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Found 3 results

  1. I keep seeing people talking about the enhanced editions big update. Well it came, and still no delta V readout. Is there any word from the dev's as to when they plan on adding this? I mean, I can make an excel spreadsheet that does the equation, and I dont really see how it would be that much harder to add it on console than it was to add it to PC... to be fair, I dont design games and I dont know what challenges it holds, but it is the single most requested feature, it's kinda silly that they left it out. Anybody else agree, or does anyone know if they are going to add it at all, and if so, when?
  2. Does anyone know the controls for RCS on console edition? Like the wasd + hn + ijkl keys on the PC but translated onto a console controller? also is it on docking mode? I'm not sure if so because the last time I played was with my Grandpa who loves KSP. If anyone can list the controls to use the "hn + ijkl" keys for console, please do reply with them. (Yes I have checked the control menu but none is listed)
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