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  1. I found a link for the 1.2.2 pdf by EdJaws that was like an off-line list of all the vanilla key bindings, but the link to the pdf was a google drive. So that doesn't exist anymore... I'm wondering of anyone has an auxiliary copy of the pdf they can post in the thread or something. If there's a newer one that's been spread around, even better. I'll take links to threads that do have an active link to a keybinds pdf as well.
  2. so, where can i set minimum and maximum for an axis, even wiggling the axis did not set the min-max, resulting in max-min-step-max behaviour. you cant test the controls in the settings, and you have to go all the way in to flight to test them, then just to find they were not working right. edit: why does alt-tabbing out of the program in win 10 64-bit make it white-hangup, crash?
  3. Greetings! I can't speak for everyone else but personally I find the VAB controls excruciatingly painful to use, especially in comparison to those in the SPH. Being able to move my camera to any space on screen rather than being pinned down to the center far more versatile and lets me place parts with far more precision. I would love a mod that simply gives the VAB the same control scheme as the SPH. Is this doable? I am aware that WASDcam also changes camera controls, but what I am wanting is a bit different, just unified controls so that I don't find myself building both planes and rockets i
  4. I saw the KSP 2 announcement and I thought, "Colonies? That's so cool!" Then I read into it a bit more and discovered, you need to launch components to actually construct these habitats. Now, my interplanetary skills are a bit rusty, so I thought it might be a good idea to practice with the original KSP. Then it occurred to me that the developers might alter the mechanics and control schemes, to make the original techniques much more difficult. Can anybody tell me if these changes might occur, and that I might need to re-learn the controls and methods? It would be much appr
  5. I am predominantly a console player, and I have been eagerly waiting many months for KSP to arrive on the PS4. I purchased it on the release date and have played for a couple of hours each night since. I have to say I am extremely disappointed and frustrated, to the point where I don't even want the game anymore. The control scheme is awful and unworkable. I don't know what I should have expected, but based on my experiences so far, I don't think this game can be played with a joystick. If I could get a refund for my purchase I would certainly take it. I don't think I have ever playe
  6. I’m not sure how this is handled on PC, but on PS4 (and presumably Xbox), trying to control slider values is difficult, at best. The most obvious concern is precisely adding/removing fuel from tanks. Not only matching liquid fuel and oxidizer, but precisely controlling them as needed. I’ve got in the habit of just fiddling until it “close enough”, but that isn’t really ideal. Today it’s an issue of fairing sides. I don’t want “5.15” sides (why is this not whole values anyway?). But in all of these sliders, you can’t even reliably force a max or min value. Clicking at the very ends d
  7. My controls for delete, rotate lt/rt, time advance shortcuts and others are just not working. I have deleted reinstalled new gamed tried to go to sandbox science mode settings. Nothing works the controls just do not work. Outside of Vab/sph lt/rt work for zooming in and out so I know it's not the controller. Launching just a command pod I can yaw pitch rotate zoom etc no problems there but for shortcuts and construction the controls don't seem to work I am on Xbox one KSP enhanced edition.
  8. The offset tools in the VAB are... lets say, unintuitive. I cannot get any sort of fine control. Is there an updated PS4 console controls list somewhere???
  9. We know the Ps4 does have the ability to connect a keyboard and mouse so what's stopping Squad from implementing those controls? I get the argument that at that point you might as well buy a PC but i would like to enjoy KSP with easier controls. I understand if implementing is harder in practice than in concept. I would just like to hear an official response on it.
  10. This is another reason the controls for console need to be given further consideration. This just happened to be posted exactly 3 years ago yesterday. I spent an entire afternoon and evening designing a rover to gather the remaining surface science on Mun. Over 6 hours later (real life time) MunRover and the ship that transported her there are finally on the South Pole and ready to get down to business. I push forward on the left joystick to accelerate aaand BANG!! she takes a nosedive and destroys a part on the front of the rover. I load the quicksave I had just done and try again,
  11. What are the more advanced controls for the new KSP console port, specifically for the VAB and SPH? On the PC and old console port there were buttons to disable surface attachment so your structures only stuck to the green snap points and also when using the "Move" tool you could choose whether the object moved on the worlds xyz axis or the objects itself. Were these functions completely removed from the game, they've never appeared in any of the in game tutorials.
  12. I'm having trouble with the IVA view. I can't cycle through different kerbals in IVA. I've seen others do it and i've looked through the control lists, but I can't find anything. Please help!
  13. Couple of problems found with the control schemes (Edit: just noticed #1 has been added and confirmed on the BugTracker). Can't buy researched parts in R&D building. For harder difficulties, you must pay an entry cost for each part after researching them so they become available. Now for a reason I'm yet to understand, the cursor is available everywhere but on H&D... Since the cursor is not available, after switching to the parts specific window - as in, after you first select a part through the part list window, a new window will pop-up with this part description - you simpl
  14. Anyone experience loss of craft control in the Xbox One Enhanced Edition? I have launched a pretty simple rocket (Twin-Boar engine, fuel tank, decoupler, Skipper engine, fuel tank, decoupler, MK1 control pod, heat shield, parachutes) into orbit around Kerbin. While checking out the Kerbal cockpit view, reviewing controls via the Manual app, and browsing through Kerbin planet info, contract info, etc, I have now lost control of my rocket orbiting Kerbin. Some things I have tried: I am not time warped. I am currently in 1x time mode, and have warped forward and put back to 1x mode....
  15. Somehow my steam recognizes my joystick (Logitech extreme 3d pro) as a generic gamepad, and is stuck in some weird control profile. I can't seem to delete the profile or reset anything regarding to the joystick. When I open the joystick in the device manager I can see that it's working by testing everything in the properties. I've spent hours trying to figure this out, and haven't found anything pertinent to my situation. Please help me out!
  16. This is just a funny idea I had, but what if you had a mod that you could toggle on and off while on a mission. When toggled on, it would purposely add a user-defined number of seconds of input lag. It does take time for signals to move the sorts of distances involved in space after all (from Earth to the Moon is what, about a second?) If you wanted to make it a more automated "challenge" mod, rather than a just-for-fun thing you toggle, you could have it add some amount of time for any vessel in a sphere of influence without a manned vessel it can connect to. Naturally, to avo
  17. I need some help regarding setting up a joystick. I've set up all the inputs and everything, but I've noticed that when pitching up and down, my planes will pitch up/down for a bit, then stop, even if I'm still pulling the stick back. I've never used a joystick before, so I don't know if this is supposed to happen or not.
  18. Okay, I know people may say this is because of power or antenna on 1.2, but for some reason, every time I get close to another one of my ships (i.e. attempt docking) with it. I can get about 20km away, and all of a sudden everything on the ship stops working.... permanently. These are not large ships, and even the in game tutorial is doing this. When I was in career mode, I put everything in, made sure I had the antennas up, had several battery packs for my probe core and/or command module and the reaction wheels, as well as RCS. Even the RCS didn't work when I asked it to. The whole ship
  19. I played KSP during 1.1 for several days and i do understand how the game controls work. When 1.2 released i decided to begin a new game in career mode. For some reason now in the new game the games default controls for flight in a completely unmodded game version 1.2 DO NOT WORK. To be more exact, I'm just starting again so of course the first few steps are building small rockets etc etc (you know the drill) as i launch the first rocket to get into space the games DEFAULT keyboard controls do absolutely nothing at all to the rocket, i mean absolutely freaking nothing the gauge that s
  20. Hi all, As a longtime KSP fan who was very disappointed with KSP's dodgy control scheme and lack of configurability on consoles, there's no doubt that Squad/Flying Tiger must know how fans feel about the control scheme by now, so I'll try to add something more constructive here. So as it turns out both consoles do allow some buttons to be remapped, and while it may not be a huge help with many of KSP's context-sensitive controls, it might still come in handy for some. PS4 - Dual Shock 4 (scroll down to Button Assignments) This tool is fairly basic and doesn't allow inverting axes
  21. First: It would be very nice if we could access and edit the game controls without having to exit back to the main menu. There have been several times when I wanted to dock or do some EVA thing and couldn't remember all the controls, such as turning on the Kerbals helmet lights. I had to save, exit look at the controls, then reload. Often times I just forget what the control is, such as how to translate forward in staging mode instead of docking mode and the like. Second: I fumbled upon being able to cycle the orbital map focus by using tab, and you can in theory reverse cycle
  22. I tried to add joystick control inputs for pitch and roll under the main Settings menu and now all my controls are no longer functioning. When I try to load an aircraft or rocket, a warning comes up indicating there are no remote or pilot controls for the vehicle and I can't launch anything. I tried deleting the joystick from the inputs but it did not help. Any idea how to get my controls back and how to properly setup a basic joystick? Eric
  23. So I've had KSP for two days i love the game but steering any Aircraft is basically impossible as i start spinning violently and it takes ages to stop the wild movements can i fix this? Is there a sensitivity option im missing? (Im a big noob and have only watched youtube vids of ksp until now)
  24. Hi, the combo of joystick and movement to control the game on PS4 is not great. I made some adjustment but it's really not easy to use the small icons on screen. Why not use the nice touchpad on PS4 controller? I'm pretty sure it could be as precise as a mouse. Thank you for your great game!
  25. Pretty self-explanitory. There is no reason I should need to figure out a whole new control scheme for jetpack vs. a real ship. At least if you don't make it default the same, let us map roll/pitch/yaw to keys so I can do it myself. The LMB+drag paradigm makes no dang sense to me. (plus for some reason my Kerbals aren't turning even when I mapped a joystick axis to their rotations. That's probably an issue with my install, but it doesn't excuse not being able to use keys at all! I've de-selected the option to automatically re-orient to the camera)
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