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Found 25 results

  1. Contract Pack: Giving Aircraft a Purpose 1.6.1 Requires the latest release of Contract Configurator from https://github.com/jrossignol/ContractConfigurator/releases Requires the latest release of Module Manager from https://github.com/sarbian/ModuleManager Giving Aircraft a Purpose (GAP) is a contract pack for your aerospace program, providing aviation milestones to achieve, regular flights to service, and Coast Guard rescue . This contract pack is compatible with all stock and modded careers (except RSS). Purpose: To provide a useful purpose for the existence of
  2. Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting for your entertainment and delight, Exploration Plus - an overhaul of the stock Exploration Contracts. So, I really like the new Exploration contracts introduced in 1.2, but they aren't without their problems. Do I really need to prove that I can rendezvous or dock around every body before I can move on? Aren't the skills transferrable? I also feel like your progression can get bogged down, as you only have one of these contacts at a time. So here is an attempt to fix this: Features Multiple exploration contracts at a time. The moment you p
  3. Field Research - Get paid to do science! Description This is a Contract Pack that gives contracts to perform various science experiments. There are contracts for: Biome studies - collecting results from a number of experiments in a single biome. Climate studies - performing various climate experiments on bodies with atmospheres. Geological studies - performing geological experiments on various biomes of a celestial body. Experimental studies - run one experiment under multiple conditions (including experiments from mods). KSC Science - contract to g
  4. Increase the variety of tourism contracts available! Have tourists visit your stations, and build new attractions for them! (image credit MalevolentNinja) Description This is a Contract Pack that gives contracts to take tourists into space. There are contracts for: Taking tourists all around the Kerbin system. Taking tourists to your existing stations and bases. Building space tourism attractions. Taking tourists to your newly built attractions. Unlike the stock tourism contracts, all tourists for a given contract want to go to the same place. You'll
  5. Contract Pack: GAP for JNSQ - a missionpack with milestones, airline and rescue missions. This mod is aimed for use with JNSQ and Kerbal Konstructs only. If you play without a planet pack, you should look at the original GAP mod instead. Main Features: Milestones to complete and to unlock all the other missions. Airline flights to different Airports on Kerbin Coastguard Missions Air Freight Missions Autoloading Passengers Communications Depe
  6. Planes With Purposes v1.4 Hello! This is my first mod, Planes with Purposes. The purpose of this mod is to make Aircraft useful. Big thanks to @inigma for making the mod that inspired this one! His mod: Link to GAP The mod is by no means finished or bug free, so please report any bugs encountered in the comments of this forum page, the Github issues thingy or my discord (Tudor#8762) Known bugs: There are no bugs because I'm the best (Anyone that says otherwise will be given an internship at the experimental rocket
  7. I really like the satellite contracts in KSP, but I get fed up of KSP asking me to move my Remote Tech or SCANsat probes. So, I decided to try and fix it. I present to you: Clever Sats. A replacement for stock Satellite Contracts. How is this different to the stock Satellite contracts? Intelligent target selection. Instead of just picking anything that "might" be a satellite at random, you will only be asked to move satellites deployed by this pack. Like your remote-tech comm relay where it is? That's fine, CleverSat will leave it alone. Moved your sats into a constellation? Don't w
  8. History of Spaceflight is a contract pack that aims to accurately reproduce historical missions as they happened. Currently this contract pack covers roughly 750 missions, covering nearly every real mission that was ever flown up until 1967 and selected missions from later years. The contracts progress on a chronological basis, starting with the early rocket tests, going into the very first satellites and to early interplanetary and manned missions. All the major programs are there: Vanguard, Explorer, Sputnik, Kosmos, Keyhole, Vostok, Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Soyuz, Pioneer, Mariner, Proton..
  9. Welcome To Kerbal Academy's Kerbonaut Training Program Kerbal Academy is a contract pack consisting of training mission scenarios for educating your Kerbals. These missions are intended to provide in-field training experience to kerbonauts, advancing their skills for use on future missions. Each Kerbal Academy contract awards the trainee being trained experience when a specified mission task is completed. Are you tired of your Kerbals not being able to reach the highest levels without planting a flag on Duna? Ever wondered how planting a flag on Minmus shows your e
  10. Find Easter eggs and other anomalies! Description This is a Contract Pack that gives contracts to go search out the various Easter eggs that are included in KSP. There are 14 one-time contracts included in the pack of varying difficulty. There's some bonus new content that is only available as part of the mod. If you want to see it then you will need to finish both the Kerbin and Mun monolith contracts. Download CKAN: In CKAN, Select and download the mod "Contract Pack: Anomaly Surveyor" GitHub: For the direct download option, please ensure you have all
  11. CommNet Relays Ever wanted to get money for setting up CommNet network relays? Your dreams can come true with the CommNet Relays contract pack! Features CommNet Relays is a contract pack for Contract Configurator which gives you contracts for each body in the solar system (besides the homeworld, of course). The contract is to send a satellite with an appropriate dish or combination of dishes into an orbit low enough that surface missions can use the whip antenna instead of having to pack a big dish (so long as a relay is overhead, of course). Missions to your homeworld's moon
  12. History of Spaceflight Contract Pack for Stock/RSS/RO/RP-0/RP-1 This mod aims to basically transcribe the entire NASA Master Catalog into missions for Stock/RO/RP-0/RP-1. This project initially started as an expansion pack to Whitecat106's popular Historic Missions contract pack, but after he quit I decided to rewrite the entire mod from start to finish. This mod will feature and expanded 1942-1958 contract set of sounding rockets from all over the world. Plus complete mission sets (including failures) of every spaceflight launched to date(when completed). It also has more accurate orbi
  13. Contracts for RemoteTech, built using Contract Configurator! Description This is a Contract Pack for the popular RemoteTech mod. Note that I am not affiliated with the Remote Technologies Group, but think the work they do is awesome! There are 14 one-time contracts included in the pack of varying difficulty. Here's a peek at what some of the contracts look like: Download CKAN: In CKAN, Select and download the mod "Contract Pack: RemoteTech" GitHub: For the direct download option, please ensure you have all the dependencies before raising a support request:
  14. My first forray into the world of plugins is this pack of 15 contracts. Players will be rewarded for traveling to the most extreme elevations (both high and low) of the various bodies in the Kerbol system and planting flags. The contracts for celestial bodies with unique, non-sea-bed base elevations (Eve, Kerbin, Minmus, Laythe, and Tylo) only require the player to summit the body's highest mountain. *** Please note: As this is my first attempt at writing a plugin, I expect there to be hiccups here and there. I encourage reporting of those issues here, and will do my best to add
  15. Requires contract configurator: https://github.com/jrossignol/ContractConfigurator/releases/tag/1.26.0 and BD armory: https://github.com/PapaJoesSoup/BDArmory/releases IF THE AIRCRAFT DON'T FLY: Go into advanced difficulty options, disable require signal for control. This can also be found in the cheat menu. May not be necessary, only happens to a few people. KAF is a small contract pack featuring various intercepting and dog-fighting missions, pitting your user made aircraft and air defense systems up against a variety of Russian aircraft. Enemies include: MIG 15, MIG 21
  16. Defense Combat Advisors [DCA] DCA is a BDArmory military contract pack for Contract Configurator DCA contains 18 missions of enemies from the Air, Land & Sea. Requirements: Contract Configurator: https://github.com/jrossignol/ContractConfigurator/releases BDArmory: https://github.com/PapaJoesSoup/BDArmory/releases Download on SpaceDock & CKAN: http://spacedock.info/mod/1090/Contract Pack: Defense Combat Advisors Installation: Extract Zip File Drop GameData folder from
  17. Contract Pack: Bases and Stations Continued This is an update to severedsolo's fantastic Bases and Stations contract pack since they have stopped supporting it. Original thread: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/102390-122-contract-pack-bases-and-stations-361-30042017-formerly-kerbin-space-station/& I plan to add a few more features and try to fix some of the lingering bugs, please let me know if there's anything specific you want me to add! Introduction A complete overhaul of the stock Space Station and Base missions. Featuring no fewer than 1
  18. Kerbal Science Innovation Creat 30/06/2017 This is a science mod which use the science of today and the science of the future Version : 1.8.1 Change log : Download From : CKAN Author : @Ourshinigami Scorpius Space is enjoy to show you those part ! Scorpius Space Science Laboratory AtomicFountain (Caesium 133) Imgur : Atomic fountain(Caesium 133) Description : An atomic fountain is a
  19. Attention: This thread is now outdated. Kerbal Academy is now maintained by @Mark Kerbin - new thread here: Are you tired of your Kerbals not being able to reach the highest levels without planting a flag on Duna? Ever wondered how planting a flag on Minmus shows your engineers how to fix wheels? Enrol your Kerbonauts in the Kerbal Academy today! What does this do? Simply put, it's a series of contracts that will allow your Kerbonauts to advance their skillset, by actually doing the things that relate to their skill set. So, to give you an example, the Pilot training sche
  20. Historic Missions Pack A collection of contracts for a stock or modded game spanning from the 1930's to 2016 (currently), created using Contract Configurator. Includes compatibility with Real Solar System. Description: This pack currently adds 603... yes you read correctly... 603 contracts to the base game following the historic progression of both NASA and its Russian counterparts, each mission has been made into a contract for the game. I aimed to make a campaign of sorts following through a contract to reach the next, starting with the earliest Sputnik/Vostok and Mercur
  21. Career Evolution Contract Pack The smart contract pack that fixes many of the issues in stock career mission progression. THIS IS NO LONGER A BETA. SEE THE RELEASE THREAD HERE!
  22. Download: Download from Spacedock Licence: Mission Based R&D is licenced under the MIT licence Description: This is the successor to my old little mod. The objective is to reduce the grind on career mode. I do this by nullifying the science points and making tech nodes ulockable by completing missions. Each node of the tech tree has a mission that unlocks it when you complete it. The missions themselves are simple, go somewhere and perform a certain experiment, the recovery method is specified in the mission. To balance this, the missions are organized in tier
  23. If I play the game completely unmodded, the game runs completely smooth, no sudden drop in framerate or freezes whatsoever. If I install just one contract pack, stuttering happens. The more contract pack, the worse the stutter, sometimes reaching half a second freeze every 3-5 seconds. This happens when controlling the vessel outside VAB/SPH. Any idea why and how to fix it?
  24. In another thread I mentioned how my game was plagued by stutters, and by removing all my mods, I removed the stutters from my gameplay. I did some testings, and found out it was the contract packs that caused them. Even just one is enough to cause stutters. Another player also had a similar problem, and by removing the contract pack, the stutter was gone as well. So what causes this stutter with contract packs? Is there a way to fix it?
  25. GAP 1.0 Beta has been released. Please see the Add-On Released thread for future development, discussion, and support: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/129208-contract-pack-giving-aircraft-a-purpose-gap-10-beta-air-flights-tours-coast-guard-sts-105jan-4-2016/ Contract Pack: Giving Aircraft a Purpose 0.3 Requires Contract Configurator 1.9.1 from https://github.com/jrossignol/ContractConfigurator/releases an Aerospace Exploration (Development and Testing), Coast Guard Rescue (and Retrieval), and general Operations (charters
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