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Found 15 results

  1. Although it's not really technical support, I want to know if a yoke that you hook up to a computer will work with KSP. I don't have one, but I am looking for one for Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) and KSP (If it will actually work with KSP).
  2. Does Principia mod mechanics work with the mechjeb transfer planner - autopilot? And can I get tylo on a crash course?
  3. Yeah, as bizzare as it sounds on the title, for compatibility reasons I need to run a program on Windows 7, and in an attempt to do so I'm trying to install a new Windows 7 32-bit OS on my laptop. The laptop has a preinstalled Windows 10 64-bit OS, and I've added Kubuntu 18.10 64-bit. As a note, said program does not run under WINE although for a completely different reason. I did tried to make a VM, however the program needs to handle a 100 GB database, of which I have no idea how to transfer it into the VM. The problem seems to be codec-related - it basically ties videos (in .
  4. Macbook Pro 2011: i7-2675QM CPU 8GB RAM AMD Radeon HD 6750M 512 MB Lenovo Ideapad 700: i5-6300HQ CPU 12GB RAM NVIDIA GeForce GTX950M SSD I am currently using the Macbook Pro, and I am considering purchasing the Lenovo. My question is, would the Lenovo be any better for KSP than my current laptop? I'm hoping that It'll be able to use significantly higher part counts without lagging. (My Macbook starts getting really laggy around 350 parts) Also just to clarify, I know that desktop PCs are way better for gaming than laptops. The reaso
  5. Artificial Intelligence: Can we redesign the world? So I have thought about how AI systems are become so much more powerful and complex. So along those lines could computer system AI become self learning enough like google DEEPMIND project to improve just about everything? : Antivirus software with DEEPMIND rooted together so that another computer system could repeatedly attempt to hack with various viruses, then after such a point the Antivirus software with DEEPMIND becomes aware of creating a defense or destroying the virus as soon as detected. Redesign the virus attacking comput
  6. I tried the Alt-F9 video recording feature that comes with my new Geforce card software, and found it really easy to use. I was hoping to have a dogfight thread where each participant record some of the videos, but was wondering how common is video recording capability in our community. Most people probably don't have dedicated recording software, and I don't either, so I was wondering how many people have Geforce Experience, and if you tried recording video with it? cuz I think Nvidia cards are pretty common these days.
  7. Old Tracking Computer Recovered, Scrapped???
  8. Hello Not sure this is the right place to put this. Currently, I have an Intel Core i5-4440 and an AMD Radeon R9 200 Series. What should I upgrade to achieve a high FPS in-game? I have a lot of graphical mods installed like EVE and RealPlume etc, but I want to keep them. Thanks!
  9. Im thinking about getting a computer, specifically for running KSP with RSS full resolution, RSSVE, and any other combination of mods I may desire. I currently use a.... Mac mini (Late 2014) Processor: 2.6 GHz Intel Core i5 Memory: 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Graphics: Intel Iris 1536 MB Explain to me just what exactly would be ideal to run KSP comfortably with RSS, RSSVE, and anything. What type of computer, OS, performance. Whats Ideal for this?? Cheap, or not, just tell me what would be ideal. Because I'm telling you, my current computer can't run it very well at a
  10. I'd like to test the waters for a potential mod I may author. This mod will add three kinds of parts: "gates," which act upon signals; a "board," which serves to insulate the gates from one another; and "interfaces," which allow the player to interact with the circuitry. The functionality should be achievable via exclusively stock modules, and thus may be expected to be lightweight and efficient. So, my fellow players: Is there demand for this mod?
  11. I've heard that it's good occasionally make full windows shutdown (with holding SHIFT key while clicking shutdown option) Does is true?
  12. Hi All, I recently had to return the computer I used for school over the past 4 years. It's time to upgrade to a new system. But what kind of system? Mac, Linux, or PC? Laptop or desktop? More or less cowbell? The last time I looked for a computer was in 10th grade. I was looking for a gaming desktop, but that's not my focus right now. I would expect that I will use it for word processing, MATLAB, some gaming, social media, etc. Nothing too taxing, I think. Let's start with the basics. Which will suit me better: a laptop or a desktop? Second: I hate Windows 10.
  13. If you have read Asimov's "The Last Question" you probably remember that the Universal AC, in its quest to reverse entropy, grows to this size and larger. And in another lesser known sci-fi trilogy, "A Requiem for Homo Sapiens", one of the central themes is the human ascendance to Godhood through uploading one's mind to galaxy-sized computers made of clouds of nanomachine connecting to each other, ever expanding, with computing power so powerful that you can simulate realities indistinguishable from the real thing in any aspects imaginable. So setting aside post-singularity technology tha
  14. Hey all! I´m sure there is one or more threads to this but I didnt find that questions yet. So sorry for eventual double posting... Computer: AMD [email protected],9Ghz, 8GB Ram, AMD Radeon R7, No SSD Mods: Kerbal Engineer, Kerbal Alarm Clock, Dynamic Texture Loader, Plantery bases, Habitatpack,Tweakable everything, docking cam, Gravity turn, KIS/KAS I get fps drops quite fast. So usually from 100 parts on it becomes really laggy. Its still playable but kind of annoying. As I understood its because of the physics of parts that are just calculated on one core, even if you have multi
  15. This will be a entire forum set for the specs of your computer, I guess I will start out with a common table of how the post "layout" will go. Brand (company that made it) Type of CPU (Say if multi-cored or/and overclocked and to what extent) Type of GPU (list the ammount of VRAM) Amount of hard drives (list the total memory) Ammount of RAM (list how many RAM "sticks" you have and at what amount [Gigabytes]) What kind of cooling system you have. How old it is other accessories you have (specialty keyboard/mouse) Cost (You do not have to disclose this if you do not want to) For myself it woul
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