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  1. Contracts Window + v9.4 Download from SpaceDock Download from CurseForge Alternate Download: GitHub Localization is supported and the following translations are included in the download package: Russian | Chinese | Polish | Spanish | French by @vladimir_v | by @QAQdong | by @Moskit | by @fitiales | by don-vip -------------------- Consider donating if you like what you see here. * Money will not go directly to development or
  2. History of Spaceflight is a contract pack that aims to accurately reproduce historical missions as they happened. Currently this contract pack covers roughly 750 missions, covering nearly every real mission that was ever flown up until 1967 and selected missions from later years. The contracts progress on a chronological basis, starting with the early rocket tests, going into the very first satellites and to early interplanetary and manned missions. All the major programs are there: Vanguard, Explorer, Sputnik, Kosmos, Keyhole, Vostok, Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Soyuz, Pioneer, Mariner, Proton..
  3. Hello, i'm playing a hardly modded save, where is have the mod "(almost) real solar system" installed. It changes the Kerbin system into the real solar system, but scaled down(2.5 times the kerbal system) and using the kerbal planets. The problem is, that the contracts for placing satellites are way to hard. It tells me to place one into a polar orbit with ~120.000.000m Ap/Pe. The easiest contracts are equatorial orbits with min. 400.000 Ap/Pe. There is no point for me to build small launchers or Leo focused rockets because there is no contract for them. Is th
  4. Mission Controller 3.1 Build Your Own Contracts In Career Mode Update Released. Download below for Github Updated 7/13/2012 with new version. Quick Summery Of What Mission Controller Does. 1. You can Build your own contracts in game using the Mission Controller Mission Builder.. All in game. Want to send 6 kerbals to Duna? Well make a contract and than send it to the Finance committee and see a company pick up your mission and pay you! 2. Satellite missions. Mission Controller has its own satellite missions that give you a lot more investment into d
  5. Contract Pack: Historical Progression This contract pack is designed to take you through the history of the human space program. This entire contract pack was inspired by Whitecat106's Historic Missions contracts. He has created an incredible selection of close to 700 missions! For me, that is too much, and I wanted to go through the history of human spaceflight and progress how we have done in real life. I did not want to have to launch a mission that was almost the smae thing over and over again. This contract pack takes you from the first sounding rockets to New Horizons and into
  6. I had sent a mission to Ike. It consisted of a lander and a return vehicle launched together. I un-docked the lander and went to Ike but upon returning to the vehicle in orbit I did not get a contact completion for a rendezvous two vehicles in orbit around Ike. Does this kind of contract require 2 different vehicles to be launched separately?
  7. The arrival of Breaking Ground was probably the happiest surprise related to KSP1 since I started playing a few years ago, but one thing that it has soured is the contract system. The contracts were already terrible, loads of them make very little sense and if you are sick and tired of certain types of them you can't just block them - you have to manually keep declining each and every one of them forever and hope the game randomly offers something you want to do. Now that Breaking Ground introduced a number of new types of contracts this has gotten completely out of hand, I've spent up to seve
  8. Does anyone know the triggers (how to get the contract to show up) for Worlds First Sun fly-by and orbit? I'm currently doing a Worlds First-only contracts run, and I've cleared the Mun and Minmus, and my next one is Eve. But I want to clear the Sun contracts first, since getting to Eve would fulfill a Sun fly-by/orbit. I can reload before completing my last Minmus contract, since I know the game only gives 1 Worlds First contract at a time.
  9. I'm trying to get the time stamps out of the CONTRACT_FINISHED sections of a save file, and all I can see is a 'values=' entry with several floating point doubles that look like time stamps around the right times, but I can't tell which value is which. Or even if the values are the same for each contract type. How do I interpret this value? Or is there an easier way to get a "completed at" value out of a finished contract?
  10. I was just going through the available contracts and saw...this. I swear this is not a Photoshop job. https://ibb.co/02t9ZLx I guess this kind of thing was inevitable!
  11. Hi, Can station contracts be completed when the station is assembled in space in smaller parts? I built a station around Kerbin for a contract but it never gets completed. I'm 100% sure that all requirements are satisfied but the contract list shows only the special parameters checked while the general parameter (must have an antenna, a docking port and generate power) remains unchecked. I have all these in the station, built with stock parts (to rule out mod issues), but they were assembled in different missions. Could that be the issue? I would ask if I could complete it by editing
  12. Hey all, long time lurker here. So, I recently decided to get back into Kerbal after having been away for a time, and decided to go back to my tried and true method of making money, station farming. After I had the right technologies and the contracts began appearing I waited a bit to get a good combination of them. Eventually I got one for Kerbin, the Mun, and the Mins. With three contracts ready to go I built a ship that would meet all the requirements of each contract, launched it, and in a short period of time I had the first contract (put the station around kerbin) cleared.
  13. Can someone help me with the 5Dim military contract revival? The owner seems offline from ages.
  14. Still working fine for 1.3 Initial release of the revamped, scaled down, Additional Progression Contracts mod. This is a replacement for my old "Advanced Progression Contracts" mod, since most of the contracts in it were merged into the base game by Squad. DOWNLOAD Requires Contract Configurator 1.15 or higher. Contracts included on launch: Send the first probe to another planet. Send the first manned flyby of another planet (and return). Send the first manned landing on another planet (and return). Land a rover on the Mun. Land a rover on Minm
  15. My First Space Station, and Misadventures Related Thereto PART 1 In which mistakes are made I was waiting for various maneuver nodes to come up on my first manned trip to Minmus, initiated almost at the same time as the consummation of my first unmanned trip to Minmus (my first mining-refining vessel, on the Mun, decided to have some mission creep). In the meantime, I decided to accept a bunch of contracts regarding putting a space station into orbit, which I had never done before intentionally. (There was an early-game derelict spacecraft—a crossfeed error made it run out of fuel
  16. Hey, so since update 1.4.2, I'm now getting a ton of useless messages regarding my contracts. Like if I'm supposed to test a certain part at speed and altitude, I'm getting messages telling me I'm at the required speed or altitude even if I don't have the part on the craft. When you have like a dozen contracts going at the same time, it gets really irritating, because I'm getting messages constantly and none of them relate to what I'm actually doing. This is something that cropped up as soon as I installed 1.4.2. Is there a way to turn this off? I'm running a stock install wit
  17. I'm in the early stages of my "new version means new tech tree playthrough" career game and I'm finding that the order in which contracts become available is a bit strange. Previously there was a fairly logical progression to these, but now the order seems random at times. For example, I've just been offered (and accepted) a contract to build an outpost on Duna supporting 8 kerbals with 6000 units of fuel. Nothing strange in that, except that this was the first contract offered beyond Mun and Minmus and I'd not even seen an outpost contract for those two bodies yet. Oh yeah, not sent
  18. I have a contract to place a new station on a solar orbit. However it has a part saying have 3 tourists on the station. I have not got any tourists and it is not a secondary step, all of them must be done to achieve any. Help plz?
  19. This may be related to the bug other people have reported about the game reverting to a previous state - I'm playing career mode on the PS4. With some contracts - so far, I've mainly had this problem with equipment tests for the R&D vendor - I will complete the test and satisfy all parameters, get the green text that says the contract was completed, end the mission, recover the craft, go back to mission control - and there's the same contract in my 'active' list, waiting to be completed. This has happened repeatedly with parachutes and solid fuel boosters tests for the R&am
  20. I've finished my first Eve/Gilly mission in my current career save, and what does the next exploration contract entail? Go back to Gilly, where I've already been, and transfer crew between vessels, which I've already done. I think to myself, "I'll just warp time and hopefully get that Jool or Bop contract". I do that, what do I see? Transfer crew between vessels around Ike, which I did ages ago. Warp again, "Dock around Mun", already done that. It's giving me repeated contracts to do mundane tasks that I've done before and I'm not getting contracts to go any further than Duna, and it's really
  21. Xbox One EE Cursor controls Career mode, hard setting, purchase of upgrades disabled because it doesn't work Bug: Contracts vanish from the list, moving from the mission control building after accepting a contract to the VAB then to the launch pad - upon arrival at the launch pad the selected contract was no longer present - returning to mission control indicated it was not on the "available" list, checking the "current" contracts showed none currently in progress, the "completed" tab was also empty despite half a dozen contracts having been undertaken and completed, cash
  22. Hi, I'm playing a career mode game, and upgraded the Mission Control building to Level 3 (maximum) a long time ago. The game says this upgrade should allow "unlimited number of active contracts". Although the upgrade did indeed remove the hard limit on the number of contracts, I found that the game simply didn't offer me any more contracts once I had 14 active. Whenever I'd complete a contract, I'd be offered a new one, one-for-one, but no more than that. One day when I completed a story contract, the game offered me two in its place, which expanded the "rotation" to 15, but a few contrac
  23. "Отказ от выполнения контракта не считается провалом и не накладывает никаких штрафных санкций. Вместо этого, при аннулировании договора, аванс возвращается обратно, а репутация остается без изменений. Это можно использовать для контрактов, срок выполнения которых заканчивается раньше возможности их завершения"(С)Википедия- не считаете ли вы это не совсем правильным?! Имхо! Было бы прикольнее, если ты уже взял контракт, то отмена его считалась бы ПРОВАЛОМ и штрафовали бы тебя по полной, так же как и если выйдет срок, а если просто хочешь в списке контрактов отменить, чтоб появился другой
  24. Hello, A lot of contracts say test this part at this altitude with this speed and it can take hours of trial and error (for a newbie like me) to test 1 part. I want to progress in career mode but at this rate, I'll never get anywhere... so I am wondering is there an easy way to calculate what speed your ship will be doing at altitude X with certain settings? I find it incredibly frustrating to do these kind of contracts, I literally make a note of my engines/settings/stages and then what speed I was doing at what altitude, adjust, try again, fail, cry, adjust, rinse, repeat...
  25. I accepted a contract to put a satellite in orbit around Minmus. When I try and get the orbit close to the required orbit I can't get the contract to complete. Does anyone know how close you have to get to the required orbit to complete the contact? I had the periapsis within 5km and the apoapsis spot on but apparently I wasn't close enough. Also does anyone have any general tips with matching orbits? I am at the start of career mode with very little science unlocked and even with my weakest engine with tiny thrust the orbit changes lots in seconds. I would imagine Minmus isn't the
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