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  1. Hey all. As of late I've been playing around a bit with module manager and just editing .cfg files, mostly as a way of familiarizing myself more with KSP's back-end, and partly because I do have some interest in maybe developing some kind of mods in the future, even if only for practice/personal use. Anyways, I spent the better part of my afternoon and evening today playing around with resource definitions and modules, and as a practice exercise I've been trying to make a simple set of .cfg files for a resource pack (Stuff like water ice, carbon, uranium ore, and processing these material
  2. I'm trying to be clever with asset use (trying to be clever is how most issues start). I have a set of parts that all use the same mesh, and mostly the same texture, so I'm trying to use all the same model, except for different versions, apply a different transparent texture as a label. This should be stock behaviour when using the MODEL{model=, texture=} mesh references. And for the life of me, I cannot spot why it's not working for me. Example part snippet; PART { name = USAFOrionMag012kt920kN module = OrionMagazine author = WinchellChung MODEL { model = U
  3. For my contract pack Parts Unlimited (Soon to be renamed ZYX PartsULTD, but that's another story) I require better descriptions for parts. "A vaguely wing shaped board" is great and all when you can see the part, but trying to decide which wing to unlock when you don't have a picture available can make it quite a chore, especially when the wings you have to choose from are named "Wing Connector Type A" and "Wing Connector Type B". Actually, I take that back. It's NEVER fine for that to happen So I took it upon myself, and for myself, to go through and describe all the parts one by on
  4. So I recently got a new computer. I have download ksp and mods for it already, but when making a C-130, the wing was too small. I wanted to make it tweakscalable but, I did not have the like config file program. Does anyone know one that i could download?
  5. I've been trying to set myself up with a game that uses Outer Planets Mod and rescales bodies 3.2x, and orbits 6.4x (as I remember reading people had good experiences with that setup, ages ago). I actually started on a config (here, for reference, note that OPM already does its own rescaling of antenna power, and it is very basic), but was wondering if anyone has something more developed than this. I do already find getting to Kerbin orbit a nice sweet spot between challenging and annoying, but I have a nagging suspicion I'd end up tweaking the config in all directions later on.
  6. Hey there! Im working on a reuseable rocket, by using smme's as the 1st stage engines. Unfortunately they have only 1 ignition available. So I tried to change the amount of ingitions in the engine config (cfg.) but I couldnt find the word ignition in it. This is how it looks like: //New engine/cluster plugin patch @PART[SSTU-SC-ENG-RS-25]:NEEDS[SSTU]:FOR[RealismOverhaul] { %RSSROConfig = True %engineType = SSME @mass = 3.526681 @crashTolerance = 12 %breakingForce = 250 %breakingTorque = 250 %maxTemp = 3588.15 @MODULE[ModuleEngines*] { %minThrust = 1358.5 %maxThrust = 227
  7. Crewed modules have an INTERNAL section like the following: INTERNAL { name = landerCabinInternals } Is it possible to offset the entire internal space? Failing that, can anyone direct me to the stock CFG for landerCabinInternals so that I can manually create an offset version? I'm welding a pod with other parts and need to correct the location where the internal cabin "part" gets attached to.
  8. Firstly let me state that I am a complete modding noob and that I am just starting to dip my toe into the world of part modding with KSP via editing the config files. So far I have successfully re-textured/modified the small "Not-Rockomax Mocronode" into a working probe core/micro satellite and wanted to try something else. My plan is to try and turn one of the ore drills into a surface sample collector which can be placed onto an unmanned probe. I know, it's disgusting that I want to do this rather than send a Kerbal and pick up the samples in person but I plan on making the transm
  9. so i made a duplicate of the stock docking node and changed the config so that it locks to an orientation and the docking port worked perfectly. but as soon as i replaced it with the model i made the "decouple" button has disappeared from the GUI but the disable cross feed and control from here remain. nothing has changed except the model and i can find no explanation for it stopping working. has anyone experienced this issue or can offer a possible explanation?
  10. I am looking for someone to make a custom config for the Filter Extensions mod, with new categories and subcategories (I heard that you can make subcategories with Filter Extensions; could someone explain this further to me?) If someone could help, that would be great, as I don't have the knowledge to make my own configs. Part Mods: Categories: I apologize for me having to ask someone to do this, and for the very large mod list (I went a little crazy after hearing that 64 bit would allow many more mods), but I don't have any modding or config-ing experience (or t
  11. Specifically, I'm talking about the "allowShroudToggle" parameter. Currently, I have an engine with two fairings, one should be toggle-able, the other should be non-toggle-able. MODULE { name = ModuleJettison jettisonName = Knight_Engine_A_Fairing bottomNodeName = bottom isFairing = True jettisonedObjectMass = 0.1 jettisonForce = 5 jettisonDirection = 0 0 1 } MODULE { name = ModuleJettison jettisonName = Knight_Engine_A_Support bottomNodeName = bottom isFairing = False jettisonedObjectMass = 0.1
  12. There was a pretty popular post on this forum with a download for a settings.cfg file that made ksp run pretty fast on my computer. now that the forum changed, I can't find it anymore. Can anyone tell me where to find it or what settings to change? Thanks!
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