first 50 submitted craft designs to go through a layered vote, whittling down to top 25-top-10-3.. And seeing other peoples methods. I want arguments, stress, team work, drama, betrayal, friendship... maybe not betrayal but you get it. there will have to be patience involved.. I personally would like to see one launch lunar missions, at least to start, to avoid using timelapse at all. Im not sure if it should go deeper and use career mode, that might be too much could be interesting to have communal career modes competing with each other for an out of game point system?... Let me know if this is feasible. thanks!
  24. Land on Eve and form a community V I need help: I did this challenge and it worked, I landed on Eve and made a community. So you can! All you need is: a multi-staged rocket and a kerbal to fly it. Make it bigger and bigger and keep expanding. (If you want to you can show me your pictures in the comments!)
  25. When you navigate to the KSP website and click the "Community" button, the official KSP IRC channel should be added to that portion of the website as-well. People shouldn't have to hunt it down on the wiki or on this forum.
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