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Found 12 results

  1. Unkerballed Start - Happy New Year! v1.3.1 original by SpinkAkron and theonegalen, now under development by theonegalen This is an unmanned start mod inspired by Yemo’s SETI, Unmanned Before Manned. It is structured around early probes and aircraft. Manned capsules become available as later tech. Download link is at bottom of this post. Overview Starting with the Stayputnik probe core, lack of control is the first challenge to overcome. The QBE is available at Stability (T3) and the OKTO at Flight Control (T4). RCS has been moved to earlier in the tech tree. Only .625m engines are available at start. More powerful engines have been moved up the tech tree. Multi-engine stages are essential. Making History's engine plates are made available earlier to facilitate this. Revamped tech tree - The tech tree has been de-squished, de-tangled, and rationalized. Orphan lines such as Nuclear Power and Colonization have been fully integrated. Additional nodes have been added to flesh out the early tree and where needed at various other points. The Precision Rocketry line has been expanded to cover additional tiers, splitting Rocketry into a Power/Boosters line and a Specialty line. This further slows rocketry advancement. NOTE: All inputs to a node are now required to unlock, not just one like stock. Links that didn't make sense have been removed. The only exception to this is that Just like the Community Tech Tree, on which this is based, most of the later nodes will have no parts in them unless mods using them are also installed. See the CTT thread for a mod list. To balance the delayed availability of powerful engines, many other parts such as docking clamps and station hubs have been moved up allowing for earlier station development. The intent is that the player spend more time developing the Kerbin SOI before heading out to the planets. Special thanks to @Pand5461 for the concept of later engine availability. That was the key that made the whole project come together. Early aviation with extensive mod support. The Soviet-style Reentry Pods now have their own tech line. They are simple and cheap, but ultimately a dead end. In a low-income playthrough they become a real option. Only the tech tree node placement of parts is effected. No parts or resources are changed, reducing compatibility issues. Two new .625m engines have been added. The LV-T05 and LV-T10 are re-scaled versions of the LV-30 and LV-45. The RT1 SRB is no longer necessary thanks to the stock Mite and Shrimp SRBs. Added .625m Fairing generously provided by @PocketBrotector from his Extended Antenna Progression Mod. Thanks! ON BY DEFAULT - Small parts means more parts so the VAB and SPH can now build craft with 40 parts at Tier 1, enabled by Custom Barn Kit. Screenshot of tech tree branches (click for full size) Compatibility The only mods that are incompatible are other tech tree mods. All parts added by mods will work as designed but their position in the tech tree may not be consistent with the changes made by this mod. If you’d like a mod adapted, I’d be happy to make a config for it, or accept one on Github. Custom configs are provided for the following mods so far: Recommended Mods Making History - Official Expansion Missing History - Adds the parts that Making History missed Restock Plus - You're already using this, right? No? Go get it! Contracts - Having a good set of contracts that compliment the tech tree is crucial. The stock contracts assume the stock tech tree. I use Career Evolution Contract Pack, usually paired with Giving Aircraft a Purpose, Bases and Stations Reborn, and Field Research. Strategia - replaces stock strategy system @SpinkAkron uses SETI Contract Pack made by @Yemo, UKS's spiritual godfather. As an alternative, Exploration Plus is very good for those who prefer a less guided career. He also uses Clever Sats Kerbal Academy Bases and Stations Reborn Remote Tech Contracts - currently not working. Unofficial fix HERE Rover Missions Redux Tourism Plus Giving Aircraft a Purpose Field Research I also use Kerbal Construction Time, Snacks!, Bureaucracy and highly recommend BARIS or EVA Repairs if you promise not to whine about your rockets blowing up. Above all, use what gives you the greatest enjoyment. Make the game your own. There is no wrong way to play! mod list for Spink's Let's Play Using UKS (YouTube playlist) Changelog: 1.3.1 Hotfix to fix the position of the bottom node on the LVT-05 when Restock is installed. Thanks to Graploos on KSP forums for the bug report. 1.3.0 Update for KSP 1.12.2 Fix LVT05 and LVT10 Engines not showing up with ReStock (again - thanks to multiple people who kept them going while I was away, especially @kcs123 and @hermano) Fix LVT05 and LVT10 Engine Drag Cubes and added compatibility for Waterfall and Rocket Sound Enhancement (thanks to @hermano for the configs!) Fix spelling of Unresearcheable to match SQUAD code Added .netkan file to make things convenient for CKAN users Updated version file for KSP-AVC users Updated configs for stock and Making History Updated config for ReStock+ (thanks to ahmedcharles on github for PR!) Added configs for @Well's mods KNES, Luciole, and X-20 (thanks to @Clamp-o-Tron for PR!) Added config for @SuicidalInsanity's Stockish Project Orion (thanks to @Clamp-o-Tron for PR!) Added configs for @benjee10's reDIRECT and SOCK (thanks to @Clamp-o-Tron for PR!) Added configs for @Nertea's RestockRigidLegs, CryoEngines, and CryoTanks (thanks to ahmedcharles on github for PR!) Added config for @CobaltWolf's BlueDog Design Bureau (incomplete - thanks to @Gordon Dry for PR!) Old changelog: Required mods: Community Tech Tree Module Manager Custom Barn Kit - OPTIONAL for VAB SPH allowing 40-part craft at Tier 1. Installation Instructions: 1. Uninstall any previous version of the mod when upgrading to the latest version. 2. Copy the UnKerballedStart folder into GameData. Download: UnKerballed Start on SPACEDOCK UnKerballed Start on GITHUB This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
  2. Simply my problem is; all custom nodes does not show what I will get when I unlock them. "Available Parts" is empty. It also appears that when I purchase a custom node I get nothing.
  3. Im kinda confused and new to modding and after searching yt and some other things i havent found a straight-forward answer as to some mods that are a part of Community Tech Tree.
  4. =========================== REMODELED TECH TREE v.0.1.6 =========================== This is a customized Tech Tree designed to remodel the Stock and Community Tech Tree for a more challenging Science game while logically grouping related items into similar Nodes. Some Node titles and the tree structure were changed to reflect areas I felt were deficient or used poorly. Forty-three Mods are currently supported. SpaceDock Link To install, place the GameData folder inside your Kerbal Space Program folder. If asked to overwrite files, do so. Note this Mod does NOT replace any files in other Mods. To uninstall, simply delete the 'zzzRemodeledTechTree' folder and your Tech Tree will revert to as it was before. This mod is only a Tech Tree and related icon files. It requires the correct version of Module Manager for your KSP version to function. It also requires Community Tech Tree as many of the icons used come from that Mod. This only supersedes CTT's tree structure and some names and descriptions. NOTE: Because CTT is a dependency, none of the MM code in this Mod checks for its presence as it is assumed. Failure to install CTT with this Mod will result in a massive number of errors. Grounded is no longer a dependency by way of introducing two new parts to the game if you don't have Grounded installed... a Prototype QBE (2x the size, 20x the weight, 20x the EC requirement, 50km range for the internal antenna, and no SAS) and Prototype Z-10 battery. (same size and weight as the Z-100 but 1/10th the power) Both are made obsolete once you research Physics & Chemistry. COMMUNITY TECH TREE AND MODULE MANAGER ARE BOTH REQUIREMENTS TO USE THIS MOD! Additionally, it requires the Mods to support it for their parts to be added. I have included definitions only for those Mods I use frequently. If you wish to adapt this Mod for use with your own preferred Mods, simply add your own Module Manager re-definition lines for the parts you wish to move around the Tech Tree. Since I did not change the internal ID designations of any existing CTT or Stock nodes, unsupported Mods will still populate within the tree, just in odd places that may not make any sense given what parts are already there. DLC NOTE: This Mod has NOT been balanced against either the Making History or Breaking Ground DLC and those parts, while still present in the tech tree, have not been moved to their corrected nodes. Unfortunately, short of me getting money from somewhere unexpected or someone providing me the internal CFGs of all the parts included in both packs, this will not be fixed any time soon. List of 43 currently supported Mods: (all working under KSP v.1.7.3) Aircraft Carrier Accessories v.1.5.1 AirplanePlus v.26.1 AlphaMensaes Modular Launch Pads v.2.0.4 AmpYear v. AviationLights v.4.0.8 BonVoyage v.0.5.3 Cormorant Aeronology v.1.5.1 Cormorant Aeronology - Mk3 Block II v.0.2 DeepFreeze v. Extraplanetary Launchpads v.6.6.1 FASA v.7.2.5 Feline Utility Rovers v.1.2.10 Firespitter v.7.13 Firespitter Extended Version 1 Grounded - Modular Vehicles v.5.0 HeatControl v.0.4.12 Heisenberg Airship Parts Pack v.2.16.1 Hooligan Labs Airships v.6.3.1 HullcamVDS Continued v.0.1.13 InfernalRobotics - Next v.3.0.2 IR Sequencer v.3.0.1_KSP_1.6 Its the little things v.2 KAS v.1.4 Kerbal Planetary Base Systems v.1.6.9 KIS v.1.22 KSP SDHI Strobeomatic v.1.0.1 Mandatory RCS Part Pack v.1.4_KSP1.7 MOARdVPlus v.1.0.0 Near Future Propulsion v.1.1.1 Near Future Solar v.1.0.4 OPT Spaceplane Parts (Lagacy) v.1.4.0 OPT Reconfig v.1.6.1 PEBKAC Industries Launch Escape System v. RasterPropMonitor v.0.30.6 RecycledParts-1.7.2 v.0.1.7 RN Skylab v.1.8.3 SCANsat v.18.13 SEP v.2.7.1 SmartParts v. Station Parts Expansion Redux v.1.2.1 SurfaceLights v.1.13 TacLifeSupport v.0.13.13 Note that dependencies for these Mods such as Community Resource Pack and others are not listed, nor are supported partless Mods like TweakScale or EVE. The issue regarding the Recycled Parts Mod has been fixed and is working correctly, so no action is required on this now. Likewise, BonVoyage is now fixed so the upgrades are moved to their correct nodes. Labs have also been re-balanced against one another to have a more realistic progression. (more advanced Labs yield more/less Science per point, use less power, operate faster, etc.) Mobile Processing Lab (Squad) - Unchanged. All other Labs are noted relative to the Stock lab. Manned Orbital Lab (FASA) - Heavier, Higher Science Cap, Faster Data Processing Rate (DPR), Higher EC/s usage GondoLab (Heisenberg Airship) - Lighter, Portable, Lower Data Storage and Science Cap, Faster DPR, Higher EC/s use, Only 2-to-1 Science conversion Big "G" Science Bay (FASA) - Lighter, Lower Data Storage and Science Cap, Faster DPR, Higher EC/s usage, Only 3-to-1 Science conversion SPT-7 "Iglet" (Cormorant Aeronology) - Lighter, Lower Data Storage and Science Cap, Faster DPR, Lower EC/s usage, Only 4-to-1 Science conversion SPB-HUGE-3 Science Bay (Recycled Parts / R&S CAPSULDYNE) - Heavier, Higher Data and Science Cap, Faster DPR, Higher EC/s, 6-to-1 Science conversion Lynx Mobile Lab (Feline Utility Rover) - Lighter, Lower Data Storage and Science Cap, Much lower EC/s usage, Only 4-to-1 Science conversion SPT-14 "Igloo" (Cormorant Aeronology) - Heavier, Faster DPR, Much lower EC/s usage 'Stail' Mobile Processing Lab (OPT Legacy) - Heavier, Higher Data and Science Cap, Much lower EC/s usage, 6-to-1 Science conversion PXL-2 'Fate' D-S Lab Module (Station Parts Expansion Redux) - Heavier, Higher Data & Science Cap, Lower EC/s usage, 3x DPR, 6-to-1 Science conversion Planetary Lab (Kerbal Planetary Base Systems) - 2x DPR, Much lower EC/s usage, 7-to-1 Science conversion Planetary Central Hub (Kerbal Planetary Base Systems) - Heavier, Lower Data & Science Cap, 2x DPR, Much lower EC/s usage, Only 4-to-1 Science conversion While the later labs may seem to be sort of OP, they are so far down the Tech Tree that by the time you get them you're going to NEED them as each Node starts to cost tens of thousands of Science each. (just getting the Fate lab requires at minimum 2,000 Science to unlock, not to mention the additional science needed to actually put it in orbit, which can be thousands of Science more) ====== EXTRAS ====== Within the RTT_MM_QOL_Mods.cfg file are several tweaks for some Mods that are put there for game balance purposes, but also some Quality of Life improvements to some parts. For an example of modification for game balance is the creation of 'soft dependencies' on some technologies that could otherwise be reached without following a logical path to get them. (such as removing the fuel from the K&K Nuclear Reactor and Centrifuge so you can't actually USE them without having researched the Nuclear Fuel Systems node, etc.) An example of one of the QOL modifications, if you have TAC Life Support installed, you'll note the addition of three new Containers and three new Hexcans to add Wastewater, Waste, and CO2 only containment for specialized uses. Also, if you also have TweakScale AND TACLS installed, this Mod hides the duplicate Containers and Hexcans for larger/smaller sizes, reducing build menu clutter. I also have implemented a new mechanic for handing entryCost to be equal to 3x part cost for all parts. (Extraplanetary Launchpads is excluded from this mechanic as it causes numerous errors. (known issue with this Mod) I have included a customized version of the Community Tech Tree PNG file that has been completed and corrected for this Mod to easily show the remodeled tree structure outside of the game. It uses the same style and branching as the CTT version. (as a bonus, I have included a completed copy of the CTT tree PNG due to the fact that the one on the CTT page is incomplete and outdated in some places) I have also included the XLS file that I created to quickly restructure the tree to my own tastes. You can open it in most any spreadsheet program (Excel, OpenOffice, etc.) and are free to use it to add additional Nodes, delete ones you don't like, alter the Science cost progression, or redefine Parent Nodes to your liking. It saved me quite a lot of work by putting everything on one page that I could search, edit, and modify in minutes rather than hours. NOTE: This file does NOT go in the KSP directory structure. Place it wherever you like for easy access or if you don't intend to use it, simply leave it in the ZIP file. To use the spreadsheet, simply make the changes to the tree as you like on the 'Custom Tree' tab. You can review Node positions (though not branching) using the 'New Tree' tab to see the relative positions of your nodes. Finally you can use the 'Tech Tree Output' tab to copy-paste a completely new tree into a CFG file. The 'Unmodified Table' tab shows the default tech tree using the same format as the 'Custom Tree' tab for reference and the 'Old Tree' tab shows the default Node positions. I have not yet incorporated a tab to quickly edit the parts that populate within each node. (WIP) ============ LOCALIZATION ============ This mod does not include localization support, and includes translations for English only. Since it erases the Stock and CTT titles and descriptions, existing Tech Tree Localization with those Mods are discarded. If anyone wants Localization support, provide me with translations for each tech node and I will try to add it at some point. ===== NOTES ===== I know it is not a 'best practice' to use FINAL directives in a distributed Mod, but since I need this tree structure to supersede tree modifications made by other Mods (i.e. OPT, Modular Launch Pads, Recycled Parts, etc.) and cannot predict what future Mods may include Tech Tree re-definitions, I have employed the FINAL directive to ensure that all Techtree node operations are run BEFORE this mod, then deleted, and finally replaced with the desired tree structure. The same applies to PART operations. (though I have included at least one FOR directive to properly index this Mod with Module Manager) I have no intentions of altering this behavior. If you don't like it, feel free to change it in your own copy, but note that I will NOT provide support for installs that do not use the FINAL directive as I cannot predict what interactions any given Mod may have on the tree structure and PART locations after this Mod has been initialized. Though Modular Launch Pads is not required for this Mod, the tree structure has been altered to include and fully incorporate the Tech Nodes of that Mod. Since it just used Stock icons, and I have subsequently replaced those with my own, no resources from that Mod are used or required. Lastly, for those wanting to make changes to this Mod to suit their own style, I have included EVERY part (to the best of my ability) in the listed Mods within the RTT_MM_Part_Configs.cfg file, even if I didn't move it to a new node. In this way, so long as you know the internal name of the part you want to move, you can just search for it and do a cut-paste to its new node. Soon (hopefully) I will have this all automated and you'll be able to use the XLS file to restructure your parts within the Tech Tree to your liking using the XLS file and simply copy-paste the new part definitions from the spreadsheet. (I know that using a spreadsheet for this purpose is unusual and it would be better to just write an actual program to create the CFG files for you, but I'm a wife and mother and don't have time to code out a full program... and an XLS spreadsheet works and was quicker to make, so... there it is!) ========================= LICENSING CC-BY-NC-SA-4.0 ========================= The contents of this pack are distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/legalcode). You are free to share and adapt the materials only for non-commercial purposes and when providing appropriate attribution. Any derivatives must be distributed under the same license. All new Icons are of my own creations based loosely on other's works posted publicly online over the past thirty years. No claim of originality should be inferred, but they are not direct duplicates of any work. The 'Cutting-Edge Aeronautics' icon is from the OPT Reconfig produced by author JadeOfMaar and is used under the CC-BY-NC-SA-4.0 License. No claim of ownership or original design is implied nor should be inferred. Community Tech Tree produced by ChrisAdderley (aka Nertea) and is used under the CC-BY-NC-SA-4.0 License. --- As Mods go, I know this isn't much, but I put a lot of work into it and thought that maybe others in the Community might find it useful, even if just to tear it apart and see how it works. Thoughts and opinions welcome. (unless you just want to be mean, in which case Jeb would like to have a word with you outside...)
  5. The Meerkat lander engine module is located in Aerospace Composites in my current career save. That seemed very odd to me so I was going to go and edit its location to something else and discovered that it's supposed to be located in Advanced Landing. How would I go about trying to figure out what's going on and how to fix it? shots in game and of config file: https://imgur.com/a/yxdjT
  6. KSP: 1.3.1 Windows 64bit Problem: Can't see Modular Kolonization System's part in the tech tree Mods installed: Near Future Propulsion [0.9.5] Near Future Electrical [0.9.8] Near Future Solar [0.8.8] Near Future Construction [0.8.4] Near Future Spacecraft [0.7.5] Near Future Launch Vehicles [1.1.3] Community tech tree 3.2.1 KSP Interstellar Extended 1.16.8 Stockalike Station Parts Expansion Cryogenic Engines [0.5.11] SpaceY Heavy Lifters 1.13.2 Modular Rocket Systems USI Life Support USI OKS/MKS Alcubierre Warp Drive Module Manager 3.0.4 Reproduction steps: I have installed the Community tech tree and the mods that need, there are all updated to last version, but when i go in tech tree i can't see Modular Kolonization System's part and i don't know why. I'm attaching a screenshot below screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/3Tiwe Log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mb6lscg1g326e0y/output_log.txt?dl=0 //// Output_log.txt
  7. Hello All, first time posting, I have several mods installed, mostly the basics and parts, but two are giving me trouble. The Planetary Base System and the Community Tech Tree, specifically the Meerkat engine and career mode. These are still two of my favorite mods. However, the engine shows up and works in Sandbox, but it wont show up in Career mode. I uninstalled CTT and researched/purchased the Meerkat, but when I reinstalled CTT it disappeared from my available parts in the VAB and a vessel I build is no longer able to launch. Any help if you have had parts knocked out by CTT before
  8. Hey, I'm trying to figure out if there are any lightweight mods out there that will help fill in specific areas of CTT. Ideally I'm looking for mods that have a stock-like game balance (though I'm not picky whether the textures are stockalike or not). Specifically I'm wondering about: Enhanced Survivability and Basic Cockpits: I have no idea what could go here. Subsonic flight, Efficient Flight, Specialized Flight Systems: Haven't tinkered too much with aerospace mods simply because I am worried about system resource limits. Experimental Aerospace Engines, Advanced Aerospace Engineering -- Not even sure I want to fill these in but it can't hurt to ask. Advanced and Experimental Actuators -- Infernal robotics seems like it might be a really heavyweight, high-resource addon, though I could be wrong; and I am a little worried whether my wimpy system can handle it. Exotic Alloys -- Random empty node in the middle of nowhere. Ugh. Gigantic and Colossal Rocketry -- Another one I'm not sure I even want to tinker with, but might as well ask. Orbital Assembly, Orbital Megastructures -- USI Kolonization gives a couple buildings here, I'm wondering if there aren't more out there? This seems like it could be a really cool end-game payload area. Colonization and Advanced Colonization -- USI Kolonization doesn't actually extend to the colonization node! It only fills in short-term and long-term habitation. I tried filling this in with the K&K Colony mod, but it fills in the same nodes as UKS. Specialized cockpits -- Have tried a couple of times to fill this in with EG Joolian Discovery. It is still empty. Recycling and Hydroponics -- Have one module apiece in each of these, definitely feels like wasted science getting to short-term habitation right now. Mods I ALREADY have, which probably won't be useful: USI UKS, USI-LS, USI-Konstruction, USI-SoundingRockets CTT Contract Configurator -- HistoricMission Pack CrowdSourcedScience Joolian Discovery Darkside Technology (Looks like the part folder just has some hubs and crewhubs). KAS/KIS Mechjeb NearFuture Props, Propulsion, Solar, Spacecraft OrbitalTug PlanetaryBaseInc RemoteTech TarsierSpaceTech I pretty much recommend all of those, especially OrbitalTug as long as you don't mind your best parts being very very yellow. Thanks for the help all! I really appreciate it.
  9. Not sure what is going on here. Using magic industries , tweakscale, community tech tree. (and a some more) The problem Tweakscale doesnt work. And no robotics, though i do got the robotics icon in my game screen (and also in the rocket build buildings) Also if i go to my science building also no robotics show up, where they should show in the research tree they're gone ?. And when creating a new game, it doesnt ask me what for techtree to use ??? (removing and adding tweakscale doesnt solve. I'm using latest KSP steam. And CKAN mod manager. installed mods : Community Resource Pack (CommunityResourcePack Community Tech Tree (CommunityTechTree 1:2.4) Eskandare Heavy Industries (EskandareHeavyIndustries 1.0.12) Ferram Aerospace Research (FerramAerospaceResearch 3: Firespitter (Firespitter v7.2.4) Firespitter Core (FirespitterCore v7.2.4) Firespitter Resources config (FirespitterResourcesConfig v7.2.4) Karbonite (Karbonite 1: KarbonitePlus (KarbonitePlus KSP AVC (KSP-AVC Magic Smoke Industries Infernal Robotics (InfernalRobotics v2.0.4) MechJeb 2 (MechJeb2 MechJeb Embedded Universal (It's Free!) (MechJebEmbeddedUniversalFree 1.3) MKS Lite! (USI-MKSLite ModularFlightIntegrator (ModularFlightIntegrator Near Future Electrical Core (NearFutureElectrical-Core 0.7.4) Near Future Propulsion (NearFuturePropulsion 0.7.2) Near Future Solar (NearFutureSolar 0.6.1) Near Future Solar Core (NearFutureSolar-Core 0.6.1) SmokeScreen - Extended FX Plugin (SmokeScreen USI Asteroid Recycling Technologies (USI-ART 1: USI Core (USI-Core USI Exploration Pack (USI-EXP USI Freight Transport Technologies (USI-FTT USI Kolonization Core (USI-UKS-Shared USI Life Support (USI-LS USI Survival Pack (USI-SRV USI Tools (USITools
  10. CTT Configs: A long time ago, I made a quick patch that made a few things that added a new config to this mod. This basically implemented the new parts added with Ven's Stock Part Revamp to Community Tech Tree. Things like the Dachhound engine are unlocked before the reliant, and a couple changes with the SRBs. The Mk2VA cockpit is also unlocked before the MK2 (stock) cockpit, and the 2.5m Nova Nuclear engine is unlocked after the current 1.25m nuclear engine. This is for a sense of progression of engines. The Dachhound engine is much worse than the reliant/swivel, so it should be unlocked before. To install: First download and install Community Tech Tree (CTT) --> DOWNLOAD Just download the file from Space Dock --> DOWNLOAD And install it normally by extracting the gamedata folder within the file into the KSP directory. This patch works on all versions of KSP. And is licensed by MIT. Credit goes to @Ven for his "Stock Part Revamp Mod" and @Nertea for his "Community Tech Tree Mod".
  11. Played KSP while back and I know i had SETI ctt which gave antennas to all cores and bunch of other stuff, now in seti ctt settings there is few lines for stock experiments. Problem is i cant find anywhere legacy version of mod to copy those settings or something. So does anybody have link or something to old SETI ctt or some other solution? Thanks!
  12. hi all hope you are doing great! just wanted to suggest a little bit of a functionality addition to the R&D facility. wouldn't it be nice to have a Search button to find out where that nifty part you need to develop is sitting at? is this doable in any way or too much hassle?
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