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Found 7 results

  1. I've noticed that I can't run more than one converter on a 2.5m convertotron without it overheating, no matter how many radiators and TCS I activate. Also, the 1.25m convertotron overheats all the time, there's no way to cool it down with any amount of radiators. KSP 1.4.3, stock.
  2. This is a little mod that allows the Convert-O-Tron 125 to reach 100% efficiency without using excessive heat control methods. I have been frustrated many times by my inability to heat control the COT 125 and I read about many others who have been as well. I did some searching and found that the overheating of the COT 125 might be a feature of the part. Since a small object has a higher surface area to volume ratio, it should be easier to control high core temperatures than a similar object of larger size. It is my first patch and this is my first post so please go gentl
  3. Hello everyone ! There is 2 days ago I found this post : And I really enjoyed the concept of optimizing miner's efficiency made by @TokMor but I've been a little disappointed seeing that this has been abandoned.. So I decided to re-build it by updating and adding some more features. Today I present you, the spreadsheet "Mining efficiently" ! Can be open up by Excel, OpenOffice, LibreOffice or anything that can read worksheets. It's free of copyright so you can do whatever you want with. To use it properly, Yellow fields are inputs and Blue fields outputs .
  4. Hello again everyone. Quick question. Will a medium thermal control system sufficiently cool a convert-o-tron 250 or does it need the larger model?
  5. Are they? So i can put it in the middle of two tanks without fuel ducts?
  6. New to the game, starting at 1.2.2, I found it surprising that they worked like this (when I tested the 250 on the launch pad). Lf+Ox mode supplemented the output rate (and ore consumption) from the individual Ox and Liquid fuel modes. (The referenced control window, for clarity.) A friend who's been playing KSP for longer said this definitely didn't used to be the case, and thought it a bug. So is this deliberate, accidental or other...? Thanks.
  7. How do the radiators work? I'm building a space station and I put a Convert-O-Tron 125 with 4 medium Thermal Control Systems mounted directly to it but it over heats in seconds. When I look at the panels I see "cooling" has 14%. My question is: How is that number calculated and when can I do to improve the Efficiency. Thanks in advance!
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