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  1. Download on SpaceDock or Github or Curseforge. Also available on CKAN. SimpleConstruction! (SC!) This mod aims to provide simple craft building capability in flight mode to stock parts. adopted for curation by @zer0Kerbal from @EricWi from @RealGecko Originally created by MatterBeam Description After testing out Extraplanetary Launchpads and Roverdude's MK/OKS, @MatterBeam had the idea of creating a simple, user friendly mod that would allow you to build rockets without taking a 200MB hit to RAM or having to juggle multitudes of resource pathways.
  2. Download on SpaceDock, Github or Curseforge. Available on CKAN. Not So SimpleConstruction (NSSC) This is the new thread. Original thread here. zer0Kerbal adopts for curation the mod known as Not So SimpleConstruction. created by @RealGecko, then updated by @Mrcarrot Adds Mallet, Survey Stake, Recycler to the game and turns the stock PPD-12 Cupola into a EPL Survey Station. Requires SimpleConstruction! and Kerbal Inventory System. Recently @Mrcarrot agreed to allow me to adopt for curation this great Not So SimpleConstruction! mod. With my p
  3. Introducing Konstruction! Konstruction adds new parts and game mechanics to KSP centered around base and orbital construction! Features: Weldable, configurable construction ports, with auto-rotation and configurable parameters on the fly. Once connected, these can be removed, resulting in a permanent joint between the parent parts of the two ports. Design your assembly in the VAB, cut it up and add construction ports, reassemble in-situ. Great for large bases and stations, or building larger vessels in orbit! Konstruction also includes an array of parts that can be
  4. This poll is for crane lovers and construction enthusiasts who want to say what their favorite brand of cranes is. My favorite brand is Liebherr, and that is evident if you look at the other stuff I post on this forum.
  5. I place a probe core, antenna, and solar panel on an upper stage with fuel in orbit to deorbit it but i can't control it. I don't know if any of my mods would affect this im wondering if anyone has the same issue, the probe reads "no telemetry"
  6. Anyone who wants to post cranes, cars, trucks, excavators, loaders, rovers, truck-like rovers, and other stuffs and things, put them here! I myself have built 2 gantry cranes, at least 6 mobile cranes, 2 tower cranes(neither tower cranes work though ), some trucks, a car, 2 forklifts, an ADT (Articulated Dump Truck), and even a wheeled excavator. Also many, many rockets and a ton of aircraft... Check and search the steam workshop for forklifts and cranes by "Bjh223".
  7. I have a Munbase and a lander next to it, i need to remove a fuel line from the base and install it between 2 part on the lander My engineer has done EVA construction in this mission and it used to work, but since i loaded back into that mission today, when i press "i" i go in construction mode but i cannot change from "place" mode to "move" or "rotate" i click the button to change mode and it does blink and refuse to be activated, i am stuck in "place" mode (since my ship has no extra fuel line in storage i NEED to reuse the ones on the base , this is what EVA con
  8. I found this image on the internet. It has plenty of different types of trusses: Could someone please make this into a standalone truss part pack?
  9. K&S TECHNOLOGIES GROUP (Construction Site Video Series) CONSTRUCTION SITE PART 5 Construction Site 5 is part of a Series of Construction Site Videos with craft builds from other players at times. In this Video we are featuring craft built by @Triop and @Servo. Triop has some amazing Mini Automobiles he built with operating Doors & Hoods. I can't say enough about the details and how clean they look. Also Servo built an Excavator with incredible Engineering and functionality.I'm sure many hours went into their builds as well as ours and we are honored to share them. As always i
  10. Hello, I have been making cars for sometime now, but they never seem to look perfect or sometimes good. Even my best replica (an AC Cobra) pales in comparison to some cars that others have made. I wanted to ask everyone (who are all probably better than me by a long shot) for any advice and help on how to make the bodywork look better. Most of cars look somewhat boxy. Also, how do you add such fine details with parts like wings, such as very precise offsets and rotations of parts onto your cars. This is because when I try to make the front of the car, I always make it look more like a psy
  11. Whenever I try to use a duplicated duplicate the connection points are gone apart from one WHY! Am I the only with this problem, is it a part of the construction engine not anticipating my action and not having the appropriate response put in the code or what, please help someone its getting kinda annoying. Thank you.
  12. Hi all, wonder if anyone can help. I've made a MASSIVE LKO refuelling base (it's almost the size of the SPH), and I've found that once it's in orbit, some of the components seem to break, but stay connected. Is there any way to stop this happening? A few points that may provide clues.. I have everything strutted to 'grandparent part'. Everything has 'rigid attachment' set to on. I had to cheat it into orbit, using the F12 menu. I installed the Kerbal Joint Reinforcement mod to stop everything wobbling and collapsing when on the runway. I got some advic
  13. With the SM Marine mod seemingly defunct, a lack of other civvie ship mods, and a burning desire to bring "Death to the Green Button" (Credit to @RealKerbal3x for the idea), I've decided to start building ships capable of bringing crew capsules back to the KSC. However, I haven't a clue wher to start. I've never built any stock vessels capable of water transportation (not well, anyway), much less pick up a capsule and carry it home. I have an idea of the basic requirements: Bouyant parts (for floating) Non-bouyant parts (far not floating too much) Engines and air intakes (for
  14. As the title suggests, I'm building a space station that I can use as an interplanetary travel spacecraft - named the U.S.S. Enterprise after the famous ship from Star Trek. There's no way I can launch it all in one stage, which is why I'm assembling it in Kerbin's orbit before sending it to Eve (and who-knows-where-else). So far, my plans for it involve: MAIN COMPONENT: 5 crew capacity (1 cupola and 2 mobile processing labs), 4 RA-100 Relay antennae, 8,835 power units, well over 15,000 units worth of fuel, 4 docking ports between the two labs for other parts, MechJeb and a probe core, 1
  15. Hi peeps!! I'm HansonKerman, and these are my Sandbox Micro Missions where I post small missions in a new save! This save is Custom Mode - Normal Mode with 64% reentry heat Oh, and VAB snippets will appear. Notable mods: Astronomers Visual Pack Fengist's Font Factory Kerbal Engineer Redux MechJeb MissingHistory Textures Unlimited RealPlume Stock ManueverNodeEvolved Everything Is Awesome (LEGO parts) Squiggsy Space Research (probe parts) and many, many, many, MANY, more... Thanks to: @SiriusRocketry, missi
  16. I was wondering if there is a away or a mod that allows for grouping of parts when constructing a craft. I know the game does this automatically but that is only done to parts that are attached to a part you are moving, resulting in the disconnection to the main body (ultimately to the command unit) for the parts attached to the part you are moving (Confusing? Yeah, I know ) I am asking if there is away for me to group things together so that if I decide to move it, it all moves. For example, when building a wing I may us multiple parts forward to aft along the fuselage to create a wing. I wou
  17. This aspect has been extricated from the necrophobic STS discussion and the like. Makes no sense to go on shooting a dead horse, but obviously some people get alot of pleasure out of it. So let them continue to live in the past, antiquated policies and luditic ambitions. This is a thread for the forward looking. In a past life we had the flexible although somewhat limited STS system which took part in repair of satellites, assembly of ISS and finally its no more, for better and worse. The ISS has a robotic arm and has involved itself in assembly . . . . . but it sterically hindered and
  18. I'm trying to put together a spaceplane tutorial. I'm trying hard to keep things simple as possible, and not over engineer the sample craft I'm planning to use. Looking through KerbalX and the forums, the kind of aircraft most first timers try to create is based on mk2 fuselage parts, which have very high drag. Should I have people use wing incidence right away, or is that likely to set up traps for the unwary or make them just switch off thinking "this is too hard !" ? My initial plan is to broach the subject of wing incidence in an appendix , showing how the craft's perform
  19. If you have a ground base, either big or small, either running smoothly or insanely framerate breaking, either at ground level or high up, on land or water, and you think that it's worthy enough, then send me pics! Show the rest of the forums how good your basebuilding skills are! Show them how much skill and time it took you to construct it, and last of all, show them links to mods if you used them! To post, you will have to have at least one picture of your base, and a short description (function, goal, objective, etc.) of your creation. And, even though it's called "ground base", that doesn
  20. EDIT: OMG, a simple game restart solves the bug -.-' hi all, I have a big problem with the construction of my rockets in the new Version 1.2. It is easier to explain it with a simple example: Easy task: I want some landing struts on my ship. For a good alignment I activate the "snap" function. But this does not limit the positioning in the height. For this reason some struts are a little bit more up and some are a little bit more down..... very ugly How can I fix this? In the last Versions it was very easy with the "Move Tool": Just sel
  21. Sector 7 Space Laboratories "Bridge Construction Set" In the early stages of this project the Suspension Bridge was not structurally sound for the reentry from saved games or when switching craft and as I strengthened the designed the part count climbed causing lag, this was a caused for design changes and new ideas. I then decided to try building the bridge on piers and this to was not working well because of reentry from a saved game on the water as mentioned before. The bridge is a far cry from what I would have liked but it's a functional Bridge that can be constructed. Often I u
  22. Everyone likes nice looking stuff, so I added some fluff. KerbalX 'Similar in function to the LIft/Elevator.
  23. What would be atleast 20 times cooler then building a ship on Kerbin? THAT'S RIGHT! BUILDING IT IN ORBIT! There should be certain (EXTREMELY LARGE) parts that can be launched into space, and then, when there is enough electricity, ore and other possible recourses, the parts are capable of creating saved ships, or maybe it even has a special construction meny, simmilar to the VAB or the SPH, but with less features. It would be awesome. Imagine having a giant structure in space, that just prints out an entire space station! Any containers would be empty, however, and have to be fueled in space.
  24. I would like a new structural panel. This would not be a square panel but a procedural triangle. I would want to be able to move two of the points of the triangle to change the form and size. Once created in the editor it could be moved and placed much the same as a regular construction panel. The whole of the panel would be mapped for surface attachment of any surface attachable objects. Similar in weight and thickness to the existing structural panel. The same texture as the small lander can would be fine. It would be a bonus if once completed I could then
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