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  1. while the GPU is pegged at 100% load and no load at all under RAM or CPU its putting a strain on just the GPU and could quite possibly over heat. So if u plan on playing this game i recommend these checks before proceeding. 1, clean the computer 2, well ventilated room 3, put computer within the coldest room or basement 4, good luck because you'll need it while it melts your GPU ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ mine stayed cool enough because it has an AC unit blowing on it while its -5C/23F outside 16C/61F in house under load it was reaching 70C / 158F way higher if i didn't have a cold room. So keeping a cool room will keep the temps at bay so highly recommend a cool place to play haha ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CPU load range from 4% to 6% Ram load 2.7% Ethernet seems it sends out data.......... GPU load mostly 100% while not much is being shown or on screen. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ while my PC seems safe enough with its Temps. it might not be for everyone so take my input with a big grain of salt and happy gaming.. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ PC spec AMD Ryzen 9 5950X, ROG Strix GeForce RTX 3090TI OC White Edition 24g, G.SKILL TridentZ RGB Series 64GB 2x DDR4 3200, MSI MEG X570S ACE MAX AM4, Seasonic Px-1300watts 80plus Platinum, RAIJINTEK PAEAN ATX Case, LG A1 55 inch Class 4K Smart OLED TV, Audio Line 6 POD Studio UX2, Akai RPM800 Active Studio Monitors, crying when it only uses 5% to 10% of my computers resources... need to get that train going from Dumbo that song as its ascends up the hill "i think i can i think i can"
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