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  1. Dear all, I know I am being thick here, but I cannot work out how to remap rover controls so that something makes it go forwards, backwards, and turns. At the moment w and s just spin the rover. Lots of forums say remap the rover controls but I cannot find any mention of wheels in the options other than steering axis and throttle axis. If I click on the < button I get a window with three lights in it marked staging docking (translation) docking (rotation) and have no idea what this is or how it relates to making the darn thing move. Can someone please post an idiots guide to
  2. I encountered an issue with a probe last night, wondering if anyone else has experienced it. I haven't played around yet to understand how repeatable the issue is. I had a probe on a fly-by of Mun, where it lost comms on the back side of the Mun. I time warped past this, and when comms came back, I stll had no control over the probe. (Comm's showed full signal, etc). Returning to tracking station, and reloading the craft fixed the problem. I encountered this again when trying to land the probe, time warping through the entering Atmo I passed through a ground station comm blackout spo
  3. Somethin I would like to see would be an SAS mode where the SAS tries its hardest to stay pointed at the angle it was facing in when enabled. Even if the player provides input, on release the craft would try to re-orient back to its initial angle. To actually change the craft's angle you would need to change the SAS mode or switch off the SAS, which can easily be done quickly with the F button. I think this would be useful for those crafts where you want to stay pointing in one direction, but the SAS slowly creeps away and you have to keep correcting it, leading to a loss of efficiency.
  4. I had a break from KSP for the best part of a year and so I'm still learning the differences between that and the current version. I'm sure I remember that it was possible to change the orientation of a Kerbal using a jetpack whilst in space. Now, it seems the little fellow will always snap back to its original orientation when you hit any thrust key. Is there a way to get him to face the way the camera is pointing, or otherwise change the direction she/he wants to face? If you are helmet first, trying to grab onto a ladder seems pretty impossible. Also, is there a way to mak
  5. So when I activate the decoupler my command pod and science lab seperate but camera and control stays with Rocket engine and fuel tanks. This happened after I restored a quicksave. It has also happened in the past after I reverted to the launch pad. I am sure there is a simple fix (I hope) but not seeing any key commands that transfer controls from one unit while in flight. Please help and thank you.
  6. Hi all, I got some problem about guidance and control with the vector. After nearly two years of gaming I decided it should be time to finally make a first trip outside of Kerbin sphere of influence and due to a closest launch window have chosen Duna. Here is the launcher : It's full stock and got a total of 12 Vectors with 4 at the main core and 8 in side boosters. Now here is the problem, the launcher use to be uncontrolable once it reach approx 100 m/s, it start to lean on pitch or roll without any inputs from me and with the SAS on and staying on manual (with a smoot
  7. Do you guys know how to use rcs on a kerbal?
  8. Hi folks, I thought about a nice way to play a career for reality and for challenging reasons: I was wondering if it would be possible to have kind of a "Control Center" for your vessels, where you can - get a life-stream from their onboard-cameras (multiple vessels at once, different small windows) + time-delayed, - can send commands like in kRPC or kOS with RemoteTech handicaps- can store scripts for automatic execution (kOS, Remotech, MechJeb) - crewed flights can just be controlled via IVA(or remote and just with pilot on board - background processing (my sat on Duna c
  9. Hi everybody. Ever Since version 1.1 I'm having trouble flying my spaceplanes. I really have to pitch slowly in order avoid flipping the entire vessel .i've tried lowering and increasing the authority limiter but that didn't help. The only workaround seems to be to use more SAS units, which doesn't feel right ... is there something I'm missing?i hope ypu guys can help. Here's an example of a typical plane:
  10. I've been flying planes without SAS more frequently to obtain a smoother flight, and now with 1.1 there's an option to dedicate the reaction wheel control to SAS only, Pilot only, and normal. However a few things are missing I believe. 1) Ability to set Pilot control, SAS control, or Normal control to control surfaces. 2) Ability to change Reaction wheel mode to Dampener, allowing you to dampen your rotation along the x,y, and z axis. This would allow for smoother craft turning, without the jerky movement we have currently. 3) Ability to adjust the dampener of reaction wheels (along x,y
  11. I love the rocket physics, but airplane are still unrealistic. Real airplanes should recover the roll and pitching moments, with a decent design of the center of mass and lift, and use the engine thrust to increase or reduce the altitude. Right now it is more like an arcade game to struggle with the controls while the airplane spins uncontrollable.
  12. I launched a mission in career mode recently, as a flyby of Minmus. I intercepted completed the flyby, and on the way back, I got the message "Jebediah Kerman refuses to work." I had forgotten about my install of USI-LS, and it seems I had exceded the time that a Kerbal could go without "snacks". I uninstalled USI-LS, and rebooted the game. I went to the tracking center, selected my craft, and tried to take control. The "Fly" option was greyed out, and I could not take control of the craft. I looked at the crew menu for the craft, and it said that Jebediah Kerman was a tourist. I returned to t
  13. I've been working on some parts for a mod I'm making, and I'm having trouble with my control surface part. The part is similar to the delta-deluxe winglet in that it has a built-in control surface, which I attempted to do by having the control surface as a separate mesh which I assigned the module to. It is mostly working, but it rotates around the wrong axis. I tried re-orienting it in Unity, and it didn't change, and I tried re-doing the axes in blender but it didn't carry over into Unity. How can I make the control surface rotate about the correct axis?
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