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Found 5 results

  1. Hello so , I have a big problem with my antennas . Recently , I have launched my first rover on Mun and I have got 140 science . But I can only receive less than half the total of the science . So , I have also send my first ever relay satellite (i have started playing one week ago , that's why everything is new for me ) , but I have got a red connection betveen my rover and my relay , what's the problem ? Here are pictures : Here is my mun rover . He have 8 communotron 16 , 1 communotron 16 s and even 1 HG-5 High Gain Antenna . Here is my relay station . It have 8 HG-
  2. I landed a rover on Duna with a platform that has a Communotron 88-88 attached. This platform can reach Kerbin just fine, however the rover (which has two Communotron 16-S antenna) can't make contact to Kerbin through this platform after I decoupled it from the platform. Is this intended behavior, or do I have a more serious problem on my hands? Here's a screenshot to show the proximity. Any ideas or is my rover dead on arrival here?
  3. Sooo, I am running 1.3 and have been playing ksp for quite a while. And when i wanted to test drive my rover the connection is completely fine in the beginning, but as soon as i start driving I lose connection and when I lose the wheels stop spinning. A fraction of a second later i regain connection because im not using the wheels and this ends up with the connection display flickering and my top speed being about 2 m/s This might be a bug. But how do I get past it? I even added like 5 antennas and it didnt change. Note: I am on kerbin, simply testing it on the runway.
  4. Probe Locations for the Kerbol System So I recently just came back from a Holiday in Tasmania, and I hear about the new updates, more importantly, the new CommNet network added in the game. So in game and in the tracking station, there is a green line connecting to all the online probes, landers, bases, rovers, space stations etc. The KSP team have also added in a bunch of new transmitters in the game as well. So the green line gets darker when you lose more and more connection with kerbin. This means that it is important to have probes everywhere in the kerbol system. You can
  5. Hello Guys! I've started playing KSP again some coupple days ago and I have ran into a problem when I tried to work with Probes. I have an Image that is self explainatory: http://imgur.com/gallery/zUKll . But just in case, I can't send any command to my probes, I put a deployed omni antenna, have electricity, I'm in the lounchpad, the letters in the top left are green, the antennae say "Status: connected". So I don't understand what is wrong, it may be caused by some mod, since I have a lot installed -they are listed below-. The problem solves when I desactivate RemoteTech, and doesn't o
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