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Found 88 results

  1. Hi. So I've been playing career mode again and as usual I got quite a few tourist contracts. You know, those ones where you have to transport tourists to where they want to go. I let these pile up until they got to about four, and then I just threw them all onto one big ship I call the Commuter Train. Its job was to transport all the kerbals to Minmus, then to the Mun where it would dock with a lander I had there. The kerbals who wanted to land on the Mun would transfer to the lander, go down and come back up again and then redock with Commuter Train which would take all of them back home to Kerbin. Something so perfect sounded really good in my head, but in reality quite hard. I got them all to Minmus alright, but now something's happened to the complicated maneuver nodes I had saved with Kerbal Alarm Clock and I'm not sure what to do. Which is why I came here to ask you guys this: do the boxes I've already ticked in their contracts get saved when I land so I can send them up again? Or do they just disappear and I have to start over again? Any help is appreciated, Max
  2. Hey, I was playing yesterday and I accepted some contracts and when I got up today, they weren't in my list. Nor where they in the unaccepted list. What happened here? BTW the mods I have installed are: Contracts Pack (all of them), Firespitter, Historic Missions, Planet Base Inc, Kerbaltek, Active Texture Manager, and Final Frontier, so if you know of a bug please tell me.
  3. The apoapsis is negative on the contract, and the orbit isn't rendering at all (save for a few misplaced icons).
  4. I took a contract to launch a keosynchronous satellite and one of the conditions is that I must put it in orbit in such a way that it maintains a line of sight to "Site XM-3D". Exactly how does one fulfill that?? I have the satellite in orbit and as far as I can tell it has a clear line of sight but the condition won't complete
  5. I've recently begun construction of a station for transit to Eve for a contract, but I recently got a contract for a station around the Sun. I've checked and the requirements are exactly the same, and my station/ship will transit to the Sun's orbit, but I'm not sure if it would count as a new ship, as only half of it has been docked and prepped in orbit. Is it considered a new ship once you add another module to it? (I have two more to go). I'd like to hit two birds with one stone to make the most profit. Thanks!
  6. Hey, so I posted a similar thread in the mods category, but I'm not sure that was actually the best place for it. I have a simple question here. I it possible, stock or with a mod, to target contract orbits? My vision isn't that great, so I've always relied on Kerbal Engineer to tell me when I have a launch window. Now that I've been running a career game, I'm starting to get orbit contracts, but I can't for the life of me seem to launch close enough to a node so I don't have to do a huge correction in orbit. Any ideas or suggestions?
  7. Hey all, just a quick question. Is there a mod that allows contract orbits to be targeted? I have such a hard time determining lauch windows and the like without a target. I couldn't find anything with a google search, but I thought I might be using the wrong keywords or something. Thanks!
  8. Hello, I was hoping to get confirmation, from people who have looked into this or perhaps even the devs themselves, as to whether or not it is intentional that "Explore" contracts seem out of order. I had this issue around July, and now again that I've restarted the game. I get the usual world firsts like "orbit kerbin", then I get "fly by mun" then "rendezvous 2 ships in orbit" and then Explore Duna. Shouldn't this be explore mun, or minmus? In the summer I would get Explore Mun, then it would go to Explore Duna, skipping minmus. And before anyone says it's because I left Kerbin SOI or something like that, I made a mock career save, turned cheats on, and quickly repeated all the world first contracts only. It STILL skipped Mun and Minmus and went to Duna after "rendezvous 2 ships in orbit" Googling around I have been finding posts where some people claim contracts are related to reputation. Even if this is true, why would Duna require less rep than Mun? Thanks
  9. Quick question: when doing a "grand tour" contract, do you have to visit the planets in the order listed or can you do them in the most convenient order? Example: I have 2 "grand tour" contracts, both called the "Duna 3 Course". One wants me to fly-by Duna, Mun, and Ike, and the other wants me to flyby Duna, Ike, and Mun. See the difference? If I go in the order listed, the 1st contract requires 1.5 round trips between Kerbin and Duna (go to Duna, back to Mun, then back out to Ike). OTOH, the 2nd contract can be done in just one round trip. And if the order doesn't matter and luck of the draw holds true, I'll probably flyby Mun to start with on the way to Duna, then flyby Ike on the way to my Duna Pe. So if order doesn't matter, I could do both of them at once just going to Duna without any need to return. As you can see, this makes a fair amount of difference to the dV required by the ship. So does the listed order of planets matter?
  10. After a game crash my contracts list is missing. I can see all my contracts in the mission control building, but the icon in the upper right corner reports a 0. Can I recover my list somehow?
  11. Contract says: we want you to transmit science from space around Kerbin. More specifically, the objective is: Transmit or recover scientific data from around Kerbin Note how the contract does not mention that I need to use a specific command module, antenna, kerbal or anything else to fulfill the contract; it just mentions "transmit science" When I choose "transmit science" from my mobile processing lab (my space station really doesn't have a lot else; why would it?) it doesn't count towards the contract. What am I doing wrong?
  12. This might have been posted before, but I couldn't find it (though that really doesn't mean that much). When I have a contract to "transmit science in xxx orbit" there are various ways of doing that. I could do a crew report and transmit it. I could do an eva report. I can read a temperature. The list goes on. But ironically, the one thing that does exactly what the contract says—letting your MPL transmit science—cannot be used to fulfill the contract. It's not a big deal. I sent Bill for a coffee break in the local storage pod and had him send a crew report from there, before going back to sciencing science. And it got a good chuckle out of me. But really, change the verbage on either the MLP or the contract, because this just looks... bizar. Oh, and I'm sure it's in the wrong forum, but I'm clueless as where to post this.
  13. Hi! I have accepted a (what I thought) juicy contract of extracting Ore from Gilly and "bringing" it to Eve. Little did I know that it actually wanted me to *land* it on eve. I should really start reading the fine print, huh? Anyway, my plan is to make use of this contract to pay for my Gilly mining infrastructure, including a mining station and a lander. I want to land on Gilly, mine the Ore, transfer it to a tanker, rendezvous with a dedicated eve landing module, and transfer it to the landing module. My question is: does this still count? I mean techically it should, because it's still "the ore". But I have no idea how the contracts actually track it, since it's just a number in a config file. Will my plan work, or do I have to do that directly?