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Found 10 results

  1. Unkerballed Start - Under New Management! original by SpinkAkron and theonegalen, now under development by theonegalen This is an unmanned start mod inspired by Yemo’s SETI, Unmanned Before Manned. It is structured around early probes and aircraft. Manned capsules become available as later tech. Download link is at bottom of this post. Overview Starting with the Stayputnik probe core, lack of control is the first challenge to overcome. The QBE is available at Stability (T3) and the OKTO at Flight Control (T4). RCS has been moved to earlier in the tech tree.
  2. =========================== REMODELED TECH TREE v.0.1.6 =========================== This is a customized Tech Tree designed to remodel the Stock and Community Tech Tree for a more challenging Science game while logically grouping related items into similar Nodes. Some Node titles and the tree structure were changed to reflect areas I felt were deficient or used poorly. Forty-three Mods are currently supported. SpaceDock Link To install, place the GameData folder inside your Kerbal Space Program folder. If asked to overwrite files, do so. Note this Mod does NOT replace any
  3. The Meerkat lander engine module is located in Aerospace Composites in my current career save. That seemed very odd to me so I was going to go and edit its location to something else and discovered that it's supposed to be located in Advanced Landing. How would I go about trying to figure out what's going on and how to fix it? shots in game and of config file: https://imgur.com/a/yxdjT
  4. KSP: 1.3.1 Windows 64bit Problem: Can't see Modular Kolonization System's part in the tech tree Mods installed: Near Future Propulsion [0.9.5] Near Future Electrical [0.9.8] Near Future Solar [0.8.8] Near Future Construction [0.8.4] Near Future Spacecraft [0.7.5] Near Future Launch Vehicles [1.1.3] Community tech tree 3.2.1 KSP Interstellar Extended 1.16.8 Stockalike Station Parts Expansion Cryogenic Engines [0.5.11] SpaceY Heavy Lifters 1.13.2 Modular Rocket Systems USI Life Support USI OKS/MKS
  5. Hello All, first time posting, I have several mods installed, mostly the basics and parts, but two are giving me trouble. The Planetary Base System and the Community Tech Tree, specifically the Meerkat engine and career mode. These are still two of my favorite mods. However, the engine shows up and works in Sandbox, but it wont show up in Career mode. I uninstalled CTT and researched/purchased the Meerkat, but when I reinstalled CTT it disappeared from my available parts in the VAB and a vessel I build is no longer able to launch. Any help if you have had parts knocked out
  6. Hey, I'm trying to figure out if there are any lightweight mods out there that will help fill in specific areas of CTT. Ideally I'm looking for mods that have a stock-like game balance (though I'm not picky whether the textures are stockalike or not). Specifically I'm wondering about: Enhanced Survivability and Basic Cockpits: I have no idea what could go here. Subsonic flight, Efficient Flight, Specialized Flight Systems: Haven't tinkered too much with aerospace mods simply because I am worried about system resource limits. Experimental Aerospace Engines, Advanced Aerospac
  7. Not sure what is going on here. Using magic industries , tweakscale, community tech tree. (and a some more) The problem Tweakscale doesnt work. And no robotics, though i do got the robotics icon in my game screen (and also in the rocket build buildings) Also if i go to my science building also no robotics show up, where they should show in the research tree they're gone ?. And when creating a new game, it doesnt ask me what for techtree to use ??? (removing and adding tweakscale doesnt solve. I'm using latest KSP steam. And CKAN mod manager. installed mods
  8. CTT Configs: A long time ago, I made a quick patch that made a few things that added a new config to this mod. This basically implemented the new parts added with Ven's Stock Part Revamp to Community Tech Tree. Things like the Dachhound engine are unlocked before the reliant, and a couple changes with the SRBs. The Mk2VA cockpit is also unlocked before the MK2 (stock) cockpit, and the 2.5m Nova Nuclear engine is unlocked after the current 1.25m nuclear engine. This is for a sense of progression of engines. The Dachhound engine is much worse than the reliant/swivel, so it should be unlocke
  9. Played KSP while back and I know i had SETI ctt which gave antennas to all cores and bunch of other stuff, now in seti ctt settings there is few lines for stock experiments. Problem is i cant find anywhere legacy version of mod to copy those settings or something. So does anybody have link or something to old SETI ctt or some other solution? Thanks!
  10. hi all hope you are doing great! just wanted to suggest a little bit of a functionality addition to the R&D facility. wouldn't it be nice to have a Search button to find out where that nifty part you need to develop is sitting at? is this doable in any way or too much hassle?
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