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Found 7 results

  1. About: RealFuels-Stock is a set of configs for the Real Fuels Mod intended for Stock or up to 3.2x scaled Systems. It provides real propellant types (all with their pros and cons), limited ignitions and ullage simulation to all engines. It was originally created by Raptor831, but he was last seen more than a year ago, so i decided to adopt RealFuels-Stock and update it to the newest version (Old Thread) Download: GitHub SpaceDock CKAN - Search for "RealFuels-Stock" Dependencies: RealFuels (Forum Thread, GitHub) (CPR, SolverEngines, ModuleManager included i
  2. ## Community “Playmode USI” for Wild Blue Industries mods ## What is does I love the Wild Blue Industries (WBI) mods – MOLE, DSEV, Pathfinder, Buffalo. Great models, useful parts, attention to detail, and lots of good ideas which enhance my gameplay experience, such as the configurable templates. In all my long-term career saves I am also pretty much committed to the Community Resource Pack and Umbra Space Industries (USI) ecosystems, particularly Life Support and Kolonization. Most of the parts I am using (e.g. lots of Nertea’s stuff) have some support or compatibility for
  3. Stockalike Real Fuels Engine Configs For Real Fuels v12.x After playing with Real Fuels, I got hooked. But, many of my part mods' engines were not included. I decided to fix that, and this is the result. Latest Release GitHub Repository Config generator found at http://bit.ly/rfstockalike NOTICE: Some engines have "lost" their effects. This is a known issue, and a result of moving fully to a new engine MODULE in RealFuels. As a result, Real Plume is highly recommended. Configs are included in the RF Stockalike download. Available on CKAN Updated on
  4. Features Adds new size based categories to Filter Extensions for the VAB and SPH. Size filters range from 0.35 to 30 meters. There are also sub-categories within each size. Installation Unzip to \GameData Dependencies Filter Extensions Module Manager Downloads Spacedock GitHub Source License CC-BY-NC-SA-4.0 Change log Please report any issues here or on GitHub, thanks! Pics or it didn't happen...
  5. So I'm trying to use Module Manager to suppress smoke exhaust effects from engines in atmosphere, as well as surface jet blast. Both of those grind my system to a near halt while flying in atmosphere. Here's what I've cobbled together, but I'm not a code guru so I have no idea if the syntax is right. Can some of you guys check me here and/or offer ways to do this better? Basically I don't want big puffy clouds of smoke behind my jet/prop/rotor/fan engines in the atmosphere, and I absolutely don't want downwash kicking up dust from the surface - both of which are major performance killers f
  6. [1.2.X] Mod's Cloud Configs: Custom made EVE configs that add clouds to planets in the stock game or to planets from mods. How can I help? -Just ask me to make a cloud configuration for a certain planet pack (must be kopernicus planets) and specify what you want the clouds to look like and I will see if I can make it. Once posted I will mention who suggested the cloud config. Currently posted configs: Outer Planets:https://spacedock.info/mod/1219/Logan's OPM Cloud mod V1.0 (this was my first ever mod, it is pretty shoddy so might take it down once I put up a bet
  7. I'm new to KSP modding, so I would like a bit of help with this part I am trying to make just for myself to sort of get into it. I've no desire to write an actual plugin. If this is in the wrong section I apologize as I wasn't exactly sure where to place this. But yeah. I can't get my part to consume any sort of resource in the config and it's driving me mad. It works without consuming anything so I'm not entirely sure what's going on here. PART { name = mk2blackrose module = Part author = Alexander mesh = mk2FuselageShort.mu rescaleFactor = 1 node_stack_top = 0.0,
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