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Found 3 results

  1. Air-Klaciers Compagnie d'aviation What is Air-Klaciers: Air-Klaciers is a contract pack aiming to bring the swiss mountaineer into the game ! I do enjoy to play with contract pack just to have a bit more immersion and one type of contract I've always liked were the rescue mission in GAP but there are only two. So I've tweaked them and finally created my own rescue and transport contract. Purpose: Air Klaciers is a Kerbal aviation company that offers air transport services as well as an emergency service just like the real-wor
  2. Contractpack: Dawn of the Space Age (aka: KSP Campaign) I'm new to mods, so be kind. I play KSP already for a longtime and like the game very much but I think the game lacks a good mission structure. I think you are send to quickly to other planets, whereby you mostly lack the technology/science or you have to make ridicules multi biome missions sending kerbals on the first rocketish vessel to minmus. I like a more realistic approach where some sort of caution and care for kerbals is present, more robotic exploration before we send the kerbals (although Jebediah will probably ch
  3. I was working on getting a SCANsat satellite into a the correct orbit when I realized that the SCANsat contract was tracking a different vessel for contract completion. (I think) I've found the parameters for said contract in my save file, but I don't know the vessel ID of the sat that I want it to track, and I don't want to bork my latest career save; I've already backed up the file but just in case. Here's the contract data from the save file:
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