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Found 2 results

  1. Do you want more of a challenge for planes? Then this mod is for you! It will eventually include staying at a certain altitude for a certain amount of time (like 1 hour) and flying all around Kerbin. Current Contracts: Stay above 3000 meters for 30 minutes. Requires Contract Configurator I highly recommend Planes with Purposes and Kerbin Side Remastered GAP for less difficult contracts. Those mods inspired me to make this. Download from: GitHub SpaceDock CKAN License is MIT.
  2. KSP: 1.1.2 Windows 64bit Problem: Antenna Range Relays contract pack interferes with Kopernicus Mods installed: Kopernicus 1.0.4 ContractConfigurator 1.11.5 AntennaRangeRelays contract pack v1.3 ModuleManager.2.6.24.dll Reproduction steps on a clean install: 1.Start new career game (named KopRelay) 2.Build minimal safe rocket: Mk1 pod, Mk16 parachute, RT-5 Flea booster 3.Launch 4.Stage What is expected: smooth launch What I get: extremely stuttering frame rate 5.Quit 6.Zip all .log files (contract configurator, kopernicus, output_log, ksp.log) Log: logs zip file on google drive
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