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Found 4 results

  1. Convert a NEW stock career-mode into the NASA Space Program! Version overhaul update for KSP 1.3 DOWNLOAD HERE Original Content is released under Creative Commons: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 This mod uses the some dependent parts packs along with custom content to transform your stock career mode into the NASA space program. Some stock parts which don't "fit" well with the nasa-theme are removed (the stayputnik, for example) and almost all of the dependent mod parts are renamed, re-arranged on the tech tree, or modified in some other way. Rockets tanks are grouped by name for easy reference. VAB ships are also included for the major crew pods. Adds custom flags. Also, a placeholder IVA is added to crewed parts which currently lack one (the "hitchhiker storage" IVA is used as the placeholder). Boosters and Capsules are named using original, but related, names to their nasa counterparts. Requires: Additional Progression Contracts ModuleManager TRAILS Plus Contract Configurator Optional: Kerbal Planetary base System This mod uses a modulemanager patch to handle parts - it doesn't delete or modify any of your existing files. Incompatible: Any mods that contain extra parts. Sorry. Credits : This mod contains, with permission, parts developed (forked or were abandoned) by Beale, Ledenko, CobaltWolf, and SnowWhite, all under Creative Commons. A few were unfinished beta parts which I completed myself. Also includes some icons from Community Tech Tree This mod uses modulemanager patches to handle parts - it doesn't automatically delete or modify any of your existing files. What you get: A bunch of new parts, which combined with the dependency parts allow you to construct NASA vehicles and launchers including Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Orion, CST-100, STS, Explorer1, Ranger, Redstone, Atlas, Titan II, Titan III, Saturn I, Saturn V, Ares I, SLS A generous amount of new contracts, based around specific program missions. Completely new tech tree, redesigned from scratch. Pruning parts out of the dependent mods that don't "fit" with the overall theme of the NASA space program. Heavy editing of parts in the dependent mods to fit in the modified progression tree, and for balance purposes. Craft files for most major systems, including subassembly parts for boosters. Installation Instructions: Unzip the contents of "gamedata" into your "gamedata" like most other mods. If you wish, copy the craft files from the ships and subassemblies folders into your save. Gameplay Tips: Turn on advanced tweakables, and use autostrut for some of the larger boosters! The Saturn/Sarnus boosters in particular will wobble like wet spaghetti without this! Try not to "get ahead" of the objectives you get contracts for. (Wait to do an orbital EVA until you get the contract for it in the Castores program) Not required, but it makes the game more interesting. Known Issues: A few of the included booster .craft are slightly overpowered, which is almost unavoidable in a KSP mod of this sort.
  2. this is a user desired challenge where people will take there favorite plane they have already built and turn it into a vtol. rules: 1. it has to be a plane you've already made 2. it can't be one just perfect for a vtol conversion 3. you have to have a craft file of the original and of the vtol. 4. if you do not have a craft file then just record the original and it flying and the vtol with it flying normal and vtol mode (with it switching between them mid flight) 5. it has to have a vtol mode AND a normal mode. how the competetion will work: you will do whether rule 3 or 4 (preferably 4). and after a week or two I will de-side on the best 10 converted crafts. and then I will make a pole with pictures of all of the crafts and a brief description of how they fly and then the craft with the most votes will be crowned: THE VTOL CONVERSION KING!!!! my attempt: P.S. making a vtol from a normal plane is very hard, so you don't have to make it look as original as possible, but do try to. contenders: drtricky with: https://kerbalx.com/drtricky/ABH-17-Rapture it is a modded super weaponized plane and the original https://kerbalx.com/drtricky/A-15-Big-Eagle Torquimedes Grumman F-14 Tomcat Numerlor with https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZZiPRFTeHw Ozelui with https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PlNmHfNSEc8
  3. version = 1.1.3 Title = default (SANDBOX) Description = No description available. linkURL = linkCaption = Mode = SANDBOX Status = 1 scene = 5 editor = None flag = Squad/Flags/hexagon launchID = 14 modded = True envInfo = - Environment Info - Win32NT 7FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF Args: KSP_x64.exe - PARAMETERS This is the part we modify. BEWARE! IT IS VRY EASY TO ACCIDENTALLY BORK YOUR SAVE GAMES! BACK UP THE FILES FIRST! Alright! version = 1.1.3 Title = default (!SANDBOX!) Description = No description available. linkURL = linkCaption = Mode = !SANDBOX! Status = 1 scene = 5 editor = None flag = Squad/Flags/hexagon launchID = 14 modded = True envInfo = - Environment Info - Win32NT 7FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF Args: KSP_x64.exe - PARAMETERS The parts that are surrounded by exclamation marks, these should get changed from sandbox to "SCIENCE" Load the save, then go into your text editor and change it from "SCIENCE" to "CAREER" version = 1.1.3 Title = default (CAREER) Description = No description available. linkURL = linkCaption = Mode = CAREER Status = 1 scene = 5 editor = None flag = Squad/Flags/hexagon launchID = 14 modded = True envInfo = - Environment Info - Win32NT 7FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF Args: KSP_x64.exe - PARAMETERS And boom! Save converted! NOTE! A save cannot be converted from Science or Career back to sandbox using this method! Hope I helped someone!
  4. My first contribution to this fine Community -- and I can assure you it won't be my last. Hopefully this points anyone who needs the information in the right direction. I've been monkeying (Chaka!) around with adding CO2 Scrubbers and whatnot to Pods and Station Modules. Following the brilliant examples in TACLifeSupport http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/37449-102-tac-life-support-v011120-5apr/ by TaranisElsu, I attempted to add the relevant modules from that pack into Pods and Station Modules that I was directly using, but it didn't quite work out the way I wanted. I was calling the parts instead of the functions; that's where I was going wrong. Turns out we can simply add these things directly into each .cfg file, and not have them be static (because one Pod for two Kerbals should not have the same Scrubber as a Pod meant for six!). We can tweak how "efficient" these parts are, as well as how "converty" they are, according to the Pod or Module. All credit for the code you're about to see below goes to TaranisElsu and TacLifeSupport. I'm just a bit of a hack who tweaked the numbers for simplification, and I'm sure TaranisElsu will yell at me for it. In each part file you want a Convertor/Scrubber/Recycler in, you can add this to the config, and you may have more than one convertor! Simply make a new MODULE {} entry for it. // Watch this ... don't need separate config files, do it right here in the .cfg file! Needs TacLifeSupport. MODULE { name = TacGenericConverter converterName = CO2 Scrubber // A scaling factor by which the resource amounts are multiplied -- change the last number for however many Kerbals the part is rated for (this one is for 4 Kerbals) conversionRate = 0.04 // A comma separated list of resources to use as inputs. // For each resource, list the resource name and the amount (which // is multiplied by the conversionRate) inputResources = CarbonDioxide, 0.1, ElectricCharge, 0.4 // A comma separated list of resources to output. Same as above // but also specify whether it should keep converting if the // resource is full (generating excess that will be thrown away). outputResources = Oxygen, 0.025, false, Waste, 0.075, true } As you can see in the code, the above unit is rated for 4 Kerbals, and has an efficiency rating of ~25%. Every 0.1 units of CO2, plus 0.4 ElectricCharge will output 0.025 units of Oxygen and the remaining 0.075 units (in this setup) is Waste. The inputResources and outputResources can be anything we need; but it's good to keep things realistic. No reason to have this thing generating MonoPropellant, ElectricCharge and LiquidFuel/Oxidizer, although it could. And remember that anything outputResource generated is stored automatically if that resource storage is specified on-board. For example, if we're storing Waste on board, the excess ("Waste") will go into the Waste resource pool, because that resource was specified as being on board. "Waste" literally can mean anything. Anything. Treat WasteWater the same way. Outputs are likely CarbonDioxide and Methane (you'll need tanks to store both separately), then use the CO2 Scrubber to get Oxygen from it. If we really wanted to get creative, we can use a Sabatier Process to turn Carbon and Methane into nearly anything. Hope this is helpful. Again, all credits go to TaranisElsu and TacLifeSupport for the code.
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