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Found 2 results

  1. Since the autorove mod is not updated, and it does not seem like it will happen soon, I'm considering assume maintenance. However, my first attempt in getting it to work in KSP 1.1.2 was only partially successfull. My first autorove ended up underground.... That's no good Currently the mod is calculating the height at which to place the rover, at a given latitude/longitude on a specific body like this. internal static double surfaceHeight(double latitude, double longitude, CelestialBody body) { Vector3d pqsRadialVector = QuaternionD.AngleAxis(longitude
  2. I'm working on yet another landing guidance plugin. I'm almost ready to share an early version, but I'm having trouble with the coordinate system. In particular, I'm trying to find the latitude and longitude of the active vessel on its current orbit at some arbitrary time in the future, taking into account the rotation of the planet. The code looks something like this (with a nod to KER for inspiration): Vector3d position = vessel.GetOrbit().getPositionAtUT(currentTime + deltaT); double bodyRot = 360 * (deltaT) / body.rotationPeriod; double lat = body.GetLatitude(position); double l
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