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Found 8 results

  1. I have a good satellite network and it normally my probes are fine but if I exeed 1000x speed it loses connection and nothing gets it back even putting a satellite pointing at it with the biggest relay in lko 100 meters away?this makes no sense how can I stop this?
  2. I am playing around with a 2.7 ton SSTO in sand box. The craft is 3 Oscars, a Spark, a basic solar panel, an octo2, a small inline reaction wheel and a small nose cone it has 3594 m/s dV which I'm sure I can get into orbit. I have comnet turned off, which means that require signal for probe control is off and no need for extra ground stations. yet I'm still losing control of the probe at 70km up. I've even tried with comnet on and extra ground stations enabled. I thought the octo2 would have enough internal antenna to cope with LKO? What settings do I use to completely ignore t
  3. So , i got a working comnet on all planets. But the signal strength from jool and eeloo are abit weak to kerbin Im looking for a good kerbol altitude to improve this and , how many sattelittes do i need in this orbit. I had an idea og 50gM (just outside dres) 4 satellites and and 50gM to 66.123gM as the injection to correct 4 sattelite setup.
  4. So , im on my way to jool. My first polar jool comnet crashed into laythe. This is the setup i use on duna with excellent coverage. Big relays on polar , small relays on equatorial evenly spaced. Any ideas for jool? I have 1 ship with 2 big relays inbound with alot of dV to manuver on jool. Then 4 ships with 3 small relays ( one for pol as my spacestation and refueling will be here)
  5. I have a fully upgraded Tracking Stations but no additional Kerban Ground Stations (only one at KSC). My install is as follows: KSP: 1.3 (Win64) - Unity: 5.4.0p4 - OS: Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (6.1.7601) 64bit 000_AT_Utils - 1.4.4 B9 Aerospace - 6.3.2 B9 Aerospace - 6.3.2 B9 Aerospace Procedural Parts - 0.40.13 B9 Animation Modules - 1.0.6 BD Animation Modules - Chatterer - Community Category Kit - 2.0.1 Community Resource Pack - 0.7.2 CommunityTechTree - 3.2 ConfigurableContainers - 2.4.1 C
  6. so which do you like more? the stock Comnet or Remote Tech, i like Remote Tech more because it just, i just like it better, but i barely play with a communications network anyways so eh..
  7. So I want to have an unmanned probe deployed by my ship that is orbiting Duna (with no connection to DSN), and I want it to have a connection with the ship so that I have full control. According to the Scott Manley video on the subject, your ship needs an advanced probe core (which I haven't yet unlocked in my career game). Is there any way to do it without that advanced probe core?
  8. Where can I look up the power demand of all antennas with the new ComNet feature? There is a power demand stat in the context menu of each antenna. But this seems to be the demand for transmitting science. (At least I hope so...it's pretty high) But I search for the power demand for normal remote control communication withing the ComNet I create with my satellites. This should be a separate stat that's applied whenever an antenna is deployed/active, but without transmitting science. I need this to plan my battery capacity for the different satellites.
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